Monday, July 16, 2007

'S' for 'Seven'; 'S' for 'Shut-up'

Joining the "7-7-7" hype is my friend, Albytes, who got wed on that date. He thought seven is a lucky number so after seven years, he is dreaming of having seven children.

But seven is not a lucky number after all. After nearly seven hours of debates, the members of the Supreme Court voted 7 favor and 7 against the petition of Pimentel the Son for the plea for temporary restraining order. The equal number of votes simply meant denying the petition and thereby continuing the proclamation of Team Unity's Juan Miguel Zubiri as the 12th Senator of the Pinoy Republic.

Pimentel the Son felt a great loss but the Filipino people suffered a far greater loss. As Tribune simply put it: The former congressman’s [Zubiri's]proclamation at the expense of his rival [Koko Pimentel]from the opposition camp for the 12th seat has legitimized cheating and any views to the contrary will only “inspire” the politically ambitious into looking for the Bedols around and, presto, the Comelec will raise his hands as victor.

In simple terms it means bastardizing democracy and making the voting public look stupid.


7-7 is to be remembered also for shutting-up dissident voices because of the implementation of the anti-opposition law.... err., anti-terrorism law couched in a beautifully worded term "Human Security Act".

The implementation of the law started July 15 even without the necessary implementing rules and regulations (IRR).According to Toting Bunye, the IRR is not anymore necessary.

Naks naman. If the IRR is not necessary, then anything that “causes widespread and extraordinary fear and panic among the populace” can be considered as acts of terrorism because that is the definition of the law. So if you happened to wear a mask for the maskara festival, or if you are trying to imitate and provide a visual description for the tambaloslos in the Ibalong festival, you must be a terrorist already.

Another "panicky" pothole in the law is the question as to who will give the qualification of a terrorist. That is because, with the general definition, Ducat of the Manila hostage drama can be considered a terrorist. 40 years pa naman iyon sa kulungan.

Similarly, all the rallyists can be tagged as terrorists especially if Gloria in the Palace will be rattled with their "storming presence" as what happened in February last year. Gloria thinks she is the state with the promulgation of PP 1017 and the CPR so the possibility is not remote for her, being the State, to experience “widespread and extraordinary fear and panic". That being the case, goodbye dear rallyists.

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