Friday, October 26, 2007

Why did Gloria pardon Erap?

The granting of executive clemency to Erap is a wrong move for both Erap and GMA. Why? Let us count the ways:

  1. Erap asking for and accepting pardon simply means he is guilty of the crimes imputed to him. Hindi ka hihingi ng tawad kung wala kang sala.
  2. Erap asking for pardon yet claiming that he has not committed any crimes simply means sinungaling din siya. Sabagay, asan nga ba yung sinabi rin niya na "walang kai-kaibigan, at walang kama-kamag-anak"?
  3. Erap asking for pardon but at the same time saying there is no justice in the present institutions simply affirms Erap's statement. In this case, palpak talaga si Gloria and she didn't notice it.
  4. On the part of GMA, granting pardon to Erap makes it obvious that she, in a way, is also guilty of the offenses being imputed to her and for that, she is preparing her future. Sabi ni Neal Cruz, she would like to save her own skin. To quote Neal: (I)t is to create a precedent wherein a former president convicted of plunder or graft is immediately pardoned by his/her successor. GMA is already preparing for her future. She knows that when she is no longer president, she will be inundated with charges of graft and/or plunder. By the law of averages, she may be convicted of one of them. She is therefore making it easy for the next president to pardon her.
  5. On the part of GMA, granting Erap pardon yet granting nothing to those who have committed lesser offenses simply adds to her palpak na pamamahala, palpak na logic, palpak na choices, palpak na advisers, palpak na salita, palpak na isip, palpak na gawa.
Hmmmnn... teka... di kaya tama rin si Gloria and that she is setting a new principle on stealing... the principle that THOU SHALL NOT STEAL BUT BIGGGGG!!!!???

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