Thursday, November 04, 2010

Aquino may follow Obama path, warns think-tank

 US President Barack Obama lost big in the midterm elections by taking control of the House of Representatives and almost had the Senate, too. The reason: The babble of change that catapulted Obama to office is but a pure bubble which is sure to burst. According to Pacific Strategies and Assessments, a risk consulting firm, the Philippines' P-Noy may also follow Obama. Tikboy shares this view. Here is the report of the Inquirer.

Aquino may follow Obama path, warns think-tank

By Tony Bergonia

MANILA, Philippines—President Benigno Aquino III’s promise of change is likely to follow the same path as that of US President Barack Obama, according to a US-led multinational risk consultancy firm doing intelligence work for the world’s top corporations and embassies in Manila.
In a paper titled “Chasing a Legacy: Assessing Aquino’s Ability to Impact Change,” Pacific Strategies and Assessments (PSA) warned that like that of his US counterpart, Mr. Aquino’s change agenda appeared likely to fail to institute reforms for the great majority.

“Approximately 100 days into office, it appears that the bubble of expectations around Noynoy (Mr. Aquino’s nickname) is beginning to burst,” PSA said in the October 2010 paper that it had prepared for its clients, one of which furnished the Philippine Daily Inquirer a copy.

“The dynamics are not too dissimilar to the shared doubt being cast on US President Barack Obama because he simply has not lived up to the hype and soaring-oratory expectations of those who voted for him,” PSA said in reference to the losses suffered by the US President’s Democratic party in the midterm elections.

“Mr. Obama’s grace period has expired and eventually so will Noynoy’s,” it said, adding that while Mr. Aquino had “done a fair job acknowledging and framing the country’s major issues,” he had “not articulated any semblance of a strategy to address them.”

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