Friday, October 26, 2007

Why did Gloria pardon Erap?

The granting of executive clemency to Erap is a wrong move for both Erap and GMA. Why? Let us count the ways:

  1. Erap asking for and accepting pardon simply means he is guilty of the crimes imputed to him. Hindi ka hihingi ng tawad kung wala kang sala.
  2. Erap asking for pardon yet claiming that he has not committed any crimes simply means sinungaling din siya. Sabagay, asan nga ba yung sinabi rin niya na "walang kai-kaibigan, at walang kama-kamag-anak"?
  3. Erap asking for pardon but at the same time saying there is no justice in the present institutions simply affirms Erap's statement. In this case, palpak talaga si Gloria and she didn't notice it.
  4. On the part of GMA, granting pardon to Erap makes it obvious that she, in a way, is also guilty of the offenses being imputed to her and for that, she is preparing her future. Sabi ni Neal Cruz, she would like to save her own skin. To quote Neal: (I)t is to create a precedent wherein a former president convicted of plunder or graft is immediately pardoned by his/her successor. GMA is already preparing for her future. She knows that when she is no longer president, she will be inundated with charges of graft and/or plunder. By the law of averages, she may be convicted of one of them. She is therefore making it easy for the next president to pardon her.
  5. On the part of GMA, granting Erap pardon yet granting nothing to those who have committed lesser offenses simply adds to her palpak na pamamahala, palpak na logic, palpak na choices, palpak na advisers, palpak na salita, palpak na isip, palpak na gawa.
Hmmmnn... teka... di kaya tama rin si Gloria and that she is setting a new principle on stealing... the principle that THOU SHALL NOT STEAL BUT BIGGGGG!!!!???

Friday, October 19, 2007

GMA, accountable only to the Bishops?

Secret-keeper, err, Secretary Toting Bunye announced that Gloria Arroyo will be meeting with the Bishops to explain her side on the bribery scandal that broke out days ago. This followed after the CBCP called the Arroyo government as "morally bankrupt".

But since the day the scandal broke out, the Filipinos have been dying to heard the voice of GMA with regards the scandal. After days of silence, she finally wanted to unzip her mouth and report only to the CBCP. Which implies that GMA is accountable only to the bishops and not to the Filipino people.

Teka, teka, teka. Amended na ba ang Constitution to state that "sovereignty resides on the bishops and that all government authority emanates from them"? And, therefore, GMA is answerable to the bishops and not to the Filipino people? Kala ko ba there is a separation of Church and State?

Kunsabagay, there could be reasons why GMA has shifted her accountability from the Filipino people to the bishops. Many are claiming that she cheated her way to power in 2004. If that is true, and that she didn't really win the elections, it is therefore logical that she cannot be compelled to vow to the Filipinos who did not install her as president. So, who installed her, the bishops? Which leads us to think how the PPCRV behaved during the elections...

Second, during the Hello,Garci! scandal, the bishops called for sobriety instead of GMA's resignation. As a result, GMA was never ousted nor impeached -- courtesy of the bishops. Which means that GMA, indeed, is accountable to the bishops rather than the Filipino people.

Pero tanong ni Tikboy: While there is no problem with GMA being the president of the bishops, what about the money that had been circulating lately as alleged bribes? And what about the money that GMA is spending to run her government for the bishops? Di kaya pera rin yun ng mga bishops? O kaya naman pera yun na nahulog mula sa langit considering that GMA is close to the bishops?


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kickbacks and Bribes: Where's ours?

While Rizal governor and Montalban mayor are completing their "kickback story" on landfill and solid waste management, Pampanga governor Ed Panlilio blew the whistle when he presented the P500 thousand money from Malacanang. And in cold cash.

At first Panlilio said it was not a bribe money. But government is government and rarely does the government deliver bucks in cold cash and without any official or at least acknowledgment receipt! Of course, Panlilio is neophyte so probably he mistook the cash like the donation in the church. Which is forgivable especially when he asked about the purpose of the money and from where it came from. So taking a leap from Panlilio's questions we also ask: Ba't may ganun? And why in cold cash?

Sabi ng professor ni Tikboy, makikita mo daw ang pagkakaiba ng Yakuza o Mafia sa businessman. Ang Yakuza o Mafia, laging in cold cash kung makipag-transaksyon samantalng ang businessman, credit cards o tseke. This being the case, Mafia nga ba talaga ang nakipag-transaksiyon diyan sa Malacanang? Hmmnnn.

If this is the way transactions are being done under the Arroyo government, we can now believe the rumors that running the show is a Mafia. And they always talk in cold cash.

Teka, asan ba ang share namin?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Arroyo Impeachment: Who's Behind What

Cebu Congressman Pablo Garcia pointed DILG secretary and KAMPI chairman Ronaldo Puno as the brains of the Arroyo Impeachment case filed by lawyer Roel Pulido. Pero sabi ni Puno sa Inquirer.Net: I deny those. You know si Congressman Garcia baka nagtatampo pa sa akin [still holds a grudge against me] because I supported [Jose] De Venecia in the last election for the Speakership.

Sabagay, sino nga ba naman ang aamin sa isang masamang gawain? Si Pilato nga naghugas pa ng kamay sa harap ng madla.

But assuming what Puno said is true, sino ngayon ang utak ng weak impeachment complaint? Sabi ni Pulido siya lang naman ang may pakana nun. What interest, therefore has he against GMA eh ang galit niya ay kay Joe De Venecia? And if he is really against GMA,why the rush? Ba't di muna niya pinalakas ang kaso by gathering more evidences? In an TV interview, he even admitted na 3 pages lang ang ginawa niya. And di niya masagot ng diretso ang tanong kung may malakas nga siyang ebidensiya.

And if Pulido is the sole brains of the "impeach-me-if-you-can" drama, bakit nasa eksena si Ver na dating Secretary General ng Kampi at dating tauhan ni Puno? And to consider, hindi daw magkakilala sina Ver at Pulido which means there is a hand rolling the dice and dealing the cards, di ba? And in simple terms, somebody is lying.

Pero sagot ni Puno sa interview kanina sa Unang Hirit, ang bopols naman nila kung si Cong. Crispin Beltran pa ang babayaran para mag-endorse ng impeachment complaint at ikalawa, ang bopols naman nila if they file an impeachment complaint which will later backfire dahil hindi buo ang KAMPI.

But Puno seems to twist the facts. Why Beltran? Kasi nga, si Beltran ang pinakamahirap na congressman sa lower house. Base sa SAL na nai-submit niya noong 2004, P70,000 lang ang assets niya as compared sa milyones na assets ng iba pang kongresista. Given this, sino ang di matutukso sa P2 million? Ikalawa, Beltran has more axe to grind against GMA considering na sa Batasan 6 brouhaha, superman lang ata ito, este, lonely man lang ang tatang sa pagiging arestado. Third, palaban naman ang tatang dahil sa pagiging aktibista at national democrat nito. So the question is: Why not Beltran?

Ang mali nga lang ni Ver, Beltran's loyalty to the money ends where the loyalty to the party begins. (Naks!)

Next, hati ang KAMPI so why create more chaos by endorsing an "impeach me if you can" drama? Si Secretary naman, parang di operador. Kung ang iba puwedeng maloko sa shallow reasoning na yan, ang iba lang yun. At ito rin ang mga shallow-minded. Ilan ba sila?

The reason why chaos is staged is to create unity, di ba? So by making a theatrical show na kunyari i-impeach ang presidente, magkakaroon ngayon ng bonding ang mga taga-KAMPI. At magka-kampi-kampi na sila. Para naman tayong grade 1 nito, Sec.

Of course, Garcia may have an axe to grind against Puno for he was duped to stage a fight with De Venecia, and he was left in solitaire by the party when KAMPI was divided in supporting him and De Venecia. But Garcia to tag Puno, a party-mate, as the brains of the impeach-me-if-you-can drama is revelation of something. And this could be that Puno is really a brain or among the brains of that drama. What Garcia did was a direct accusation at hindi rin ata shallow minded si Garcia not to note na puwede siyang kasuhan ni Puno at puwede siyang mawala sa loop ng KAMPI, gayon din sa range ng mga nabibiyayaan. And since he is directly accusing Puno, he must be basing his accusations on evidence.

Hmmmnnn... Ma-consult ko nga si Inday sa rules on evidence...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Inday Jokes

The Inquirer predicts that the Inday jokes may soon bury the Eraptions and Gloria jokes as the former had conquered the airwaves and the net.

But while many are laughing, not all are happy. For one, it simply points out the rotting system of the society because the intelligent Inday is nothing but a chambermaid. It means, there is no place or job for intelligent and/or degree holder Filipinos except as domestic helpers. The Inday joke on her interview with Ricky Leeis very telling:

She is now becoming one of the fastest rising Internet stars today amassing a number of followers all over the world mostly Filipinos . Already surpassing Ederlyn, Yuga, the Numa Numa boy, the Chinese Backstreet Boys and even Casey and her cam.

Inday is getting a lot of popularity today mostly from word of mouth, SMS and e-mails. Her witty comments regarding her life as a domestic helper has already brought laughter and uncontrollable nosebleeds to us.

RL: Inday, thank you for accepting this interview, how are you feeling right now?

Inday: You might expect me to be flabbergasted or nervous with all the attention I’m getting right now. Actually, I’m not. I know from that very first text message that this is going to be inevitable. Even now the media is already interested in my fame that they sent you to interview me thinking that you can comprehend each and every word that I say.

RL: [nagpunas ng ilong] Uhmm, ahh I see… so with all your uhh academic credentials, what made you decide just to be a domestic helper?

Inday: Well, what do you expect me to be? A lawyer? A politician? A newscaster? Oh come on, you’re all so predictable. Have you met a domestic helper that has a medical degree, is a world-class culinary artist, has a degree in Business Management, a certified public accountant and consistent Best in English for four years in high school?

RL: Uhhm, ahh I guess not.

Inday: Well there you go. That’s what sets me apart and makes me unique from all the rest and I guess it’s something that you just can’t fathom.

RL: [tuluyan nang nag-nosebleed]

Inday: I guess this is the end of this interview. I still have to prepare our evening victuals and update my blog. Tatah! Hi nga pala to my love, Dodong! I love you babes.

Montalban, Rizal and Solid Waste Management

One of the headlines of 24 Oras in GMA-7 last night was the rally staged by residents of Montalban, Rizal against the opening of the new garbage dumpsite in the municipality.

But when the news and the camera rolled, and the interview with the mayor, Ping Cuerpo was aired, mukhang bumaho at nangitim ang paligid. At first I was thinking na aware na sa environmental issues ang mga tao kasama si mayor pero mali pala. Problema pala sa kickback... err, income ang dahilan. The new dumpsite will be opened and managed by the provincial government and not of the municipal government. So the Cuerpo people are mobilizing against it dahil meron daw na existing na dumpsite and there is no need na sa provincial government-managed dumpsite pa magtapon.

And Cuerpo argued that the income from the provincial government dumpsite will just go to the provincial government and the barangay. Which was opposed by governor Ynarez.

At the end of the news, parang binuhusan ng malamig na tubig ang hot at excited na si Tikboy. Di naman pala environmental awareness yun -- kickback, err... income awarenes pala.

Monday, October 08, 2007

GMA is Getting Too Obvious

A few days ago, another impeachment rap is filed against Gloria Arroyo. There are claims that the congressman who endorsed the case is an Arroyo ally, Edgar San Luis. This implies only two things: it's either that Arroyo's allies are also fed up with her, or two, she is trying to fend off possible impeachment case that may blow out of hand especially now that there are already moves in the House to oust Speaker Joe De Venecia.

Congressmen who have read the impeachment case filed, however, say that the case is weak and might even die at the committee level. GMA was not even distracted and will never be distracted. Ibig sabihin, she is in control. Added with the statement of DILG secretary and political affairs adviser, Renato Puno, that the impeachment case will die a natural death simply points out the obvious: the case filed is really a ploy. In simple terms, props lang si San Luis to attract opposition lawmakers to also endorse the complaint. For how much kaya? Si Anakpawis Rep. Crispin Beltran said he was offered P2 million. Siguro mas mataas, kung meron man.

But why is GMA instituting the ploy, if ever? Simple lang: Takot siya na baka merong mas substantial case na i-file laban sa kanya. Patay siyang bata siya. To consider, medyo sailing in rough waters ang relasyon nila ni JDV ngayon. Si FG kasi, sinabihan pa si Joey D.V. na "Back off!". $10 million lang kasi ang offer ky Joey, sino matutuwa dun. it;s just a crust of the pie. Pero maraming nasasarapan sa crust. And Lenin loves pie crusts.

Anyway, the actions of the administration simply points out to one thing: di pa rin nawawala ang shaky ground nila. To consider: ex-Commissioner Ben Abalos might still spill more beans. Unless he flies away. Who knows?

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Questions, Taints and Paints

The Black and White Movement says it all:


In the midst of heightened public anticipation of more revelations about the
ZTE scandal, and rising satisfaction in a Senate that is exercising its duty
to provide us check and balance, there is news that there will no longer be
any Senate hearings on this disgraceful issue until further notice. What's
up with that? The momentum is just maxing out. Who wants to pull the plug?

The onus falls squarely on the shoulders of Senator Alan Peter Cayetano. As
chairman of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, he calendars the hearings and
schedules the witnesses. His recent statements in the news have been
perceived by many as rather disturbing. Sen. Cayetano indicated that
witnesses may be unavailable to warrant the holding of a session, there are
no new witnesses to call, that nothing new may be revealed by witnesses like
Joey de Venecia. Moreover, he would like to give himself and a number of his
colleagues the opportunity to attend the IPU.

With respect, we find these reasons to be rather flimsy. After all, Jarius
Bondoc broke journalistic protocol and has published all the privileged
communications he had with Romulo Neri to point the Senate in new
directions. Regarding Romulo Neri - whatever happened to the Senate's plan
to challenge his invocation of executive privilege? What about Joey de
Venecia's recent claims against a prominent businessman?

In addition, we have yet to hear from First Gentleman Mike Arroyo. His
alleged involvement in this scandal should have peaked Sen. Cayetano's

The final reason of Sen. Cayetano seems to reflect a distorted sense of
priority. Is the planned attendance of a few legislators to an international
forum so important as to justify the postponement of the ZTE Contract

These lame excuses are uncharacteristic of the feisty oppositionist.
is everything. These excuses seem to lend credence to the flurry of text
messages alleging that Sen. Cayetano has discontinued the hearings at the
behest of a more senior Senator who is supposedly being pressured by the
influential businessman implicated in this scandal.

The announcement by GMA from China saying that the ZTE Deal is finally
cancelled should not be viewed as a successful cap on a contentious issue.

The Black & White Movement wants to be proven wrong. We hope to hear that
the hearings will be continued as soon as possible. There are many questions
left unanswered and the public deserves to know now. Is the First Gentleman
really involved and to what extent? How much does the President know? Is
she culpable? What actions did she take after Neri reported the attempted
bribery? How was the NBN project transformed from a BOT to a bilateral loan
agreement? Are there other personalities involved? These questions cannot
be left hanging.

When Sen. Cayetano broke ranks with the opposition to support the bid of
perceived pro-administration Manny Villar for the Senate Presidency, he
argued that he did so because of party affiliation. We understood. But this
time, the stakes are higher and people may not be as understanding.

The Black and White Movement humbly suggests that Sen. Cayetano heed the
example of President Manuel L. Quezon, "my loyalty to my party ends where my
loyalty to my country begins."

The Black & White Movement*

Contact: Vicente R. Romano III, 0920.961.5610
Leah Navarro, 0917.898.1957
4 October 2007

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Goodbye, NBN!?

After weeks of struggle deciding what to do
here comes Mrs. Arroyo
saying goodbye to the contract with ZTE
just like saying goodbye to 'hello, Garci!"?

Why kick the contract without a sound
Was it because it was never found?
Or is it because goodbye kickbacks na
dahil maingay at me mga bomba?

O dahil ba nadadawit si FG
at nakigulo rin si Luli?
O dahil ba sa pasabog ni Neri
o dahil si Abalos sa bibig ni Joey
ay broker na ng ZTE?

But it's undeniable, goodbye NBN
ang tono ngayon ni madam president
pero ang sure sabi ng source
naiipit ang family, pressure or force
kickbacks, whatever, di kasi malinis
at mga sagot sa senate di rin na-rehearse
kesa maging Erap part 2
itong si Mrs. Arroyo
Goodbye NBN, yan ang sigurado.

Monday, October 01, 2007

I Resign! -- Abalos

For Comelec Chairman Benjamin Abalos, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is not a model. For the controversies being thrown at him, Abalos, unlike GMA, resigns. For his resignation statement, click here.

But why resign? Why not be a kapalmuks? Here are a few and one reasons why Abalos resigned:

  1. If Abalos will stick his butt to the commission's chair, more beans will spill. And this will include a possible "Hello, Buddy!" at the Wack-wack from FG. So the best option is to shy away for a while. But wait for a few months and watch Abalos occupy another post as a GMA appointee. Just wait and see.
  2. The pressures from the Senate is not worth it all. It is better to play golf than attend Senate inquiries. FG is a better golf buddy.
  3. He cannot spend lavishly what he has earned. From commissions and kickbacks? Nobody knows. If he does spend his earnings, the BIR and the Ombudsman will follow his track and he doesn't want to be a fish like Erap. (Sen. Aquilino Pimentel wishing Abalos to become a state-witness? That's a wish upon a star.)
  4. He cannot work on his farm and plant kamote this early if he is still in the Comelec. Look at Garci. He is enjoying a free man's life after the Hello, Garci! controversy. And Garci could be a good model.
  5. Well, if he stays he might just wage war against Neri. And doing so might trigger more beans to spill.
  6. If he stays, he might also cause his tongue to slip. And he might cause the bomb to explode -- the bomb that GMA is also in kickback-time range.