Sunday, September 12, 2010

P-Noy to let go of Robredo?

If the slogan before is "Goodbye, Gloria!", this time it appears to be "Goodbye, Robredo!" An interesting analysis is shared by Thoughts on the Loose a portion of which are as follows:

One of the loyal Liberals in the Bicol Region is former Naga City Mayor Jesse Robredo. He was the one who kept the LP’s torch burning when the alleged last bastion of Liberal Party, the Alfelor Clan, jumped ship to Lakas-NUCD. But will he still hang on now that many wants his head axed and that the President he serves will not even recommend the confirmation of his appointment in the Interior and Local Government?
While we cannot read what’s in Robredo’s mind, it cannot be denied that he is on the brink of becoming a victim of power play. First, when Gloria Arroyo’s adviser, Joey Salceda, jumped ship from Lakas-NUCD to Liberal Party during the campaign period, something immediately started to boil in Noynoy Aquino’s camp. Chiz Escudero was already campaigning for NoyBi (Noynoy Aquino for President and Jojo Binay for Vice President) and it is often said that “two is a company and three is a crowd”. Worse, rumors spread in the grapevine that political stalwart Luis Villafuerte released on the last hour NoyBi ballots. Now, that means not just getting crowded but overcrowded and an overcrowded ship needs to reduce cargoes and even passengers. Since Robredo is the least of these Bicolano figures who can deliver votes is Robredo, definitely he will be the first to be left out.
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