Friday, June 29, 2007

Hanging Ropes and Elections

While Miguel Zubiri and Koko Pimentel are still busy with the legal battles on the Maguindanao vote, the local politicians are also busy with the cases they have filed against each other. But why this fuss? Let us count the ways:
  1. There are no losers in the Philippine elections -- only the winners and those who have been cheated.
  2. The first teacher of cheating is the Church. They are not transparent as to where the tithes go. As a result, some spiritual leaders and ministers have acquired new cars and houses in the name of the father... err, in the name of their family members.
  3. From this teaching, the State goes onto institutionalize this. Take a look at Arroyo.
  4. Worse, the Church did nothing but keep mum on the Hello Garci. In another case, there is vote-buying. The Church says: Ang pera sa bulsa, ang boto sa balota. This was the slogan since the time of Cardinal Sin which, in a sense, approves the taking of election money. In a sense, the institutionalization of cheating was tacitly approved by Tikboy's spiritual leaders.
  5. And here comes the Comelec. Until now, it was not able to pin down an election cheater. Where is Garci? And Bedol? And big happy family, err... mafia, that manipulates votes since post-Marcos elections?
Worse, while the real winners find their places lost in the labyrinth of uncertainty and shame, the faces of the real losers almost split into two like the "tambaloslos" of the Ibalong epic for wearing that extra (and super) large smile. And while these real losers eat their fill and plunge their hands at the bounty of the government coffers, the voters who did not choose them continue to wallow in poverty and hunger. And this cycle continues again and again.

Of course, there are also politicians who won fair and square. But nobody knows their number. And nobody knows if they can still multiply. Hope they will...

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