Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mickey says it all

Who says Mickey Arroyo is doing nothing in the Congress?

Just this afternoon, at the Newsbeat in Net 25, Mickey Arroyo was interviewed on his withdrawal of support from Speaker of the House, Jose De Venecia. Arroyo forwarded two reasons: De Venecia's lack of transparency, and the Speaker's failure to push reforms in the lower house.

Pero teka, kung ito ang mga dahilan bakit pinipilit mag-resign si De Veneca, di ba ito rin ang mga dahilan sa pagpapatalsik sa ina ni Mickey na si Gloria? Bakit ambilis ngayong magturo ni Mickey ng bang tao eh ang mama niya mismo ganun din ang mga isyung binabato? In the issue of reforms, for instance, corruption is an all time high in the Philippines. Killings, disrespect for freedom of the press, freedom to air grievances and assemble, and lack of genuine anti-poverty and other economic and social reforms continue. In the same way, di pa rin natatapos ang isyu ng “Hello, Garci!”, ZTE, jueteng, smuggling, malversation of funds, liquified fertilizer scandal, ang P500,000 Malacanang payoffs, proper accounting of expenditures, sobrang biyahe, ang di pagbibigay pahintulot sa mga Cabinet members para magsalita sa Committee hearings sa Senado, etc., etc., etc., etc....

Kunsabagay, understandable naman si Mickey. Nanay niya si Gloria so why would he also withdraw his support from her. To consider, one of the reasons why he run for District Representative is to save her mother. And shifting the burden as well as the limelight to De Venecia is one way of realizing his objective.

Which reminds me of the Tammany Ring in the drawing pen of Thomas Nast. Tammany Ring is a sort of a mafia in the early 1900's in New York. All the persons involved have been pointing at each other as the corrupt official. Yun pala, lahat pala sila involved.##

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