Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Too Fast and Too Prompt

Philippine politics is full of surprises. This is the reason why researchers argue case study method as the best method to understand Filipino political behavior.

In the debates last night for the Impeachment of Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez, the members of the minority have been assailing the articles of impeachment. One of their arguments revolve around the definition of the term "prompt". The law is silent on the exact or measurable definition of "prompt" and as such, the allegations against Gutierrez of failing to act promptly on cases brought before the Ombudsman is improper and is wanting. In the first place, Gutierrez was just a few years in her office.

Tama nga naman. There is no exact definition of prompt in the impeachment parlance so Gutierrez can go scot-free. Di ba? Since there is no definition, we can say na kahit 100 years na umupo si Gutierrez o sinuman sa Ombudsman at wala itong gagawin kundi tumanggap lang ng sahod, ok lang yun. Galing di ba?

In relation to impeachment pa rin, Senator Gregorio Honasan asked on the Impeachment of Gutierrez: Why so fast?

Oo nga, why so fast? Bakit di na lang inantay ang retirement ni Gutierrez bago sinimulan ang impeachment? Di ba alam ng mga kongresista na kulang pa ang ilang buwan na status quo ante order ng Supreme Court? Why so fast? Kung coup d' etat, puwede pa na madalian. Pag-upo ng presidente, stage ka agad ng coup, ok lang yun. Eh ang impeachment, di naman coup yun di ba?

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