Monday, October 04, 2010

Civil Disobedience and Religious Obedience

It is said: Corollary with the freedom to believe is the freedom NOT to believe.

With the apparent collision between the Church and the State on the issue of reproductive health bill, the former threatened to call for a civil disobedience against the latter claiming it has the moral authority to do so. This simply means, the Church is framing its arguments on moral grounds.

But while the Church cannot cloak itself with moral framing based on what Snippets earlier raised, it can use the cloak of religious freedom to advance its arguments. That, we should respect as the Constitution clearly guarantees religious freedom for everyone.

Pero sana huwag namang bias ang Simbahan. If their freedom of religion is guaranteed and respected, they should also respect the freedom guaranteed to others. At any rate, religious freedom is not only given exclusively to the members of the Catholic faith.

Second, sana straight din sila mangatwiran. P-Noy clearly stated na he is supporting the freedom of the couples to choose which birth control method to use and he is NOT advocating preference over the other. The palpak na logic, for instance, makes the Church out of its wits. Isang miyembro, halimbawa, ng Catholic Women's League ang nagsabi na if there was a preference for condom ang Simbahan, sana wala si Sto. Nino. This kind of logic exposes the Church more to questions like:
  • Teka, di ba immaculate conception si Sto. Nino? May di ba sinasabi ang Simbahan sa kanyang mga miyembro?
  • Ang Holy Spirit ba nakikipagtalik the way ordinary humans do? 
  • Alam ba ng Simbahan kelan naimbento ang condom? In tune nga ba sila sa mga pagbabago ng panahon?
  • etc., etc.

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