Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Martial Law in Maguindanao: Moot and Academic

Mang Gustin kidnaps the son of Ploning, detains him, and asks for ransom. Later, Mang Gustin changes his mind and returns the kidnap victim. Does the later act (returning Ploning's son) renders the kidnapping moot and academic and therefore Mang Gustin is not liable of the crime?

The case of Mang Gustin's kidnapping is just a micro of the Martial Law issue. According to the bopols-men... err, tongressmen... err, congressmen, because the Martial Law in Maguindanao was already lifted, therefore it is already moot and academic and there is no use discussing the issue.

Sabi ni Doy: HUWAAATTT!!!???

Tikboy thinks there is no reason to be surprised. All actions should be in pursuit of the greater good. The warrantless arrests and detentions, the warrantless searches and seizures, the businesses that gone bankrupt, the displacements of people, the fear sown among the people and the resulting trauma suffered by the children are all nothing compared to the greater good. Note: NOTHING COMPARED TO THE GREATER GOOD.

So, oke lang yun pareng Doy. Even if these Maguindanaons die of trauma, or nervous breakdown or heart attack, oke lang yun. They do not represent the greater good anyway. They are just like dogs and pigs na anytime, they can be dispensed away with. Their lives and well-being are nothing compared with the interests of those in Malacanang, of those who want nothing but to stay in power no matter what. And because this is the framing of the members of the Congress, we should understand their logic: The lifting of the Martial Law renders the issue moot and academic.

Next time, when Gloria in the Palace puts the whole country under Martial Law, arrests everyone and jails them for no reason but airing grievances against the government, then later lifts it, don't be shocked. If you belong to those arrested and even killed, don't be surprised when you wake up in heaven or in hell -- your life is useless. At any rate, after the Martial Law, you are nothing but a history -- moot and academic.

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