Sunday, February 24, 2008

GMA and her uncommon common sense

Truth is like water, it always seeks its level.

Gloria Arroyo's admission that the national broadband network deal (NBN) with ZTE Corporation is flawed simply shows that she really deserves to be ousted and that her spinmeister has really lost its touch. Kung sabagay, ang utot, kahit ano'ng pabango ang ilagay mo, utot pa rin.

Actually, Inquirer.Net has done a good job already. It has shown that Arroyo is a party to corruption and had the deal pushed through, she would be very silent about it. Kaya nga lang, there were talks that the project is anomalous so she only cancelled it. If the PDI reporter recorded it right, the intention is vividly encapsulated in Arroyo's words which we quote: Kaya itong proyektong ito, oras na may pag-uusap na anomalya, ay agad-agad kong kinansela. Agad-agad na gumawa ako ng hakbang para kanselahin (So in this project, soon after talk circulated that it was anomalous, I immediately canceled it. I promptly took steps to cancel it).

Kaya nga lang, why cancellation? Why not investigation and eventual incarceration of those involved? Kala ko pa naman mga beterano ang mga legal advisers ni Gloria. Ba't di nila sinabihan ang ale na ang mga involved sa anomalya ay liable sa mga batas natin foremost of which is Republic Act No. 6713 or the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards of Public Officials and Employees? The silence of these legal advisers, idagdag niyo ang machinegun-mouthed na si DOJ Sec. Raul Gonzales, simply shows two things -- either na nalimutan nila ito or me pino-protektahan sila. Pero kung nalimutan nila ito, it simply means that they do not deserve to receive income from the government dahil useless din pala ang binabayaran ng mga tao. Mas marami pa ang magagaling na abugado diyan sa tabi-tabi. O kung wala, marami namang paralegal diyan na wiling magsilbi. Just give them the opportunity.

Pero kahit wala ang mga advisers na ito, kahit simpleng sentido kumon na lang sana ang ginamit. Kaso, mukhang kakaiba ang sentido kumon nitong si GMA.

Worst of these is the following:
The President herself, speaking mostly in Filipino, made the disclosure Saturday in an interview with radio commentator Joe Taruc over dzRH. “Someone told me about it the night before the signing of the supply contract. That was one of many signings [in China]. But how can you cancel it the night before, considering that you are dealing with another country?” she said.

In simple analogy, kung bibigyan pala si Gloria ng kontrata na gagawing testing site ng nuclear bomb ang Pilipinas tulad ng ginawa noon ni French Pres. Jacques Chirac sa Mururua at Fangataufa Atolls, at ibinigay ang kontrata a night before the signing of the contract, pipirmahan niya pa rin pala ito kinabukasan? Being a testing site for nuclear weapons is no different from being the killingfield of the weapons of poverty, debt and hunger. Ang kaibahan nga lang, mas mabilis mamatay ang mga tao sa isang bomba lang. But poverty and hunger is more torturing ang inhuman than dying in an instant.

This being the case, Gloria Arroyo just showed her lack of concern for the plight of the Filipinos than the plight of the pockets of some groups or individuals. Whether kasama siya diyan is another story. The clear story is, she doesn't deserve to be a president and that she is betraying the public trust. And she is betraying the country. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

In a way, tama si Senator Kiko Pangilinan, her former ally. According to the Senator:

“Assuming for the sake of argument that the President is telling the truth … her subsequent act of proceeding with the approval of the contract proves that, at the very least, she tolerated and condoned criminal activities,” Pangilinan said, adding:

“At worst, she was a party to it. Either way it appears she failed to act appropriately and may have betrayed the public trust by this failure.”
Kaya lang, di ba nagsisisi si Kiko sa ginawa niya bilang "Mr. Noted" during the 2004 canvassing of votes for president and vice president?

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