Thursday, September 09, 2010

Maguindanao Massacre: Perfect Crime But...

The plan was perfect: Kill everyone and bury them including their cars and properties underground and announce to the world that a UFO (unidentified flying object) came and abducted them. The problem: Something went amiss as the media, indeed being a media, was able to report that the UFO is nothing but the private army linked to the Ampatuans.

Because of the mistake, and the information leak, a planning was done in front of the dinner table according to Lakmudin Saliao, a former household help of the Ampatuans who acted as a close-in aide of Andal Sr. The plan: Release Andal Jr., but only under the care of then President Gloria Arroyo.

Though outside the story of Saliao but the plan was slowly bared with the unfolding of the events. The suspects in the Maguindanao Massacre will be charged with rebellion and not 57 counts of murder plus illegal possession of firearms. Mahirap kasing palabasin kung murder unlike rebellion kung saan puwede agad bigyan ng amnesty ang mga akusado at pronto! Laya na. Kaya nga wala nang masyadong objections ang kampo ni Andal Jr., sa mga pinag-sasabi ng Department of Justice.

But while the plan was overtaken by events. When election was held, wala na silang nagawa. It was clear: Arroyo would step down then. So yung promise to take care of Andal Jr., was not realized. The Ampatuans naman kasi never read history. Whatever GMA says, she does otherwise. In simple terms, sorry na lang sila.

To salvage the situation, Andal Jr., started wearing yellow. He thought he can still court Noynoy Aquino, then the emerging winner of the presidential race. Pero he was disowned and it was a double blow. So ngayon, palpak ulit.

It was a perfect crime sana kaya lang ... palpak!

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