Sunday, February 27, 2011

An interesting post on Angie Reyes

A hero or an accomplice?


A hero always dies. Hence, when former Gen. Angelo Reyes committed a suicide in front of his mother’s grave, many called him a hero. Has the world gone insane?

Gen. Angelo Reyes (Phot Credit: 
A hero is born with a cause. When Reyes turned his back at the then-President Joseph Estrada, he’s got a marking of a hero. But when he kept his mouth shut, sat on his hands, and watched the corruption in the military during the Arroyo administration, his mark vanished. He was not consistent. Clearly, he was just pressured. He did live with his cause, if ever he has, or he has no cause at all.

A hero dies fighting for a cause. When he died at his mother’s grave, he was not fighting for a cause. He was a coward as he chose to commit suicide in front of a dead person rather than in front of those claiming to search for truth. Suicide bombers are braver than him. Though their logic is crooked, at least they have the guts to die in front of a crowd and proclaim what they are advocating for. If he was a hero and he really wanted to prove his cause, he could have committed suicide in front of those investigating him either literally or figuratively. But he did not. Clearly, Reyes cannot be a hero as he has no cause at all.

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