Saturday, March 08, 2008

Independence from Uncle Sam... finally?

According to the Inquirer.Net:
The United States had been "pissed off" by the Philippines' deals with China, including the joint seismic study in the disputed Spratly Islands, former Senate President Franklin Drilon said Friday.

Finally, the Philippines, through Gloria Arroyo, is deciding on her own. Finally, the Philippines, through Gloria Arroyo, has started to move away from the shadow of America. Pero, seryoso na kaya ito?

Reading the pages of contemporary history, it appears that:

  1. The actual signing of the agreement on joint seismic exploration with China happened after the Philippines got a verbal whipping from the US for backing out of the Iraq War

  2. The actual signing of the agreement also happened after the United States and other members of the Coalition of the Willing tightened its purse on loans and aids to the Philippines

Galing di ba? Meaning, the Philippines is trying to stand on its own feet. Kaso nga lang, if it is true that the agreement is a precondition for the questionable loans wherein only a few will benefit, and will always involve the first family, mukhang mas personal interest- rather than national interest-driven ang decision to shy away from the shadows of Uncle Sam. Does this mean the claim of our whispering spirits Gloria is now being abandoned by the US? That in the recent restlessness and mass mobilizations, parang walang paki na si Uncle Sam?

Pero sabi ng isang taga-Malacanang, busy lang ang US sa elections kaya dun naka-focus. Kaya? Hmmmnnn....

Hala.... may momooooo!!!!!

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