Thursday, December 20, 2007

Senators on the move... err, movie

First, congratulations to Senators Bong Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada for their movies "Resiklo" and "Katas ng Saudi", respectively. And they are very active these days not in the halls of the Senate but in the televisions to promote their work.

But does this mean libre na tayo sa sinehan? Hmmmnn... And does this mean, the best na ang performance nila sa Senado?

Something is really amiss here. Revilla and Estrada are senators. I remember in our history class and I saw in a pirated DVD entitled "Rome" that eversince, senators are bound to help legislate laws, not to produce or act in movies. Are movies now the laws? It seems that my dictionary had been left behind.

Assuming that the term "laws" now refer to "movies", what are the social and economic significance of these "laws"? In the case of Revilla's "Resiklo", does his law means we "recycle" and create robots and make wars? Ganun ba yun? Or Estrada's Katas ng Saudi means we go for "drama"?

Kakalito naman. Can somebody help and tell in what dimension am I? As far as I know, movies are movies and laws are laws...

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