Sunday, April 17, 2011

Better late than never?

Ombudsman Merci Gutierrez claims the filing of cases against Jocjoc Bolante & Co., for their participation in the Fertilizer Scam is 'not a ploy to "counter her impeachment case.' In a report, Gutierrez's spokesman, Atty. Tomas Syquia, said that “It is not meant to counter. It is just that the Ombudsman’s work does not stop with the filing of the impeachment case.”

Tama naman. In the very first place, ganyan naman talaga kagabal si Merci so Mar Roxas should not berate the Ombudsman for her late filing of the case. Besides, it is better late than never, di ba? So kung patay na ang kabayo at saka pa lang dumating ang damo, okay lang yun. At least me damo...

On the other hand, bakit nga ba sa kinabagal-bagalan ng mga bagay na mabagal, bakit na-timing sa Impeachment Trial? Anak ng kabayong damo naman to. Di ba, sabi nga ni Leuccipus: Nothing exists at random but out of reason and out of necessity? 

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