Friday, May 21, 2010

Lagman's GAA Provision, why only now?

Cong. Edcel Lagman (Albay, 1st Dist.) is very proud to say that the incoming President will have lesser power over the pork barrel. Lagman, the vice chairman of the Appropriations Committee and the one who introduced the provision proudly said that “The political party of the president-apparent cannot use the non-release of the PDAF as a threat to representatives coming from other parties who refuse to join the Liberal Party.”

While this is a welcome development to ensure that the power over budget remains with the Congress, the late action appears stained with political interest. Way ba ito to ensure na ang susunod na presidente ay hindi hahawakan sa leeg ang mga kaalyado ni GMA? And, way din ba ito to ensure na lame duck ang susunod na presidente considering the fact that he who holds the purse wields the sword?

So it seems considering that GMA is eyeing to be the House Speaker though she's pakipot sa ngayon. Otherwise, why did the people like Lagman act only now? Or, is he just sticking to his name: lag-man or the man who "fail to maintain a desired pace or to keep up" or "the man who fall or stay behind"?

Bossing Edcel, bilib na sana ako but your timing is spilling your intents.

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