Wednesday, July 11, 2007

8M Filipinos over-employed?

The vow of Gloria in the Palace during her last SONAs was to solve the problem of un-employment. Pero mukhang sumobra naman. Report ng Department of Labor and Employment: Close to eight million Filipinos or almost 25 percent of those currently employed are considered overemployed.


Of course not! Over-employment is a negative sign and the government must look carefully into the matter. Why? Let us count the ways:

  1. Over-employment simply means the fangs of poverty are still around so all bodies able to work must keep watch and always be on guard. Buti kasi kung fangs lang. Me kasama pang leon at bad breath,no?
  2. Over-employment simply means worker dissatisfaction. The wages are low and the working conditions are bad. Well, it had been quite a time since the last government-mandated wage increase. And to note, many workers are still working below the minimum wage rate.
  3. Over-employment simply means a country has an unhealthy citizenry. Too much work is bad. Work and leisure should be balanced.
  4. Over-employment simply means a government has a bad policy. It does not care for its citizens.
  5. Over-employment simply means an imbalance of work and workers. This is bad economy.
But wait, di ba economist si Gloria in the Palace? Hmmmnnn. Bad economist?

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