Thursday, August 02, 2007

SK and Barangay Elections postponed once again?

While the Filipino youth are already busy and excited for the incoming Sangguniang Kabataan elections, Speaker Joe De Venecia phoned in Comelec Chair Abalos "to inform him that a growing number of congressmen want the village and youth elections deferred or altogether scrapped."

Screeecccchhhhhh!!!!! (Tunog ng kotse na biglang nagpreno!)

At eto naman ang mga kalakaran sa House of Representatives ayon sa ating insider (Tadaaannn!):
  • Cong. Boyet Gonzales is pushing for HB 25 postponing the elections to 2010
  • Cong. Al Bichara is pushing for HB 460 postponing the elections to 2008
  • Cong. Pinggoy is pushing HB 722 postponing the elections to 2008
  • Cong. Amante also has Resolutions No. 3 and No. 6 requiring barangay elections to be held simultaneously with the election of the ConCon delegates
Bichara has reasons. There are reports that he owes much from the Punong Barangays in the second district of Albay kaya niya natimbag ang political stalwart na si Carling Imperial. Maybe the same with other congressmen pushing for their respective bills. Pero dahil lang ba sa utang n loob kaya they are trying to make a mockery of democracy?

Elections are a hallmark of democracy. Pero di lang basta election. Me qualifier -- that elections are free, fair, honest and held regularly. Postponing and postponing ad infinitum the barangay and SK elections is not being true to the principles of democracy. Asan na ngayon ang declaration sa Article 2 Section 1 ng Philippine Constitution na "The Philippines is a DEMOCRATIC and republican state"?

Sabagay, Gloria in the Palace started the joke on democracy and elections. Kaya nga di pa rin tapos ang "Hello, Garci!" di ba?

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