Sunday, July 20, 2008

The people have rendered their judgment

Inquirer's headline:

Palace: Let people be judge of Arroyo

Well, the people have rendered their judgment already. The problem, Garci bastardized it. Well, Garci would have not done it had it not for his lady caller who said "So I will still lead by more than one M., overall?". As to who the lady caller is, Malacanang is not aware but for those who have heard the recordings both the tampered and not believes it is not Loren Legarda.

Second, the people also rendered their judgment through surveys by making her the most infamous and most unpopular president. The problem, Malacanang is always questioning the survey every time the results are not favorable to the sitting-president. Pero pag paborable, gusto pang sambahin ang pollster.

According to the report:
(Ermita) wondered about the accuracy of the SWS survey that showed the President’s public approval rating plunging to a record low of negative 38 percent in June when, he said, she has done so much for Filipinos, including crisscrossing the country to oversee antipoverty projects and typhoon relief and rehabilitation.
Kelangan pa bang i-memorize yan? She had done much. But the question is: How much? Isa pa, ano ba ang ginawa? Namigay ng noodles? What about long term projects with impact like employment?

Second, what about the solution to the issues like corruption, ZTE scandal, jueteng, betrayal of public trust?

Next, sabi ni Ed Ermita:

Of course people have to wonder why after the many things that she is doing for the well-being of our citizens that that should still be the perception.
Sorry po Mang Ed. Ikaw lang po ang nagwa-wonder why and wonder how. Just open your eyes and see for yourself. Don't leave in dreams...

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