Thursday, October 07, 2010

"Very Good" satisfaction ratings for a good start

There is no doubt, President Noynoy Aquino passed his first 100 days with a "Very Good" satisfaction ratings according to the Social Weather Stations. "The survey showed 71 percent of respondents were satisfied with Mr. Aquino’s performance, and 11 percent dissatisfied" or a net satisfaction ratings of 60 percent.

The palace is elated, of course, but this should not be a reason for them to rest on their laurels. As Joker Arroyo said, P-Noy's first 100 days was “not designed as a dry-run or on-the-job training period for the President.” Besides, P-Noy got the rating with "the shortcomings, the underperformance of his (advisers),”who, it seems, he doesn't want to replace especially the U-Sec in hotwater, Rico Puno.

But hopefully, things will change. P-Noy is a fast learner so it is impossible that he won't learn from ousted president, Joseph Estrada. Estrada also got 100 percent satisfaction ratings on his first 100 days but eventually was kicked out of the Palace for misgovernance and involvement in jueteng -- the illegal numbers game that is unfortunately dragging Puno down.

P-Noy and Estrada, however, did not top the satisfaction ratings for the first 100 days in office as Chief Executive. The title holder is Fidel "Tabako" Ramos with 66 percent. In the fourth place is Corazon Aquino, P-Noy's mother with 53 percent, and at the bottom is the infamous president, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo with 24 percent.

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