Thursday, March 06, 2008

EO 464 and the death of Godzilla

Finally, EO 464 was scrapped but its baby, Memorandum Circular (MC) 108 remains enforced. And we do not know if there are still a number of babies awaiting to get out of their shells. Parang Godzilla. They killed the mutant mother reptile without knowing that underneath, mas marami pa pala.

Bayan Muna, however, says it's a victory. The Catholic Bishops (most of them if not all) says they are pleased. Just like the mayor and the general in the Godzilla movie. Ang problema nga lang, they seemed to forget the succeeding moves of the power game. Una, what will happen to the legal issue raised by Romulo Neri before the Supreme Court? If the case was anchored strictly to EO 464, there is a greater likelihood that the high tribunal will dismiss the petition for being moot and academic. In a sense, hindi pa rin mare-resolve kung hanggang saan ang boundaries ng executive privilege ng presidente. Talo pa rin ang mga Pilipino.To note, even the Supreme Court Spokesperson Jose Midas Marquez admits that the executive privilege is innate in the president and can be invoked anytime.

Ikalawa, EO 464 is not an assurance that Neri will be spilling the beans. During the time of the Senate hearings for the Jose Pidal account, Iggy Arroyo had been invoking to the teeth his right to privacy. How sure are the Filipinos that Neri and the others will not also use the same old worn out line?

And we may not know. Somebody might spill some blood to keep the beans in the basket. Parang accident ga', sabi ni Dodong.

Pero teka, if EO 464 is Godzilla with the documents like MC 108 and the ZTE Contract as the babies, asan yung isla kung saan nag-mutate si Godzilla? Is Ricky Carandang correct na ang isla na yun ay ang Spratlys? Hmmmnnnn....

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Anonymous said...

baka nga talaga ang Spratlys ang area of mutation. medyo masyadong agresibo kasi ang Arroyo Administration sa mga projects financed by China at masyadong maluwag naman ang huli sa pagpapautang sa Pilipinas