Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lapid as the most productive senator?

After the stormy days and unholy nights caused by the NBN deal and the scandals rocking the administration, another joke calmed the nerves. No, it was not the lies sholtage of Gloria Arroyo. It's about the Senator Lito Lapid whom everybody thought had resigned or had gone into seclusion after they lost their political territory in Pampanga to Fr. Ed Panlilio.

And the joke? Lapid is the seventh most productive in the Senate!


[Sorry. Tikboy just spilled some coffee on his keypad.]

Pero kakatawa yun ah? Ang hindi lang po nakakatawa, totoo yun. Sabi ng, Lapid was absent for only two sessions since the Congress opened last July 2007, and ranked seventh in terms of the bills filed.

Sabi ni Doy: HUWWWAATTTT????

Papaano nangyari yun? Almost everybody was noisy during the Senate hearings that even Dinggol, este, Jinggoy Estrada honed his tongue in English and Tagalog. And Madrigal? She had a verbal battle with other senators that she even dared to bring the issue of Commission on Appointments' composition at the Supreme Court. Pero si Lapid? He was silent as a lamb, di ba? So how come?

Sabi ng staff ni Lapid, silent worker lang ang senator. As a matter of fact, after the roll call and the national anthem, he would exercise seclusion by going to the Senators' Lounge otherwise he would break his vow of silence.

But if that is his ritual, paano siya naging most productive? How was he able to "pass the bills" without sponsoring it? To note, to sponsor a bill one must declare it publicly by addressing the "Mr. (Senate) President" so that it will be recorded and referred to the committee. Di ba most productive siya? Or the meaning of "pass the bill" is just soooo literal that he just gave it (pass) to another senator?

Well, this is funny. And in times like this, we need some funny stories to calm our nerves. Pero teka... is this still funny? We are angry with Gloria for the un-glorious issues of mal-administration and corruption. And here is Lapid, earning his salary from our taxes, ang pinaghirapan at pinagpawisang buwis. Tapos wala namang nagagawa? Hmmmnnnn...

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