Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kickbacks and Bribes: Where's ours?

While Rizal governor and Montalban mayor are completing their "kickback story" on landfill and solid waste management, Pampanga governor Ed Panlilio blew the whistle when he presented the P500 thousand money from Malacanang. And in cold cash.

At first Panlilio said it was not a bribe money. But government is government and rarely does the government deliver bucks in cold cash and without any official or at least acknowledgment receipt! Of course, Panlilio is neophyte so probably he mistook the cash like the donation in the church. Which is forgivable especially when he asked about the purpose of the money and from where it came from. So taking a leap from Panlilio's questions we also ask: Ba't may ganun? And why in cold cash?

Sabi ng professor ni Tikboy, makikita mo daw ang pagkakaiba ng Yakuza o Mafia sa businessman. Ang Yakuza o Mafia, laging in cold cash kung makipag-transaksyon samantalng ang businessman, credit cards o tseke. This being the case, Mafia nga ba talaga ang nakipag-transaksiyon diyan sa Malacanang? Hmmnnn.

If this is the way transactions are being done under the Arroyo government, we can now believe the rumors that running the show is a Mafia. And they always talk in cold cash.

Teka, asan ba ang share namin?

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