Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Broken Windows and Broken Doors

Marami ang nagtatanong via e-mail: Bakit nawala si Tikboy after the Manila Pen Seige? Nakasama rin ba siya sa mga hinuling journalists at media practitioners na parang baboy na tinalian at dinala sa slaughterhouse... este, sa Bicutan?

Sorry, hindi po. Medyo nagasgas lang pong masyado ang kanyang keyboard sa kasusulat.

Anyway, there is an interesting story which tries to link how the broken windows theory has further deteriorated the administration of Gloria Arroyo. The piece is entitled: From Broken Windows to a Broken Administration and can be accessed at

Kaya siguro mas lalong bumaba ang rating ng administrasyon dahil pinto na winawasak nila. Hmmnnn... :)

But kidding aside, the seige was a loose-loose situation for Malacanang. It bared how dissatisfied the people are against the sitting president. In streets, for example, many are cursing Senator Antonio Trillanes not because he has staged a putsch but because he easily surrendered thereby failing the expectations of an Arroyo government overthrown. Corroborating this is the fact that many civilians have expressed their willingness to participate (with a number who even participated already) despite the fact that the show was designed to be an all-military affair.

According to whispering spirits, the show was just to test the preparedness of the government. And the Manila Pen cast did really find out how the reaction was and would be. In a sense, the show was a success in itself-- revealing the weakness of the administration.

Third, the show also scored high against the administration. Even ordinary people -- whether streetboys or homebuddies -- are united in saying that the administration's response was an overkill. With 30 men to be crippled, the government used battalions of the PNP and the AFP -- ain't that an overkill? They even destroyed the doors of the Manila Pen, arrested and detained the media and imposed a martial law-like curfew.

With these brewing in the polity, the Arroyo administration should therefore step back and make a necessary introspection. Baka nga di nila nasasagot ang pangangailangan ng mga tao. Baka patchy palliatives lang ang ginagawa nila. Worse, baka nga kailangan na nilang mag-resign.

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