Thursday, November 26, 2009

Who bred those monsters?

If the Ampatuans are really the brains (and brawns) behind the Maguindanao Massacre, and that the massacre is an act of a monster, then who bred those monsters?

Sino pa nga ba? Di ba tayo?

We voted for them.
When nobody questions the votes the Ampatuans received, we raised not our voices.
When questions are raised over the votes the Ampatuans received, we give no support.
When the questions reach the Comelec and the Courts of Justice, we let our Comelec and judges do nothing. And we are paying the people in the Comelec.

We give the Ampatuans a room to grow.
We allowed the environment and culture become favorable to them.
We also drew precedents that later became favorable to the Ampatuans. We let the national chief executive go un-punished. At least for calling Garci in the height of the elections, and later letting Garci go unscathed. Hence, if we didn't even allowed the leader be questioned, why should we question the Ampatuans?
We also allowed the national chief executive escape impeachment trials. When the Congress was deliberating on the matter, we sat on our hands and let our district representatives decide for us. We didn't even knock their doors to let them know how and what to represent us. And we are paying these district representatives.
When the impeachment failed, we kept our mouths shut. We do not want another EDSA, we say. We are tired of EDSAs as these do not change the society. In doing so, we do not show off our power, where sovereignty and all authority resides. And by doing so we affirm that vox populi is a waste, a garbage, a thrash. And by doing so we give the monsters more power as our silence is an admission of affirmation and not of defeat.

Now, these things happen. So who do we blame? The Ampatuans? Unless we are fooling ourselves. Nobody is to be blamed but us.

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Anonymous said...

I initially felt the same way....that we have allowed all these things to happen because of our apathy. But when one resolves to follow the rules without reward and yet, consistently finds that the rule-breakers are getting ahead without punishment, it simply requires superhuman effort to remain faithful to the changes we want.