Friday, October 30, 2009

Who moved ... Chiz?

The recent declaration of Chiz Escudero is not just a political gambit but a political suicide. Pero ok lang yun. You won't create a name if you will not think outside the box. Political suicides are a way of thinking outside the box. Just like doing good governance. Local chief executives who are noted for exercising good governance usually end up losing the elections. Why? Because the voters still prefer the traditional way -- expecting the politician to shell out money in times of KBL (kasal, binyag, libing) and hand the amount to the solicitor.

This behavior is the reason why the word "change" ranks least in the survey of words that has an impact on the Filipino psyche. Just this year, the top word is "decency". Kasi nga, a politician is expected to be decent enough to give an amount to a solicitor. Otherwise, the politician is branded as "buwaya" dahil sinosolo niya lang ang nakukurakot niya sa gobyerno.

But who or what really moved Chiz Escudero to declare his resignation from the NPC? To note, he is also one of the more decent politicians who stayed with a political party for more than a decade. Others are party-hoppers na everytime di mapagbigyan, lilipat sa ibang partido. Gaya ni Loren. Kaya nga siya pinagbigyan na na maging kandidato ng NPC for VP. Watch out also for Gloria in the Palace if di siya mapagbigyan ng KAMPI to run for Congressperson sa Pampanga. Who knows, baka lumipat din siya sa UNO o kaya sa PMP ni Erap...

Pero who really moved Chiz? Ewan. Baka si Danding?