Sunday, July 13, 2008

Globelines and Inconvenience

One reason why we applied for a telephone and internet connection is convenience. It’s a hassle when the mobile phone has no battery or there is no signal. And it’s also more of a hassle when we have to hop in from one internet cafe to the other just to send a short e-mail or download an important document.

But contrary to expectations, CONVENIENCE was added with a prefix IN when we applied with Globelines. According to its marketing agents, service connections will be made within three days upon the satisfaction of the requirements. Well, it was three days indeed past a couple of months before the installation was completed. The explanation: There are no facilities yet — and that includes cable lines and cabinets — to our area. Which leads me to ask: Why market then?

Well, after the installation, things worked fine for a week, then a few days, then a few hours. Suddenly, our connection was cut. The alibi of Globelines? Our cables and lines are still new so it can be expected. But as the cables and lines grew old, the same things happen.

One time, it took us more than a week before having our lines repaired. Well, there was this rebate. But heck! We are paying for services and not rebates. Otherwise, we would have not parted with our money and just deposited the same in the bank and if we feel we need some “rebate-like” amount, all we need to do is just to withdraw. That’s very easy… and fast.

Later, internet connections became slow. Pong Pagong was even faster. And so are the heaviest traffics in EDSA whenever there are rallies. So I reported again. And Again. And again. And again. And before there was a resolution to our complaint, another worse thing happened: No dial tone for the telephone.

It’s been five days now but the only things we hear from the customer service centers are: “Sorry for the inconvenience”, “A technical team has been dispatched already”.


We are not paying Globelines to hear their apologies. We are paying them to give us service, to make us convenient, to make communication fast and efficient. And we are locked in to their hell-of-a-service for 12 months!!!!

I don’t know. I hate my post to sound like this. And I never even imagine to have a post like this in this site. But what can I say?

Well, if any of you guys is planning to contract the service of Globelines, think first. But if you like to join me in the future in filing a case against the company, then go on. Let’s do it together.

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