Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Church and the "Arroyo to finish her term" debate

As the debate whether or not to allow Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to finish the term given to the supposed winner of the 2004 presidential election neared its conclusion, a Catholic Bishop made another hirit: Let Arroyo finish her term.

Florentino Cinense
, a Catholic bishop from Tarlac said that it would be costly to replace Arroyo at this moment and that economically, the idea would be disadvantageous to the Philippines. He also said that instead of calling for Arroyo to step down, the people should just call for more projects instead.

Is Cinense's view the voice of God? That we do not know. But his logic sounds like: Huwag na muna nating itigil ang jueteng kasi it would be costly to stop the illegal numbers game (considering the number of employment it generates) and that ceasing its operations would be economically unsound (i.e., konti na lang ang papasok sa kaban ng Simbahan dahil mababawasan ang mananalo na magbibigay-pasasalamat sa Diyos). Kung sabagay, it took the Catholic Church several centuries before acknowledging that Galileo, the man they declared as heretic and a disciple of Satan for proving that the earth moves around the sun and not otherwise, is right. Even though they already knew the truth behind Galileo's claim, they did not retract the declaration easily dahil it would be costly on part of the Church -- that is, they might lose their face for the mal-declaration.

Cinense's view also resounds the same old Catholic logic na di puwede mag-asawa ang pari dahil reserved lang ito para sa Diyos. And they turn blind eye sa mga pari na nagiging ama... unless ang ipinagbubuntis ng mga kaibigang babae ng ilan sa mga pari ay out of immaculate concepcion. But if that is the case, walang pinagkaiba ngayon ang Diyos ng mga Katoliko kay Zeus, isang tsikboy na diyos ng mga Griyego.

While we are still weighing the consequences of Arroyo reaching 2010 or not in the presidential seat, mas maigi siguro na tumahimik na lang ang mga obispong ito. When people were seeking for their guidance, tahimik sila. Ngayon na di naman hinihingi ang kanilang opinyon, saka lang sila nag-iingay. Which makes people ask: Nagbe-benefit nga ba talaga sila sa Malakanyang?

Whether they do or not, it's hard to tell. But circumstantial evidences seem to show that they do. Imagine nga naman: Discussing the morality issue in economic terms instead of moral terms!


Kaya pala lalong dumadami ang pumapasok ngayon sa ibang relihiyon. If Gloria is the primary recruiter of activitists and people disgruntled of the administration, the Catholic Church is also the primary proselytizer of non-Catholic believers.


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Anonymous said...

Donation is the key. Maybe the administration offered a handsome money to the catholic church to shut their mouth and turn a blind eye to the present corrupt government.

About Me said...

Thanks anonymous. There was a time when the Church was placed in a hot seat for receiving gambling money such as PAGCOR and Cardinal Sin said it is just ok. A few Decembers back, some priests were also said to have received envelopes from Malacanang according to sources. Whether the envelopes contain Christmas Cards, that we do not know but our source was certain that the contents are Christmas gifts. So the question: Where is the "moral authority" of those who are supposed to be "authorities of morality"?

Kaya me mga nagsasabi na "It's not the sheeps who have gone astray but the shepherds".

junasun said...

I like your observations. Just continue with your "hobby", for it might be a profession someday. we need people like you for our country to move forward.The catholic church is a hindrance to our progress.

jun asuncion