Saturday, April 04, 2009

RP blacklisted for its bank secrecy law

The Philippines is among the four countries "blacklisted "as uncooperative tax havens yesterday after Group of 20 leaders declared the age of banking secrecy was over and said they would no longer tolerate shady havens draining away badly needed tax revenue", reports Philippine Star.

The other countries are Uruguay, Costa Rica and the Malaysian territory of Labuan.

The blacklisting was done because of "mounting concern that banking secrecy in tax havens has helped to worsen the economic crisis by disguising the true value of some global assets. Anti-poverty activists say such places provide corrupt officials places to stash illicit funds, often depriving poor nations of needed resources."

Can we expect the palace to say that the work of the G-20 is instigated by the opposition? Puwede!!!

Pero teka, why is it that the Palace is mum for comments? Dahil ba wala silang plano na alisin ang Pilipinas sa blacklisted areas for being a tax haven? At least si Pareng Erap, nag-approve ng Anti-Plunder Law which eventually caught him on the hook. Even then, the law partially opened the windows enabling some to peek into the bank accounts of suspected offenders. Takot din kaya si GMA na magsalita (through her nose) na "I will look into the matter and see to it that the laws will be relaxed on bank accounts"? Kala ko ba, iron-willed siya gaya ng ipino-project ng mga PR persons niya? O iron-willed siya na okay lang na blacklisted ang Pilipinas otherwise mauungkat ang mga bank accounts ng First Family at mahirapan silang idepensa kung saan galing ang mga perang laman ng mga accounts na iyon?


Anyway, let us look at the brighter side. World Record holder na naman tayo... and that seems to be the reason why Filipinos and the Philippines exist -- ang gumawa ng record.


Thursday, April 02, 2009

Chip Tsao apologizes... who's next?

Earlier, HK Magazine issued an apology for Chip Tsao's article, "The War At Home". The Philippine Star also reported that yesterday, Tsao also issued an apology.

Well, that's nice of Tsao. But can we expect also the government headed by Gloria Arroyo to apologize to the Filipino people for breaking their homes and families and forcing them to go abroad and be the domestic servants cum heroes?

Chip Tsao says sorry... who's next?

Earlier, the HK Magazine issued an apology for Chip Tsao