Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Mislang and Misfit

What's the difference between P-Noy's ASec and speechwriter "Mai Mislang" and "behavioral misfit"? None. Nada.

Mislang's unbridled fingers especially on the social networking sites are doing the scratches on P-Noy's administration. Worse, this might even cost the Philippines the cordial relations with Vietnam... all because the latter's wine sucks and that there are no cute chaps in the speechwriter's taste.

Pero teka, are we paying Mislang to ridicule President Noynoy Aquino's hosts? Are we paying her to berate people just because it offered no sweet wine and no cute chap? Or are we paying her to be the wine taster and guy-hunter?

While we agree that the personal and the professional sides should not mix, one should also be aware where he or she is standing and what is the cap he or she is carrying. Human as she is, puwede naman siyang magreklamo but within the confines of her private life naman sana. Tikboy thought she's a tourism graduate and from UP at that? Bakit di niya alam ang simple common sense?

Well, this just show the weakness of appointment or hiring not based on merit but based on the relationship with the appointing officer. We thought things will change under PNoy but it seems that the same old style of recruiting the members of public office remains.

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