Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Inday Jokes

The Inquirer predicts that the Inday jokes may soon bury the Eraptions and Gloria jokes as the former had conquered the airwaves and the net.

But while many are laughing, not all are happy. For one, it simply points out the rotting system of the society because the intelligent Inday is nothing but a chambermaid. It means, there is no place or job for intelligent and/or degree holder Filipinos except as domestic helpers. The Inday joke on her interview with Ricky Leeis very telling:

She is now becoming one of the fastest rising Internet stars today amassing a number of followers all over the world mostly Filipinos . Already surpassing Ederlyn, Yuga, the Numa Numa boy, the Chinese Backstreet Boys and even Casey and her cam.

Inday is getting a lot of popularity today mostly from word of mouth, SMS and e-mails. Her witty comments regarding her life as a domestic helper has already brought laughter and uncontrollable nosebleeds to us.

RL: Inday, thank you for accepting this interview, how are you feeling right now?

Inday: You might expect me to be flabbergasted or nervous with all the attention I’m getting right now. Actually, I’m not. I know from that very first text message that this is going to be inevitable. Even now the media is already interested in my fame that they sent you to interview me thinking that you can comprehend each and every word that I say.

RL: [nagpunas ng ilong] Uhmm, ahh I see… so with all your uhh academic credentials, what made you decide just to be a domestic helper?

Inday: Well, what do you expect me to be? A lawyer? A politician? A newscaster? Oh come on, you’re all so predictable. Have you met a domestic helper that has a medical degree, is a world-class culinary artist, has a degree in Business Management, a certified public accountant and consistent Best in English for four years in high school?

RL: Uhhm, ahh I guess not.

Inday: Well there you go. That’s what sets me apart and makes me unique from all the rest and I guess it’s something that you just can’t fathom.

RL: [tuluyan nang nag-nosebleed]

Inday: I guess this is the end of this interview. I still have to prepare our evening victuals and update my blog. Tatah! Hi nga pala to my love, Dodong! I love you babes.


Anonymous said...

"It means, there is no place or job for intelligent and/or degree holder Filipinos except as domestic helpers. "

from what I understand, she chose to be a domestic helper because it will make her different. what she's after is individuality. it doesn't mean that intelligent pinoys has no place for other jobs cept for domestic helper. that's a far cry from what she's implying.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend, si Dodong, ang janitor namin. He finished college and has a graduate degree. Showbiz din itong si Dodong so when asked why he is a janitor he replied: Why, have you seen a janitor having a graduate degree? Of course not and for that I would like to be different. (Translation: P..... ina. Alang trabaho dito sa Pinas no? At alang gustong kumuha sakin dahil wala akong MBA spelled as May Backer Ako. Kaya ako nagja-janitor para makapag-ipon ng pera para maka-abroad.)

Mary Josette Escano said...

I guess, interpreting the Inday joke is subjective. To my own opinion (actually, my mother worked as a maid before she got married--and no, her name is not Inday), what made the joke funny is not on the expense of Inday but of anyone who underestimated her just because she's a maid (usually her arrogant "amo"). Inday reminded me of my mother who possessed genuine wisdom, resourcefulness and practicality--the kind of traits you thought only people of higher education have. Anyone here who believe that Inday jokes imply that intelligent pinoys have no place for other jobs except as DH, missed the point. By the way, being a domestic helper should not be judged as a demeaning occupation because people should ponder this over: HOW MANY WORKING PARENTS WHO EARN A LOT OF MONEY HAVE THE PATIENCE, THE EFFICIENCY AND THE SKILL TO TAKE CARE OF KIDS, PERFORM HOUSEHOLD CHORES AND MAINTAIN THE ORDER AT HOME? Even the richest people will agree to my conclusion: No one can buy the joy of a child's face for having someone who is there for them, nor can any kind of treasure in the world could buy a man wisdom. Thoughts from a someone proud to have a maid as a mother.