Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A violent man as an ambassador of peace?

Let's admit it: Boxer Manny Pacquiao brings glory to the Filipinos. Unintentionally. Pacquio wants to be a US citizen and nobody can deny it. But bringing unintentional glory to the place where he was born does not automatically qualify him to be an ambassador of peace.

Yes, ambassador of peace. Inquirer.Net, quoting Lorelei Fajardo, noted:

Pacquiao will be officially named "ambassador of peace" when he pays a courtesy call to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in MalacaƱang on Wednesday.

Wala na bang maisip ang palasyo para maki-ride on lang sa kasikatan ni Pacquiao? On what logic did they base the idea of calling a man who punches another an ambassador of peace? A person who was so willing to be named a military sergeant an ambassador of peace?

Kung sabagay, it's like the "I am sorry" story. No, not GMA's "I am sorry". It's the story of two sons the youngest of whom was boxed by his kuya. The youngest then made sumbong sa nanay nila na sinuntok siya ng kuya niya. The nanay asked the kuya to make sorry kay bunso. And the kuya did. Noting that it's just normal to punch a person as long as there is an apology, the youngest boxed his brother with all his might and after doing so, said "I am sorry". Then he boxed his elder brother again and again saying "sorry" after every punch. Ayos di ba? But try hitting GMA and say sorry after doing so and see where you'll be next.