Thursday, July 22, 2010

The richest "sikyu"

A few years ago, a security guard appeared on Philippine television. He is said to be the richest security guard for rising from rags to riches. He was, he said, a security guard but grew wealthy for engaging in multi-level-marketing or the MLM.

But he is not anymore a sikyu when he grew rich.
If there is a real rich sikyu, that would be Mikey Arroyo. Arroyo is a millionaire owning real properties in the United States, a presidential son, a congressman, and an amnesiac for forgetting to declare the real worth of his assets and campaign contributions. The Commission on Elections declared him a representative of Ang Galing Pinoy -- the party-list of security guards.

But many are alarmed including leftist organizations. Papaano daw ba naging sikyu si Mikey eh ang yaman-yaman niya nga at congressman pa siya? Hmmnnn.... Oo nga no?
Pero teka, me kailangan pa bang ipagtaka? Ang nanay niya nga Presidente ng Pilipinas tapos ngayon Congressman lang ng Pampanga? At least si Vladimir Putin Prime Minister ng Russia pagkatapos na maging Presidente. At close-in adviser pa ng kanyang kapalit na si President Medvedev, di ba? So, ladies and gentlemen, wag na tayong magtaka. Like mother, like son.

(Image courtesy of Akbayan)

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Afraid of the media?

In the country where the media practitioners are butchered, why be afraid of the media?

During the first day of the P-Noy Administration, presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda had a negative encounter with the media. This was followed cabinet secretaries like DOH's Ona, etcetera, etcetera. The latest is Foreign Secretary Alberto Romulo who got irked in his encounter with the press especially with veteran journalist, Ellen Tordesillas, on the issue of extending the term of the envoys.

Such press encounters are not rare -- the very reason why GMA was always evasive of the media. Though, allegedly, she also showed concern for the members of the press during her last few days in office. That was when the GMA was showcasing her PNR project south of Manila. But in general, GMA "hated" the media for the negative reports she herself did. As such, during the height of the "Hello Garci!" controversy, a number of media outfits were even raided, and only seven cases of media killings were solved out of 104. According to NUJP, a total of 137 media practitioners were killed since 1986 and 104 of these are committed during the nine years of Arroyo Administration.


Pero teka, kung puwedeng katayin ang mga miyembro ng media na parang manok, bakit kailangang matakot sa kanila? O may itinatago dahil takot? May nais itago? Numbers na kailangang taasan? 200 million ba? Hello?... Garci?

Siguro nga ganun. Sabi ng tatay ni Tikboy, "Kung wala kang ginagawang masama, makikipag eyes-to-eyes ka. Maliban na lang kung isa kang aswang".

Kung sabagay, puwede nga. Si P-Noy nga kahapon nakipag-biruan pa sa press. Casual lang. Hindi takot at walang "ismid". Minsan siya pa nga ang nagtatanong sa media imbes na ito ang magtanong ng magtanong sa kanya.

Kaya lang, hindi pa rin maubos maisip: Bakit nga ba talaga ang iba takot sa media? Aminin.....