Thursday, August 26, 2010

The twist of fate, Noynoy Aquino and Gloria Arroyo

 The twist of fate is such an interesting subject matter.

A few years ago, it is the administration of Gloria Arroyo that is being battered by a hostage crisis in a bus. That was the 2007 Manila hostage drama perpetrated by Jun Ducat. Now, it is the administration of Noynoy Aquino with the hostage crisis perpetrated by Capt. Rolando Mendoza. But because the handling of the crisis failed, some supporters of Arroyo are taunting Noynoy Aquino and his supporters.

A few months ago and earlier, it is Noynoy Aquino and his group that throw stones at Gloria Arroyo. Now, and with the disaster in the Manila hostage crisis, it is Arroyo and her group that is throwing stones at Aquino. This time, it is the supporters of Aquino taunting Arroyo and her supporters. Ang sagot ng mga kasalukuyang nakaupo sa palasyo through Secretary Herminio Coloma, "We just inherited the state of the Philippine National Police ...The previous administration should also answer for what they did [for the police]. Did they provide enough funds for the modernization of the PNP or did it waste funds for cases like the euro-generals and other corruption cases?''

Earlier, it is Gloria Arroyo who is giving the blessing for the release of pork barrels. She excludes, however, the release of the pork barrel for her critics including Noynoy Aquino. Now, it's the latter's turn. Whether he will bless the release of pork for his critics, only time can tell. But one clear fact is that Arroyo will also be expecting for her share.

Earlier, Gloria Arroyo is being hurled with accusations of benefiting from kickbacks from government projects. These are still unsubstantiated though one can see an increase of her assets from the time she occupied the presidential seat in 2001 to the last time she filed her statement of assets and liabilities. Now, she will be forced to wait on her congressional pork barrel -- barya lang kumpara sa kanyag pork barrel noong siya'y presidente pa.

But the most interesting is whether or not Gloria Arroyo will take her congressional pork. Sabi ni Speaker Sonny Belmonte, bibigyan din daw si Gloria. But wouldn't it be demeaning kung kukunin niya ang pork barrel na hindi niya ibinigay sa mga kritiko niya while she was Gloria in the Palace.

Tikboy's bet: Kukunin niya. Well, she got the guts and the face and took all the humility to run for a lower post despite the fact that she is the highest official of the country. Besides, sabi nga sa Bibliya, "even the dogs under the table feed on the children's crumbs".

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