Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Writings on the Street

When two opposite poles attract each other, the only thing certain is there's a magnet.

Yesterday's inter-faith rally was an interesting sight. There we see ousted president Joseph Estrada and one of the key figures in ousting him, former president Cory Aquino, joining together in a common cause. Inquirer.Net even had a picture of them appearing to be dancing together. We also see the prayerfuls and the prayerless; the religious groups and the atheists; the movie stars and the movie-goers; the left and the right; the capitalists and the anti-capitalists; the employers and the employees; and so on and so forth. All are united in saying that truth must come out. But will the concerned people led by the claiming president Gloria Arroyo herself listen?

For a person trying to save his or her ass, parting with power may disprove Shakespeare's statement that "parting is such sweet sorrow". For this people, parting will be very bitter, hard to take pill. Paano pa kasi magiging Darna si Darna kung wala na ang bato? O paano pa magiging presidente ang presidente kung wala na siya sa puwesto?

But whether these people will listen or not, the writings on yesterdays streets in Makati will show: the end might be near. Ang pagsasama-sama ng magkakahiwalay at magkakatunggaling na puwersa ay isang indikasyon na dapat bigyang pansin. Ganun din ang pagpayag ng mga publicity-hungry na pulitiko na huwag magsalita sa entablado at ang mga anti-imperialist na huwag sumigaw ng "ibagsak ang imperialismo" para huwag mabuwag ang mga tao. It's plain and simple science: Opposite poles attract. When these attract each other, a new shape is forming, and a new shape will surely be formed.

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