Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Congressman of God or Congressman of the Philippine Government?

It was shocking to listen to the league of Congressmen like Manny Pacquiao and Pablo Garcia do the interpellation against the RH Bill. They have been quoting and quoting God and the Bible and religion and the Catholic faith to prove the RH Bill proponents wrong. And, with a stroke of devilish art, cut the crap out of the RH Bill proponents saying: "You are allergic to God" or, "you need to face excommunication".

Well, the actions of these anti-RH Bill legislators reflects well those of their constituencies to the point of "punching pro-RH bill supporters" and calling the latter stupid. But who's stupid, anyway?

Worse, these God- and Bible-quoting blabbers seem to have a different God and a Bible or are ignorant on what they are talking about. Kung sabagay, little knowledge is dangerous, di ba Manang Brenda? Otherwise, they would have learned that the real God listens to reasons, gives due process, and does not judge easily. If they read the Bible that they are quoting, they could have found out in Genesis Chapter 3 that after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, God asked: "Where are you?" Adam replied that he is naked so he hid but God said: “Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?” -- meaning, the real Biblical God, albeit all-knowing, still listens to reasons. Hence, if the Biblical God listens to reasons and the anti-RH supporters say they consider God as their model and that they follow their God, then they must have a different God.

But of course, whoever or whatever one's God is is nobody's concern and is not the issue. The issue here is the RH Bill particularly on whether it should be passed or not. And since passing it involves a legal process, then let that process go. And since those who will approve it are legislators elected by the people of the Philippines, then let these legislators act as legislators of the Philippines. If they wanted to act as legislators of the Catholic Church or their God whoever it is, then they have no business in the Congress because the Congress is for the passage of laws of men and not of God. As Jesus the Christ clearly puts it: Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's.

Ano Tikboy, malinaw ba?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Merci: Thou shalt not steal but big!

Former Ombudsman Merciditas Gutierrez felt vindicated with the latest Sandiganbayan ruling approving the plea bargaining agreement with Gen. Carlos Garcia. According to her, the ruling is “an acknowledgment that we have not been remiss in our duty to protect the interest of the government and the Filipino people.

 Gutierrez further said that the ruling “is consistent with the position taken by our special prosecutors that the plea bargain agreement is legal, regular and aboveboard, otherwise it will not be approved by the graft court.

Kakatuwa naman si Merci. It appears that she is so happy with the way things are going and at the same time treating the Filipinos as stupid. Kung ang treatment mo talaga sa trabaho ng Ombudsman ay makipagtawaran, what's the use of having an Ombudsman? Daming nagtatawaran sa mga tiyangge. Ikalawa, Kung ninakawan ka ng P400, happy na ba dapat tayo kung ang maibabalik lang ay P200? If that is the case, ini-encourage natin ang mga magnanakaw na kumuha ng marami at makipag-plea bargaining agreement na lang sa kalahati. If that is the case, then tama pala ang sinasabing amendment ng 10 Commandments: Thou shalt not steal BUT BIG!

Or it is she that's stupid?Kung ano siyempre ang target mo, yun din ang mararating mo. Simpleng input-output logic. Kung ano ang dineposito mo sa banko, yun din ang makukuha mo. So dahil ang hiningi nila sa Sandigan ay approval ng plea bargain, at ang lahat ng ebidensiya na inihanda ay nakatuon lang dun, then siyempre yun din ang ibibigay ng Sandigan. Again, simpleng input-output logic. But if that is the case, why do we still need an Ombudsman na masyadong limited mag-isip?

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Lito Lapid is Geronimo

It appears that the US Navy SEALS has been mistaken. The real Geronimo is not in Pakistan but in the Philippines. Here's the proof:

This gives the US Indians no reason to cry foul. Di ba?

Friday, April 29, 2011

Merci resigns.... HUWAATTT?

Ombudsman Merciditas Gutierrez finally resigned.

This is surprising. Asan na yung palaban niyang stance? O nagbasa na siya ng libro ni Dale Carnegie na "How to Win Friends and Influence People"? She seems to be fanning something. A smoke to cover something? Maybe. Pero ano nga ba ang implications ng resignation ni Merci? Let us count the ways:

But it's a stroke of art. Kung kailan me royalty wedding fever ang mga tao at kung kailan nasa Europe si Gloria Arroyo, saka pa siya nag-resign. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Bantayan natin ang ratings bukas kung kelan huhupa na ang epekto ng kasalang William at Kate.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ombudsman's clearance on Lasam: Puwede Naman

Just recently, the Ombudsman created a lot of blunders. Two of these is when the Office of Merceditas Gutierrez filed a case against Jose Barredo along with the alleged key players in the P728-million fertilizer fund scam and against a dead man, Gumersindo Lasam, a dead man who was earlier cleared by the very same Ombudsman "on May 4, 2009, certifying that Lasam had no pending criminal or administrative cases as of April 27 that year."

Well, tama naman. There were no cases filed. Malinaw, di ba? But this clarity and vividness (to use the verbosity of Brenda) simply shows one thing: Nagsisinungaling ang Ombudsman na pinag-aaralan talaga nila ang mga kaso. Di ba ang depensa ni Merci, they just don't file a case because they carefully study everything para di masayang ang efforts nila? How come na kahit isang guhit o patak ng printer ink tungkol kay Lasam ay walang nakita ang Ombudsman? Bakit pa nito hinayaang maging recipient ng Lingkod Bayan Award kung saan ay requirement ang Ombudsman clearance?

Nakoowwwww!!!! Lalo lang pinapakita ng Ombudsman ang kapalpakan nito. Naghahabol ba para sa depensa sa Impeachment Trial? Hmmnnn....

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sermon on the Mount

A shocking report from

Priest tells RH bill supporters to leave Mass

BAGUIO CITY, Philippines – A priest at the Baguio Cathedral drew flak from some Catholics after he ordered people supporting the reproductive health bill to leave the church and stop hearing Mass.

His remarks drew outrage from some parishioners, who walked out in consternation.

The priest, whose identity was withheld, used his sermon to mock supporters of the bill such as former Akbayan party-list Rep. Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel.
"Kung meron nakikimisa dito pero pro-RH bill… Please, go out. It's useless," the priest said.

"What is this mass for if you are pro-RH bill? What is going to Church for if you're pro-RH bill?" he asked. (continue reading here)
Shocking, indeed. Alam ba nang paring ito ang sinasabi niya? Kung si Kristo nga gustong kasama ang mga makasalanan para ma-convert ang mga ito at mapalapit sa Diyos, bakit si father na isang alagad ni Kristo namimili nang pagmimisahan?  Choosy naman si father. O baka tinatamad lang si father na gawin ang misyon niya -- ang ipahayag ang salita ng Diyos at maging isang pastol sa mga tupa ni Kristo? Aminin...

On the other hand, natatakot siguro si father na baka maimpluwensyihan siya ng mga pro-RH bill kaya ang sabi niya: O tukso, layuan mo ako?

O puwede ring sabihin na nakukunsensiya si father sa stand ng Simbahan kaya dahil sa guilt feeling pinaalis niya ang mga pro-RH bill.

Lastly, baka tunay na makasalanan si father at tingin niya sa mga pro-RH bill ay mga banal at nakakaintindi kaya pinaalis niya ang mga ito dahil insecure at guilty siya. Kaya nga sabi niya "Kung meron nakikimisa dito pero pro-RH bill… Please, go out. It's useless."

Useless nga, father, dahil ikaw ata ay isa sa mga tinutukoy ni Kristo sa isa sa kanyang seven last words which Tikboy quotes: Ama, patawarin mo sila dahil hindi nila alam ang kanilang ginagawa.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How late is late for the Ombudsman

Just how late is "late" in the dictionary of the Ombudsman? Consider this from the Philippine Star:

Fertilizer rap sheet: Dead man included
By Jess Diaz 

MANILA, Philippines - A dead man will be charged with plunder and other offenses before the Sandiganbayan for allegedly taking part in the P728-million fertilizer fund scam in 2004.
Last week, Overall Deputy Ombudsman Orlando Casimiro signed on behalf of Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez a resolution finding probable cause to charge in court Gumersindo Lasam, who died two years ago after two men on a motorcycle ambushed him while he was on his way to his farm in Barangay Basi West, Solana, Cagayan province.

At the time of his death, Lasam was Department of Agriculture (DA) regional director for Cagayan Valley.

He was 63. The motive behind the killing was not known. <>

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Better late than never?

Ombudsman Merci Gutierrez claims the filing of cases against Jocjoc Bolante & Co., for their participation in the Fertilizer Scam is 'not a ploy to "counter her impeachment case.' In a report, Gutierrez's spokesman, Atty. Tomas Syquia, said that “It is not meant to counter. It is just that the Ombudsman’s work does not stop with the filing of the impeachment case.”

Tama naman. In the very first place, ganyan naman talaga kagabal si Merci so Mar Roxas should not berate the Ombudsman for her late filing of the case. Besides, it is better late than never, di ba? So kung patay na ang kabayo at saka pa lang dumating ang damo, okay lang yun. At least me damo...

On the other hand, bakit nga ba sa kinabagal-bagalan ng mga bagay na mabagal, bakit na-timing sa Impeachment Trial? Anak ng kabayong damo naman to. Di ba, sabi nga ni Leuccipus: Nothing exists at random but out of reason and out of necessity? 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bakit ngayon ka lang?


Plunder raps ordered filed vs Lorenzo, Bolante over fertilizer scam
By Tetch Torres

Filed Under: Joc-joc Bolante, Government, Graft & Corruption, Impeachment
MANILA, Philippines—The Office of the Ombudsman has ordered the filing of plunder cases against former agriculture secretary Luis Ramon “Chito” Lorenzo and former undersecretary Jocelyn “Joc-Joc” Bolante implicated in the P728-million fertilizer fund scandal.
Based on the 134-page joint resolution, the Office of the Ombudsman, through its panel of investigators said “there exists probable cause” to pursue the criminal cases against the officials who are “probably guilty of the crimes charged.”

Me themesong ito: "Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang" ni Ogie Alcasid.

Kung sabagay, marami namang dahilan bakit ngayon lang:

  1. Naghahanap pa ng ebidensiya ang Ombudsman. Naubos na kasi ang pera sa Fertilizer Scam kaya di makita kung nasaan. Walang pera, walang ebidensiya, di ba?
  2. Allegedly, liquid fertilizer ang pinagkagastusan ng P728 M. Nagkataong nabasag yung lalagyan kaya hayun, di na nakita pa yung liquid. Yung nabuhusan, wala ring tumubo kaya di rin nakita ang fertilizer.
  3. Wala ring maidudulot yung Senado at ang nakalap nilang ebidensiya ay mahina lang. Tsaka me virus sa Senado -- Ribonitis. Kaya mahirap pagkatiwalaan ang ebidensiya na maipo-produce ng mataas na kapulungan baka na-contaminate ng virus.
  4. Mas magaling pa ring maghanap ng ebidensiya ang Ombudsman. Lalo na kung under pressure -- that is, Impeachment pressure. Yun nga lang, LATE. Pero di ba may kasabihan: Huli man daw at magaling, huli pa rin... este, naihahabol din?

Friday, April 01, 2011


Is Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) really an authority? On what? On sleeping on the job? If so, then it should not be called airport authority and its acronym should not be MIAA but MIS -- that is, May I Sleep?

First there was this un-Congressman Ronald Singson who was sentenced for possession of illegal drugs in Hong Kong. Now there's this three Filipinos who were executed -- Sally Villanueva, Ramon Credo and Elizabeth Batain. What is the MIAA doing?

Kung sabagay, baka galit na rin ang mga nasa MIAA sa pagiging over-populated ng Pilipinas kaya pinapabayaan lang nila na makalabas ng bansa ang mga may dalang droga para di na makabalik forever.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Too Fast and Too Prompt

Philippine politics is full of surprises. This is the reason why researchers argue case study method as the best method to understand Filipino political behavior.

In the debates last night for the Impeachment of Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez, the members of the minority have been assailing the articles of impeachment. One of their arguments revolve around the definition of the term "prompt". The law is silent on the exact or measurable definition of "prompt" and as such, the allegations against Gutierrez of failing to act promptly on cases brought before the Ombudsman is improper and is wanting. In the first place, Gutierrez was just a few years in her office.

Tama nga naman. There is no exact definition of prompt in the impeachment parlance so Gutierrez can go scot-free. Di ba? Since there is no definition, we can say na kahit 100 years na umupo si Gutierrez o sinuman sa Ombudsman at wala itong gagawin kundi tumanggap lang ng sahod, ok lang yun. Galing di ba?

In relation to impeachment pa rin, Senator Gregorio Honasan asked on the Impeachment of Gutierrez: Why so fast?

Oo nga, why so fast? Bakit di na lang inantay ang retirement ni Gutierrez bago sinimulan ang impeachment? Di ba alam ng mga kongresista na kulang pa ang ilang buwan na status quo ante order ng Supreme Court? Why so fast? Kung coup d' etat, puwede pa na madalian. Pag-upo ng presidente, stage ka agad ng coup, ok lang yun. Eh ang impeachment, di naman coup yun di ba?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Inday and her right against self-incrimination

Inday has a new hero: Gen. Erlinda Ligot. You heard it correct: GENERAL ERLINDA LIGOT. Kung hindi kasi siya general, bakit siya involved sa isyu ng katiwalian sa AFP?

Anyways, going back to Inday, the super-maid was so surprised to hear that by just saying "I invoke my right against self incrimination", even the honorable Senators can do nothing. So she tried to practice what she learned. One day, her boss asked her to go to the market. While walking, the police, together with a bystander, called her.

Police: Miss, miss!
Inday: Excuse me officer, are you talking to me?
Police: Yes, Ma'am. Are you Erlinda "Inday" Magaspac?
Inday: Excuse me, officer, but I invoke my right against self incrimination.

Nagkatinginan ang police at ang tambay.

Tambay: Meron ba kayong wallet?
Inday: I'm sorry but I invoke my right against self-incrimination.

Nagkatinginan ulit ang police at ang tambay.

Police: Puwede ho ba sagutin niyo naman kami?
Inday: I'm sorry, officer, but I invoke my right against self incrimination.
Police: Ang tinatanong namin wala naman ho sa kaso ninyo. Kayo ho ba si Erlinda "Inday" Magaspac?
Inday: I still invoke my right against self incrimination.

Police sa Tambay: Hindi mo ata makausap ng matino ang taong ito. Sige sa iyo na lang ang wallet. Magkano ba ang laman niyan?
Tambay: Talaga bossing? P15,000 ho laman may kasamang papel ng mga bibilhin sa palengke.

Inday: Waaaaalllleeeeet ko yaaaannnnn!!!!!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Fair Treatment

In a reaction to the likelihood of impeaching Ombudsman Merciditas Gutierrez, Ang Galing Pinoy Rep. Juan Miguel Arroyo, said in a text message to reporters:

What GMA (former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo), needs as does any Filipino citizen, is a fair court wherein the rules of evidence are used in determining innocence or guilt.

Interesting. Now they know what the Filipino citizens want: A fair court wherein the rules of evidence are used in determining innocence or guilt. Mga late bloomers ba sila? Kakagising pa lang? Tanga? O nagmamarunong?

When the Filipino were asking for a fair court where rules of evidence are used, the Arroyo Family denied this opportunity several times. They killed the impeachment proceedings, they issued EO 464, and even PP 1017. Kaya di ngayon maintindihan kung ano talaga ang pagkakaintindi nila sa dapat nilang iniintindi. Ano nga ba talaga, kuya? O ang fair court para sa mga Arroyo ay yung pabor lang sa kanila?

Kung sabagay, ilang beses na nga pala binago ni GMA ang mga definitions sa dictionary. Oh, Orwell, my Orwell! If God had never given birth to you, things would have been different.

Monday, March 07, 2011

From NDCC to NDRRMC: What's in a name?

In Marichu Villanueva's column in the Philippine Star, it was reported that former Senator Loren Legarda had a banter with John Hendra, a United Nations resident coordinator in Vietnam.

Hendra told Legarda that Vietnamese weather authorities consider Manila as their “early warning system” as typhoons that hit the Philippines wreak the same devastation on Vietnam. Taking off from this banter, Legarda remarked that she might as well “export” to Vietnam two landmark laws on climate change that she authored and shepherded approval in the previous 14th Congress to help the Vietnamese people on disaster risk reduction and preparedness.

Legarda particularly refers to the Climate Change Act of 2009 under Republic Act 9729 and RA 10121, the law that reorganized the defunct National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) into the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRRMC).

While it was just a light exchange, and a banter at that, at least di ito tulad ng Twitter exchange in Sec. Ricky Carandang at ex-palace aid Mai Mislang. But it appears that Legarda, who was so proud with the laws she authored, does not understand the real thing. Will a change in a name from NDCC to NDRRMC reduce risks from disasters? If I change my name from Tikboy to Charles, will I become the prince of England?

Siguro medyo gumuwapo ako sa pangalan but my status and my face remains the same.

Sana instead of name-change, face-lift na lang ang ginawa ni Legarda para sa disaster management system dito sa Pilipinas. These could be as follows:
  • Medyo mataas na calamity fund hindi lang 5% lalo na sa mga LGUs
  • Insurance na hindi gagastahin ang calamity fund para sa mga Christmas bonuses
  • Insurance na kung hindi magastos ang calamity fund, magiging seed fund ito for projects that can mitigate risks in the next year
  • Mandatory updating of land use plans to contain disaster risk reduction plans
  • Regular check-ups or public and private infrastructures to ensure that these will help mitigate disaster-related risks rather than become a liability during disasters.
  • Atbp. Marami pang puwedeng gawin. 
Di ba, Miss Loren?

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Merci and Math

Tikboy's lawyer finally admitted why he (the lawyer) took up Law: He hates Math and there is lesser numbers crunching activity in Law. Could this also be the reason why Ombudsman Merciditas Gutierrez had some problems in counting?

In an interview, Gutierrez proudly presented figures comparing the conviction rates between her administration, Simeon Marcelo's, and Aniano Desierto's. Based on her claim, she was able to achieve 53.75% conviction rate while Marcelo has 25.26%, and Desierto has 26.49%.

Well, kung dalawa lang ang nai-file na kaso at ang isa ay may judgement na conviction, ibig sabihin, ang conviction rate ay 50%. Pero kung 10 ang kaso na nai-file at 1 lang ang may conviction, that's a clear 10% conviction rate. Ibig sabihin, hindi dapat porsyento o rates ang pagbasehan kundi absolute count. Ilan nga ba talaga ang nai-file at naipanalo niyang kaso?

Eto ang sagot sagot ng Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism:

Gutierrez’s number is an illusory picture of good results, however. A closer review of the 223 cases she steered to conviction shows that almost all – 221 cases to be exact – were filed against just one official, the mayor of Nakar, Quezon province. The two other cases involved a municipal mayor of Iloilo, and a city mayor of Nueva Ecija.
This is where her score turns most sour: by number of actual persons convicted of corruption, the Sandiganbayan database shows that Gutierrez, in four years, has managed to secure the conviction of less than one senior official per year. 
In contrast, her three predecessors scored much better in terms of the number of cases they filed during their terms, and the actual number of persons meted out convictions under their watch – 16, 36, and 62 officials per year on average, respectively, for Marcelo, Desierto, and Vasquez.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Lea Salonga: You Don't Have Any Business Having Sex

An interesting post by Singer/Actress, Lea Salonga:

What right, constitutional or otherwise, does another human being, plus an entire barangay, have to what I practice in the privacy of my bedroom? No one has a say in how my husband and I express ourselves sexually, or what contraceptive measures we decide to employ, or not employ. I detest being told what to do, in general… even more so when it comes to something as personal and as private as this.
 Oo nga naman. Ano ba'ng paki ng iba sa ginagawa ng mag-asawa sa kanilang kuwarto? Maliban na lang siguro kung hindi iyon ang kwarto nila at lalo na kung hindi naman pala talaga sila mag-asawa.

To read Lea Salonga's whole post, click here>>>

Ronald Singson resigns because of Chavit

Self-confessed drug addict, Ronald Singson, already sent his resignation letter to the House of Representatives. Kaso, sabi sa sulat, he is resigning because of his promise to his father, Chavit.

Naalala ko expression ni Doy: HUWAAAATTTT?

Well, we can't blame Ronald. He is his father's son. And his father is the one who voted for him to be Ilocos Sur's representative at hindi mga taong bayan. Si Chavit din ang gumastos sa kanyang kampanya and, definitely, makikinabang sa kanyang pagiging Kongresman.

Kaya Pareng Doy, huwag ka nang mabigla. Si Ronald Singson, hindi siya nagki-claim ng liability sa mga taga-Ilocos Sur kundi sa kanyang ama lang. Si Chavit lang naman kasi ang bumubuo sa Ilocos Sur at ang nag-iisang botante sa kawawang probinsiya.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Cong. Ronald Singson is resigning

Finally, Ilocos Cong. Ronald Singson had the guts to say he is resigning. reported that 'Ilocos Sur Governor Luis “Chavit” Singson has formally notified Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. about the resignation of his son, Ilocos Sur Representative Ronald Singson, who is serving an 18-month prison term in Hong Kong for drug trafficking.'

Pero teka, paano na pala ang mga kababayan niya? Kawawa naman. Naloko na sa eleksiyon, nawalan pa ng representante sa Kongreso. Willing kaya na i-compensate yan ni Ronald Singson?

Ang alam ni Tikboy me polisiya na dapat magpa-drug test muna ang mga kandidato during their filing of certificates of candidacy. Ano ang nangyari dito? Will the election officer who accepted his candidacy be charged for failure to ensure that the election laws and regulations are strictly followed? Similarly, will the hospital or clinic who did the drug test be also made liable?


Dead in the City

No, we are not talking of a horror version of the Razzie awarded "Sex in the City 2". We are talking of the continuing "salvaging" of alleged, and relatively, "petty" criminals like cellphone snatchers, hold-uppers, etc. We say "petty" because the bigger ones like those plundering hundreds of millions of pesos remain outside the prisons and in most cases even protected by government-appointed bodyguards at the expense of the taxpayers' money.

In the past few weeks kasi, halos sunod-sunod ang itinatapon na salvage victims with corresponding messages like "Huwag akong tularan, Holdaper ako", o "Snatcher ako", o "Magnanakaw ako". Pero ano ba talaga ang implications nito?

  1. Nagsisimula na namang maghari ang mga vigilante at mga ala-vigilante. Ja-peyks ba para lang makakuha ng atensiyon.
  2. Kulang na ang tiwala ng mga tao sa criminal justice system.
  3. Puwede ring ang tingin ng ibang tao, wala nang justice system. Puro na lang kriminal.
  4. Usad-pagong ang ating mga pulis. Baka wala nang mga gasolina ang mga police cars na inisyu sa kanila.
  5. Usad-pagong pa rin ang mga pulis. Baka masyado na silang gutom at di na kaya ang mabilisang pagresponde sa mga krimen.
  6. Usad-pagong pa rin ang mga pulis. Kung hindi sila gutom, baka masyado naman silang busog kaya nahihirapang tumakbo. Sa AFP, milyones ang pabaon. Sa PNP kaya?
  7. May problema sa conviction rate. Tingin ng iba, makakalaya rin ang mga kriminal lalo pa at maliliit lamang ang krimen na nagawa nila. Yung malalaki nga na milyones ang involved at krimen pa laban sa bayan ang na-commit nakakapaglakwatsa pa at malayang nagmo-malling, di ba? At puwede pang kumandidato.
  8. May problema pa rin sa conviction rate. Ilang beses na nga bang na-deny ang efforts para malaman ang katotohanan simula pa nung impeachment processes kay Gloria Arroyo?
  9. Marami na talagang isnatser at holdaper kaya kailangang magbawas.
  10. Marami na rin ang mga taong walang magawa kaya yung iba, nang-iisnats na lang at yung iba naman nanghoholdap.
  11. Lalong marami ang mga taong walang magawa kaya yung iba, pumapatay na lang ng mga kriminal tulad ng isnatser at holdaper.
  12. Baka wala nang ibang puwedeng gawin dahil sa kahirapan.
  13. May over-production ng masking tape, panaksak, at mga sasakyan kung saan puwedeng ilulan ang mga salvage victims.
  14. Masyadong natutuon ang atensiyon natin sa malakihang krimen tulad ng plunder kaya kailangan ng diversionary tactic.
  15. Hindi kaya ng mga vigilante ang mga malalaking kriminal kaya doon na lang sila nakatutok sa maliliit.

Pero interesting na i-test statistically ang number of instances na may salvaging simula nang tawaging "pro-GMA" ang Korte Suprema. Interesting din na alamin ang epekto sa crime rate simula nang mapawalang-sala sina Hubert Webb sa Vizconde Massacre. Kaya lang, sino kaya ang maaaring gumawa? Volunteers, anyone?

    Sunday, February 27, 2011

    An interesting post on Angie Reyes

    A hero or an accomplice?


    A hero always dies. Hence, when former Gen. Angelo Reyes committed a suicide in front of his mother’s grave, many called him a hero. Has the world gone insane?

    Gen. Angelo Reyes (Phot Credit: 
    A hero is born with a cause. When Reyes turned his back at the then-President Joseph Estrada, he’s got a marking of a hero. But when he kept his mouth shut, sat on his hands, and watched the corruption in the military during the Arroyo administration, his mark vanished. He was not consistent. Clearly, he was just pressured. He did live with his cause, if ever he has, or he has no cause at all.

    A hero dies fighting for a cause. When he died at his mother’s grave, he was not fighting for a cause. He was a coward as he chose to commit suicide in front of a dead person rather than in front of those claiming to search for truth. Suicide bombers are braver than him. Though their logic is crooked, at least they have the guts to die in front of a crowd and proclaim what they are advocating for. If he was a hero and he really wanted to prove his cause, he could have committed suicide in front of those investigating him either literally or figuratively. But he did not. Clearly, Reyes cannot be a hero as he has no cause at all.

    Continue reading here>>>

    Saturday, February 26, 2011

    The similarities or Ronald Singson and Merci

    What are the similarities between Ilocos Sur Cong. Ronald Singson and Ombudsman Merciditas Gutierrez?
    1. Pareho silang public official.
    2. Public office is a public trust pero sila, parehong hindi na pinagkakatiwalaan ng mga tao. May public mistrust ba.
    3. Kahit may mistrust sa kanila, Pareho silang ayaw umalis sa puwesto. At this point in time, ayaw nila parehong mag-resign.
    4. Pareho silang gusto ng "due process" bago patalsikin. 
    5. Hindi sila tulad ni Gen. Angelo Reyes. Si Angie, manipis ang mukha kaya nagpakamatay agad. Sila, they value life kaya ok lang na tawaging makapal ang mukha.
    6. Pareho silang haharap sa Kongreso bago patalsikin.
    7. Si Ronald, addict sa bawal na gamot; si Merci, addict din sa pag-aaral ng kaso kaya tumatagal ang mga ito sa upisina niya
    8. Pareho rin silang may admission of guilt. Si Ronald, admitted na drug user; si Merci, admitted din na konti lang ang naresolbang kaso.
    9. Pero pareho silang binabayaran ng taong bayan.
    10. Pareho silang may "friend". Si Ronald, girl friend si Lovi Poe; si Merci, boy friend si former FG Mike Arroyo (boy friend as in lalaking friend, ano ka ba?)

    Friday, February 25, 2011

    The Estradas strike again

    In the Senate hearing yesterday on the Garcia plea bargaining agreement, Senator Jinggoy Estrada and former Ombudsman Simeon Marcelo had a partly heated argument. Jinggoy was arguing: Walang kasalanan si President Erap. Di ba napardon nga siya?


    Pero nakabawi naman ang mga Estrada. Just today, the pardoned Joseph Estrada, made a noteworthy comment. Sabi ni Erap: In our history, there are only two women presidents in the Philippines -- one is an icon of democracy and the other is an icon of corruption.

    Teka, sino nga ba ang nagsalita?

    Nosebleed ulit.