Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A new concept of freedom?

This year's theme for the Philippines 112th Indepence Day celebration is "Kalayaan: Tagumpay ng Bayan." Among the activities include a wreath-laying in the monument of Rizal by, and the parade of accomplishments of, out-going president Gloria in the Palace.

Reports have it that the cost is a whooping P8 million just for the floats, and other activity expenses.


Hindi pa diyan kabilang ang mga expenses sa TV lalo na ang mga advertisements showing Arroyo's accomplishments.

Kala ni Tikboy, malaya na tayo. Pero mukhang yung P8 million kasama pa ata sa utang na kailangang bayaran ng mga successors ni Gloria. Bakit floats at accomplishments ni Aling Gloria ang bida? Ito na rin ba ang bagong definition ng kalayaan?

Nakow, kahit definition, na-corrupt na rin!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Arroyo's Achievements

An interesting news from Inquirer.Net: Achievements of Arroyo to be paraded June 12

Unang tanong ni Tikboy: Meron ba?

Siyempre naman meron. Marami. Let us count them:
  1. The Hello, Garci! scandal
  2. The NBN-ZTE Scandal
  3. The scandalous brown bags
  4. The rise of distrust and dissatisfaction to the government
  5. The ability of a president to produce negative dissatisfaction ratings
  6. The increase in the number of poor and hungry Filipinos
  7. The scandalous deals including the midnight deals
  8. The midnight appointments
  9. The enriching of the Arroyos
  10. The consolidation to power of the Arroyos
  11. The redefinition of several terms including "economy", "development", etc., including the meaning of "Sorry"
  12. The idea of playing with law and the circumvention of the laws...
Ano pa ba? mukhang marami ata. Let's wait sa June 12.