Sunday, July 13, 2008

Assessing the Competency of a Public Official: From Coffee to Golf

Earlier, capabilities of applicants for public posts are done over a few cups of coffee and tete-a-tete. This was "revolutionized" during the time of Erap when, instead of coffee, they used beer. But after the ZTE scandal, government officials find it convenient to assess the competencies of prospective officials for higher posts: PLAYING GOLF!

In a statement, press secretary Jesus Dureza was quoted as saying:

We went out for a round of golf at Wack-Wack (yesterday) morning ... to celebrate ES (Executive Secretary) Ermita's birthday. We were in foursomes, so (two) groups of players..

After holing out in the last hole, I am all the more convinced that I can entrust to Romy (Neri) all my funds or the resources of SSS for that matter.

If this is the way competencies are assessed in choosing SSS Chairmen, I think we need to withdraw all our contributions from the said agency. It's our god damned money earned through sweat and blood tapos ima-manage lang na parang sugal? And Dureza, a press secretary issuing statements like that? Where the heck is the constitutional provision: Public Office is a Public Trust?


Pero teka, aside from the idea of SSS members withdrawing all their hard-earned money from the social security, me isa pang maganda ring idea na itinuro si Dureza. All those aspiring for government posts should study and master golf. If you are poor and you cannot afford to do so, sorry ka na lang... bebe. This just affirms the claims that the government is for the rich, by the rich and of the rich.

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