Thursday, December 20, 2007

Groceries in lieu of classrooms: Handog ni Arroyo sa mga Pilipino

Happy na sana ang Pasko. Sino ba naman ang di matutuwa sa balita galing sa Malacanang: PGMA leads gift-giving rites at DepEd to some 2 million schoolchildren nationwide.

For years, marami ang kulang sa mga public schools: tens of thousands of teachers, a hundred thousand of classrooms, books and other school facilities. But reading on, eto ang bumulaga: Assisted by Education Secretary Jesli Lapus, the President distributed the red gift bags containing rice, groceries, educational toys, school supplies and reading materials at the Bulwagan of the Department of Education (DepEd) in Pasig City to some 600 public schoolchildren, including those from the Philippine School for the Blind, Philippine School for the Deaf, and Muslim communities.

Teka, teka, teka. Kala ko de-kalidad na edukasyon ang gawain ng DepEd. Ba't mukhang pang-DSWD na? Bakit groceries? Di ba puwede kahit additional na titser para di na 3 shift ang mga paaralan? Di ba puwede dagdag na classroom, para wala ng siksikan? O kaya sapat at me kalidad na aklat para me laman ang utak?

Wala namang problema sa pamimigay ng grocery. Pero ba't DepEd at di DSWD? Quoting Doy: Ganito na ba talaga ang country?

Anyway, Merry Christmas na lang po. Umasa na lang po tayo na sa panaginip, matutupad na ang pangarap ni Buknoy... na next year, me silya na sa classroom nila pra di na siya uupo sa sahig.

Senators on the move... err, movie

First, congratulations to Senators Bong Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada for their movies "Resiklo" and "Katas ng Saudi", respectively. And they are very active these days not in the halls of the Senate but in the televisions to promote their work.

But does this mean libre na tayo sa sinehan? Hmmmnn... And does this mean, the best na ang performance nila sa Senado?

Something is really amiss here. Revilla and Estrada are senators. I remember in our history class and I saw in a pirated DVD entitled "Rome" that eversince, senators are bound to help legislate laws, not to produce or act in movies. Are movies now the laws? It seems that my dictionary had been left behind.

Assuming that the term "laws" now refer to "movies", what are the social and economic significance of these "laws"? In the case of Revilla's "Resiklo", does his law means we "recycle" and create robots and make wars? Ganun ba yun? Or Estrada's Katas ng Saudi means we go for "drama"?

Kakalito naman. Can somebody help and tell in what dimension am I? As far as I know, movies are movies and laws are laws...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Broken Windows and Broken Doors

Marami ang nagtatanong via e-mail: Bakit nawala si Tikboy after the Manila Pen Seige? Nakasama rin ba siya sa mga hinuling journalists at media practitioners na parang baboy na tinalian at dinala sa slaughterhouse... este, sa Bicutan?

Sorry, hindi po. Medyo nagasgas lang pong masyado ang kanyang keyboard sa kasusulat.

Anyway, there is an interesting story which tries to link how the broken windows theory has further deteriorated the administration of Gloria Arroyo. The piece is entitled: From Broken Windows to a Broken Administration and can be accessed at

Kaya siguro mas lalong bumaba ang rating ng administrasyon dahil pinto na winawasak nila. Hmmnnn... :)

But kidding aside, the seige was a loose-loose situation for Malacanang. It bared how dissatisfied the people are against the sitting president. In streets, for example, many are cursing Senator Antonio Trillanes not because he has staged a putsch but because he easily surrendered thereby failing the expectations of an Arroyo government overthrown. Corroborating this is the fact that many civilians have expressed their willingness to participate (with a number who even participated already) despite the fact that the show was designed to be an all-military affair.

According to whispering spirits, the show was just to test the preparedness of the government. And the Manila Pen cast did really find out how the reaction was and would be. In a sense, the show was a success in itself-- revealing the weakness of the administration.

Third, the show also scored high against the administration. Even ordinary people -- whether streetboys or homebuddies -- are united in saying that the administration's response was an overkill. With 30 men to be crippled, the government used battalions of the PNP and the AFP -- ain't that an overkill? They even destroyed the doors of the Manila Pen, arrested and detained the media and imposed a martial law-like curfew.

With these brewing in the polity, the Arroyo administration should therefore step back and make a necessary introspection. Baka nga di nila nasasagot ang pangangailangan ng mga tao. Baka patchy palliatives lang ang ginagawa nila. Worse, baka nga kailangan na nilang mag-resign.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Rape Victim Punished in SA: An old story in the Philippines

The rape victim from Saudi Arabia who, instead of getting justice, was punished with 200 lashes and six months in prison had become a favorite subject in a number legal circles. Even Philippine government officials are also discussing and condemning the same as unjust and unsound. Of course, they are cautious in raising their voices for fear that Saudi Arabia might mete the country with indirect sanctions considering, primarily, the oil prices which are steadily rising.

But is the case of this rape victim a new story in the Philippines? Mukhang hindi, ah. For instance, some are planning to charge with bribery and violation of the rules and ethical standards for public employees Pampanga Governor Ed Panlilio, the person who caught public attention for the questionable Malacang payoffs. Similarly, Joey De Venecia, whatever his motives may be, is being pressed to the wall and is facing accusations one after the other for exposing the ZTE scandal. On the other hand, the culprits and peddlers (does that include Ben Abalos?) go unpunished. Look at Estrada who admitted to have plundered the Philippines by not contesting the facts and judgment imputed to him by the SandiganBayan. He is free as a bird. And where is Garci? And Bedol?

Hmmmnnn. Kaya siguro maingat din ang Malacanang na magpalabas ng statement against the Saudi Government (kagaya ni Bush) dahil baka balikan din sila. Totoo ba?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Glorietta and Batasan Blasts: What's the real story?

A professor from Bicol University, Dr. Carlos Gegantoca, used to say: There are actually three sides in every story -- your side, my side and the correct side.

For this, while Glorietta Management and a number of legislators from Batasan believes that the blasts that happened in their yards are acts of terrorism, the Philippine National Police (PNP) maintains otherwise. For the Glorietta blast, the PNP offers the pozo negro theory -- that is, the blast was caused by methane from the septic tank -- while the Batasan blast is based on an assassination plot against Wahab Akbar.

But what could be the incentives why these groups differ in giving reasons as to the cause of the blast?

  • For Glorietta, accepting the idea that the blast may be caused by methane or faulty wiring simply means admitting that it had failed in its obligation to provide a safe and conducive place for shopping and leisure. That may be detrimental to their business and of course, to their reputation.
  • For the PNP, admitting that the cause of the blast in Makati is caused by terrorism simply shows that they have failed to fulfill their functions to maintain peace and security in their areas of jurisdiction. The same in Batasan.
  • Of course, arguing that the Batasan blast is a product of the Abu Sayyaf will simply mean additional intelligence funds (na nakakabobo) and an intensified operation against these people. Siyempre, if what Lacson said is true about the PNP money as a source of the Malacanang's "cash gifts", then more money will be made available for distribution to local officials, legislators and others. (Read the denial, though.)
  • For the government especially the Arroyo Administration, accepting the theory that the blasts in both Glorietta and Batasan are a product of terrorism simply shows that it had failed to fulfill its duty to provide security to the Filipinos as well as maintain peace and order. It also shows that the Human Security Act is nothing but a crap of paper with regards terrorism prevention and that the Administration is short sighted by being reactive rather than proactive. Sabagay, mantakin mo namang ang PNP leadership pa ang mag-utos na ibigay mo na lang ang cellphone mo sa snatcher instead of them (the PNP leadership) asking the help of the people for crime prevention activities.
  • For some congressmen who claim that they may also be the target of the bomber (like Luz Ilagan, et. al. of Gabriela party-list), the reason could be media mileage. Of course, that may also mean an additional sympathy vote in the succeeding elections.
Muddling the Story

Given the incentives to their sides, Tikboy asks: Ano ba talaga ang totoo, kuya?

To add to the complexities, ba't parehong non-terroristic theory ang angulo ng PNP both sa Batasan at sa Glorietta? This, despite the findings of an independent consultant in Glorietta that the blast in Makati could not be a product of methane and the common sense that an assassin will not make things difficult for himself by shooting a target in a place outside his control. (See also the article: Scientific Assessment on Methane.)

Lastly, and if it is indeed true, why is it that suspects were shot and/or apprehended almost immediately after the blast? This, to consider that the suspects of the murder of Mang Kiko were still at large, and the snatcher of the cellphone of Tikboy are still un-caught. Teka,si Rowena rin na na-rape mga isang dekada na, me balita na ba sa rapist niya? Eh yung nambugbog kay Boyong isang buwan na ang nakakaraan, nadakip na rin ba?

Hmmmnnn... Hmmmn?

Friday, October 26, 2007

Why did Gloria pardon Erap?

The granting of executive clemency to Erap is a wrong move for both Erap and GMA. Why? Let us count the ways:

  1. Erap asking for and accepting pardon simply means he is guilty of the crimes imputed to him. Hindi ka hihingi ng tawad kung wala kang sala.
  2. Erap asking for pardon yet claiming that he has not committed any crimes simply means sinungaling din siya. Sabagay, asan nga ba yung sinabi rin niya na "walang kai-kaibigan, at walang kama-kamag-anak"?
  3. Erap asking for pardon but at the same time saying there is no justice in the present institutions simply affirms Erap's statement. In this case, palpak talaga si Gloria and she didn't notice it.
  4. On the part of GMA, granting pardon to Erap makes it obvious that she, in a way, is also guilty of the offenses being imputed to her and for that, she is preparing her future. Sabi ni Neal Cruz, she would like to save her own skin. To quote Neal: (I)t is to create a precedent wherein a former president convicted of plunder or graft is immediately pardoned by his/her successor. GMA is already preparing for her future. She knows that when she is no longer president, she will be inundated with charges of graft and/or plunder. By the law of averages, she may be convicted of one of them. She is therefore making it easy for the next president to pardon her.
  5. On the part of GMA, granting Erap pardon yet granting nothing to those who have committed lesser offenses simply adds to her palpak na pamamahala, palpak na logic, palpak na choices, palpak na advisers, palpak na salita, palpak na isip, palpak na gawa.
Hmmmnn... teka... di kaya tama rin si Gloria and that she is setting a new principle on stealing... the principle that THOU SHALL NOT STEAL BUT BIGGGGG!!!!???

Friday, October 19, 2007

GMA, accountable only to the Bishops?

Secret-keeper, err, Secretary Toting Bunye announced that Gloria Arroyo will be meeting with the Bishops to explain her side on the bribery scandal that broke out days ago. This followed after the CBCP called the Arroyo government as "morally bankrupt".

But since the day the scandal broke out, the Filipinos have been dying to heard the voice of GMA with regards the scandal. After days of silence, she finally wanted to unzip her mouth and report only to the CBCP. Which implies that GMA is accountable only to the bishops and not to the Filipino people.

Teka, teka, teka. Amended na ba ang Constitution to state that "sovereignty resides on the bishops and that all government authority emanates from them"? And, therefore, GMA is answerable to the bishops and not to the Filipino people? Kala ko ba there is a separation of Church and State?

Kunsabagay, there could be reasons why GMA has shifted her accountability from the Filipino people to the bishops. Many are claiming that she cheated her way to power in 2004. If that is true, and that she didn't really win the elections, it is therefore logical that she cannot be compelled to vow to the Filipinos who did not install her as president. So, who installed her, the bishops? Which leads us to think how the PPCRV behaved during the elections...

Second, during the Hello,Garci! scandal, the bishops called for sobriety instead of GMA's resignation. As a result, GMA was never ousted nor impeached -- courtesy of the bishops. Which means that GMA, indeed, is accountable to the bishops rather than the Filipino people.

Pero tanong ni Tikboy: While there is no problem with GMA being the president of the bishops, what about the money that had been circulating lately as alleged bribes? And what about the money that GMA is spending to run her government for the bishops? Di kaya pera rin yun ng mga bishops? O kaya naman pera yun na nahulog mula sa langit considering that GMA is close to the bishops?


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kickbacks and Bribes: Where's ours?

While Rizal governor and Montalban mayor are completing their "kickback story" on landfill and solid waste management, Pampanga governor Ed Panlilio blew the whistle when he presented the P500 thousand money from Malacanang. And in cold cash.

At first Panlilio said it was not a bribe money. But government is government and rarely does the government deliver bucks in cold cash and without any official or at least acknowledgment receipt! Of course, Panlilio is neophyte so probably he mistook the cash like the donation in the church. Which is forgivable especially when he asked about the purpose of the money and from where it came from. So taking a leap from Panlilio's questions we also ask: Ba't may ganun? And why in cold cash?

Sabi ng professor ni Tikboy, makikita mo daw ang pagkakaiba ng Yakuza o Mafia sa businessman. Ang Yakuza o Mafia, laging in cold cash kung makipag-transaksyon samantalng ang businessman, credit cards o tseke. This being the case, Mafia nga ba talaga ang nakipag-transaksiyon diyan sa Malacanang? Hmmnnn.

If this is the way transactions are being done under the Arroyo government, we can now believe the rumors that running the show is a Mafia. And they always talk in cold cash.

Teka, asan ba ang share namin?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Arroyo Impeachment: Who's Behind What

Cebu Congressman Pablo Garcia pointed DILG secretary and KAMPI chairman Ronaldo Puno as the brains of the Arroyo Impeachment case filed by lawyer Roel Pulido. Pero sabi ni Puno sa Inquirer.Net: I deny those. You know si Congressman Garcia baka nagtatampo pa sa akin [still holds a grudge against me] because I supported [Jose] De Venecia in the last election for the Speakership.

Sabagay, sino nga ba naman ang aamin sa isang masamang gawain? Si Pilato nga naghugas pa ng kamay sa harap ng madla.

But assuming what Puno said is true, sino ngayon ang utak ng weak impeachment complaint? Sabi ni Pulido siya lang naman ang may pakana nun. What interest, therefore has he against GMA eh ang galit niya ay kay Joe De Venecia? And if he is really against GMA,why the rush? Ba't di muna niya pinalakas ang kaso by gathering more evidences? In an TV interview, he even admitted na 3 pages lang ang ginawa niya. And di niya masagot ng diretso ang tanong kung may malakas nga siyang ebidensiya.

And if Pulido is the sole brains of the "impeach-me-if-you-can" drama, bakit nasa eksena si Ver na dating Secretary General ng Kampi at dating tauhan ni Puno? And to consider, hindi daw magkakilala sina Ver at Pulido which means there is a hand rolling the dice and dealing the cards, di ba? And in simple terms, somebody is lying.

Pero sagot ni Puno sa interview kanina sa Unang Hirit, ang bopols naman nila kung si Cong. Crispin Beltran pa ang babayaran para mag-endorse ng impeachment complaint at ikalawa, ang bopols naman nila if they file an impeachment complaint which will later backfire dahil hindi buo ang KAMPI.

But Puno seems to twist the facts. Why Beltran? Kasi nga, si Beltran ang pinakamahirap na congressman sa lower house. Base sa SAL na nai-submit niya noong 2004, P70,000 lang ang assets niya as compared sa milyones na assets ng iba pang kongresista. Given this, sino ang di matutukso sa P2 million? Ikalawa, Beltran has more axe to grind against GMA considering na sa Batasan 6 brouhaha, superman lang ata ito, este, lonely man lang ang tatang sa pagiging arestado. Third, palaban naman ang tatang dahil sa pagiging aktibista at national democrat nito. So the question is: Why not Beltran?

Ang mali nga lang ni Ver, Beltran's loyalty to the money ends where the loyalty to the party begins. (Naks!)

Next, hati ang KAMPI so why create more chaos by endorsing an "impeach me if you can" drama? Si Secretary naman, parang di operador. Kung ang iba puwedeng maloko sa shallow reasoning na yan, ang iba lang yun. At ito rin ang mga shallow-minded. Ilan ba sila?

The reason why chaos is staged is to create unity, di ba? So by making a theatrical show na kunyari i-impeach ang presidente, magkakaroon ngayon ng bonding ang mga taga-KAMPI. At magka-kampi-kampi na sila. Para naman tayong grade 1 nito, Sec.

Of course, Garcia may have an axe to grind against Puno for he was duped to stage a fight with De Venecia, and he was left in solitaire by the party when KAMPI was divided in supporting him and De Venecia. But Garcia to tag Puno, a party-mate, as the brains of the impeach-me-if-you-can drama is revelation of something. And this could be that Puno is really a brain or among the brains of that drama. What Garcia did was a direct accusation at hindi rin ata shallow minded si Garcia not to note na puwede siyang kasuhan ni Puno at puwede siyang mawala sa loop ng KAMPI, gayon din sa range ng mga nabibiyayaan. And since he is directly accusing Puno, he must be basing his accusations on evidence.

Hmmmnnn... Ma-consult ko nga si Inday sa rules on evidence...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Inday Jokes

The Inquirer predicts that the Inday jokes may soon bury the Eraptions and Gloria jokes as the former had conquered the airwaves and the net.

But while many are laughing, not all are happy. For one, it simply points out the rotting system of the society because the intelligent Inday is nothing but a chambermaid. It means, there is no place or job for intelligent and/or degree holder Filipinos except as domestic helpers. The Inday joke on her interview with Ricky Leeis very telling:

She is now becoming one of the fastest rising Internet stars today amassing a number of followers all over the world mostly Filipinos . Already surpassing Ederlyn, Yuga, the Numa Numa boy, the Chinese Backstreet Boys and even Casey and her cam.

Inday is getting a lot of popularity today mostly from word of mouth, SMS and e-mails. Her witty comments regarding her life as a domestic helper has already brought laughter and uncontrollable nosebleeds to us.

RL: Inday, thank you for accepting this interview, how are you feeling right now?

Inday: You might expect me to be flabbergasted or nervous with all the attention I’m getting right now. Actually, I’m not. I know from that very first text message that this is going to be inevitable. Even now the media is already interested in my fame that they sent you to interview me thinking that you can comprehend each and every word that I say.

RL: [nagpunas ng ilong] Uhmm, ahh I see… so with all your uhh academic credentials, what made you decide just to be a domestic helper?

Inday: Well, what do you expect me to be? A lawyer? A politician? A newscaster? Oh come on, you’re all so predictable. Have you met a domestic helper that has a medical degree, is a world-class culinary artist, has a degree in Business Management, a certified public accountant and consistent Best in English for four years in high school?

RL: Uhhm, ahh I guess not.

Inday: Well there you go. That’s what sets me apart and makes me unique from all the rest and I guess it’s something that you just can’t fathom.

RL: [tuluyan nang nag-nosebleed]

Inday: I guess this is the end of this interview. I still have to prepare our evening victuals and update my blog. Tatah! Hi nga pala to my love, Dodong! I love you babes.

Montalban, Rizal and Solid Waste Management

One of the headlines of 24 Oras in GMA-7 last night was the rally staged by residents of Montalban, Rizal against the opening of the new garbage dumpsite in the municipality.

But when the news and the camera rolled, and the interview with the mayor, Ping Cuerpo was aired, mukhang bumaho at nangitim ang paligid. At first I was thinking na aware na sa environmental issues ang mga tao kasama si mayor pero mali pala. Problema pala sa kickback... err, income ang dahilan. The new dumpsite will be opened and managed by the provincial government and not of the municipal government. So the Cuerpo people are mobilizing against it dahil meron daw na existing na dumpsite and there is no need na sa provincial government-managed dumpsite pa magtapon.

And Cuerpo argued that the income from the provincial government dumpsite will just go to the provincial government and the barangay. Which was opposed by governor Ynarez.

At the end of the news, parang binuhusan ng malamig na tubig ang hot at excited na si Tikboy. Di naman pala environmental awareness yun -- kickback, err... income awarenes pala.

Monday, October 08, 2007

GMA is Getting Too Obvious

A few days ago, another impeachment rap is filed against Gloria Arroyo. There are claims that the congressman who endorsed the case is an Arroyo ally, Edgar San Luis. This implies only two things: it's either that Arroyo's allies are also fed up with her, or two, she is trying to fend off possible impeachment case that may blow out of hand especially now that there are already moves in the House to oust Speaker Joe De Venecia.

Congressmen who have read the impeachment case filed, however, say that the case is weak and might even die at the committee level. GMA was not even distracted and will never be distracted. Ibig sabihin, she is in control. Added with the statement of DILG secretary and political affairs adviser, Renato Puno, that the impeachment case will die a natural death simply points out the obvious: the case filed is really a ploy. In simple terms, props lang si San Luis to attract opposition lawmakers to also endorse the complaint. For how much kaya? Si Anakpawis Rep. Crispin Beltran said he was offered P2 million. Siguro mas mataas, kung meron man.

But why is GMA instituting the ploy, if ever? Simple lang: Takot siya na baka merong mas substantial case na i-file laban sa kanya. Patay siyang bata siya. To consider, medyo sailing in rough waters ang relasyon nila ni JDV ngayon. Si FG kasi, sinabihan pa si Joey D.V. na "Back off!". $10 million lang kasi ang offer ky Joey, sino matutuwa dun. it;s just a crust of the pie. Pero maraming nasasarapan sa crust. And Lenin loves pie crusts.

Anyway, the actions of the administration simply points out to one thing: di pa rin nawawala ang shaky ground nila. To consider: ex-Commissioner Ben Abalos might still spill more beans. Unless he flies away. Who knows?

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Questions, Taints and Paints

The Black and White Movement says it all:


In the midst of heightened public anticipation of more revelations about the
ZTE scandal, and rising satisfaction in a Senate that is exercising its duty
to provide us check and balance, there is news that there will no longer be
any Senate hearings on this disgraceful issue until further notice. What's
up with that? The momentum is just maxing out. Who wants to pull the plug?

The onus falls squarely on the shoulders of Senator Alan Peter Cayetano. As
chairman of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, he calendars the hearings and
schedules the witnesses. His recent statements in the news have been
perceived by many as rather disturbing. Sen. Cayetano indicated that
witnesses may be unavailable to warrant the holding of a session, there are
no new witnesses to call, that nothing new may be revealed by witnesses like
Joey de Venecia. Moreover, he would like to give himself and a number of his
colleagues the opportunity to attend the IPU.

With respect, we find these reasons to be rather flimsy. After all, Jarius
Bondoc broke journalistic protocol and has published all the privileged
communications he had with Romulo Neri to point the Senate in new
directions. Regarding Romulo Neri - whatever happened to the Senate's plan
to challenge his invocation of executive privilege? What about Joey de
Venecia's recent claims against a prominent businessman?

In addition, we have yet to hear from First Gentleman Mike Arroyo. His
alleged involvement in this scandal should have peaked Sen. Cayetano's

The final reason of Sen. Cayetano seems to reflect a distorted sense of
priority. Is the planned attendance of a few legislators to an international
forum so important as to justify the postponement of the ZTE Contract

These lame excuses are uncharacteristic of the feisty oppositionist.
is everything. These excuses seem to lend credence to the flurry of text
messages alleging that Sen. Cayetano has discontinued the hearings at the
behest of a more senior Senator who is supposedly being pressured by the
influential businessman implicated in this scandal.

The announcement by GMA from China saying that the ZTE Deal is finally
cancelled should not be viewed as a successful cap on a contentious issue.

The Black & White Movement wants to be proven wrong. We hope to hear that
the hearings will be continued as soon as possible. There are many questions
left unanswered and the public deserves to know now. Is the First Gentleman
really involved and to what extent? How much does the President know? Is
she culpable? What actions did she take after Neri reported the attempted
bribery? How was the NBN project transformed from a BOT to a bilateral loan
agreement? Are there other personalities involved? These questions cannot
be left hanging.

When Sen. Cayetano broke ranks with the opposition to support the bid of
perceived pro-administration Manny Villar for the Senate Presidency, he
argued that he did so because of party affiliation. We understood. But this
time, the stakes are higher and people may not be as understanding.

The Black and White Movement humbly suggests that Sen. Cayetano heed the
example of President Manuel L. Quezon, "my loyalty to my party ends where my
loyalty to my country begins."

The Black & White Movement*

Contact: Vicente R. Romano III, 0920.961.5610
Leah Navarro, 0917.898.1957
4 October 2007

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Goodbye, NBN!?

After weeks of struggle deciding what to do
here comes Mrs. Arroyo
saying goodbye to the contract with ZTE
just like saying goodbye to 'hello, Garci!"?

Why kick the contract without a sound
Was it because it was never found?
Or is it because goodbye kickbacks na
dahil maingay at me mga bomba?

O dahil ba nadadawit si FG
at nakigulo rin si Luli?
O dahil ba sa pasabog ni Neri
o dahil si Abalos sa bibig ni Joey
ay broker na ng ZTE?

But it's undeniable, goodbye NBN
ang tono ngayon ni madam president
pero ang sure sabi ng source
naiipit ang family, pressure or force
kickbacks, whatever, di kasi malinis
at mga sagot sa senate di rin na-rehearse
kesa maging Erap part 2
itong si Mrs. Arroyo
Goodbye NBN, yan ang sigurado.

Monday, October 01, 2007

I Resign! -- Abalos

For Comelec Chairman Benjamin Abalos, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is not a model. For the controversies being thrown at him, Abalos, unlike GMA, resigns. For his resignation statement, click here.

But why resign? Why not be a kapalmuks? Here are a few and one reasons why Abalos resigned:

  1. If Abalos will stick his butt to the commission's chair, more beans will spill. And this will include a possible "Hello, Buddy!" at the Wack-wack from FG. So the best option is to shy away for a while. But wait for a few months and watch Abalos occupy another post as a GMA appointee. Just wait and see.
  2. The pressures from the Senate is not worth it all. It is better to play golf than attend Senate inquiries. FG is a better golf buddy.
  3. He cannot spend lavishly what he has earned. From commissions and kickbacks? Nobody knows. If he does spend his earnings, the BIR and the Ombudsman will follow his track and he doesn't want to be a fish like Erap. (Sen. Aquilino Pimentel wishing Abalos to become a state-witness? That's a wish upon a star.)
  4. He cannot work on his farm and plant kamote this early if he is still in the Comelec. Look at Garci. He is enjoying a free man's life after the Hello, Garci! controversy. And Garci could be a good model.
  5. Well, if he stays he might just wage war against Neri. And doing so might trigger more beans to spill.
  6. If he stays, he might also cause his tongue to slip. And he might cause the bomb to explode -- the bomb that GMA is also in kickback-time range.

Friday, September 28, 2007

From "Hello Garci! to "Goodbye Abalos!"?

It seems that Comelec Chairman Ben Abalos will be saying "Adieu" before his retirement day comes. Iloilo Vice Gov. Rolex Suplico already filed an impeachment complaint before the lower house against Abalos for corruption, betrayal of public trust, and culpable violation of the Constitution.

But one thing sure, he didn't betray the private trust -- that of the ZTE.

Of course, Abalos denies to death his engagement in the NBN deal. Sabagay, sino ba ang aamin? Pontius Pilate washed his hands. Even Mike Defensor, with his questionable audio expert, didn't even give a damn to apologize. Si Erap nga, di rin umamin na tama ang Sandigan. Ang alam lang niya, gusto niya ng pardon -- an act which gives an inkling na me kasalanan nga siya.

Pero si Abalos, i think he deserves more than just an impeachment. Kung nangyayari nga talaga ito sa ZTE, what more sa iba pang projects kung saan dawit ang pangalan niya tulad sa Comelec election automation? At paano rin ang tungkol sa election money? Consider: mukhang rattled siya na palinis kamay sa isyu ng Hello, Garci! At may mga insider na nagsasabing, tuwing eleksiyon may flow of money rin na nangyayari. At kasamaa si Chairman sa mga nauulingan.

If, tulad ng claim niya, he is innocent (tulad kay Erap), then let the process begin. Go, go, Impeachment proceedings!

From "Hello Garci! to "Goodbye Abalos!"?

It seems that Comelec Chairman

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mirriam's Logic

Mirriam Defensor-Santiago yesterday walked out of the National Broadband Network deal. Her reason: The senate is just being dragged into a case of 'kickbacks' double cross.

She also argued that the senate is just wasting its time for hearing those 'kickback' stories.

Teka, kala ko genius si Mirriam. Ba't di niya naiisip na tip of the iceberg lang ang kickback stories? Or medyo naiinis siya kasi million dollar kickbacks ang pinag-uusapan at ala pa ata sa kanyang nag-offer ng ganun?

Or masyadong matalino si Mirriam kaya ang mga simpleng bagay, di niya nabibigyang pansin. For this, let us count the ways why the Senate should continue investigating the NBN-ZTE deal:

  1. NBN deal is a deal on corruption. Mantakin mo, million dollars ang pinag-uusapan. Si Neri, may 200. Si Abalos nag-offer sabi ni Neri. Ibig sabihin, mas malaki ang kay Abalos. At siyempre, mas malaki rin ang mga ibubulsa ng mga nasa likod ni Abalos. Si FG ba? Si Gloria?
  2. NBN deal is a deal on the betrayal of public trust. Bakit ganun kabilis ang mga pangyayari? Bakit nabigla na lang tayo na meron palang ganun?Sabi ng mga taga-UP di naman daw masyado kailangan dahil kaya naman ng ating mga private companies. At bakit atat si Abalos? Si Gloria, pumunta pa ng China. Si Aling Tonya ni walang pamasahe papuntang Avenida. At bakit si Abalos na Chairman ng Comelec, mukhang nasa DOTC na? At si FG, while naglalaro sa Wack-wack, napasok pa sa eksena. Broker na rin ba? At bakit pa? Malinaw nmn sa Republic Act 3019, di ba?
  3. NBN is a deal na kailangang pasanin ng mga mamamayan. Utang ba. At si Juan ang magpapasan. Eh ni wala ngang alam sa computer eh. Kahit nga ang anak niyang si Lilian, me subject ngang computer 101 eh hanggang tingin na lang sa keyboard dahil ang computer set sa school nila, pentium II na nga nag-iisa pa. At bilyong-bilyong piso ang pa ang babayaran.
  4. At binabayaran ang mga senador na tulad ni Mirriam para siguraduhing bantayan ang kaban ng yaman at hindi lang ito basta malalaspag ng kung sino man. Kaya nga the power of the purse rests on the Congress di ba? At kilangan din siyempreng well-appraised ang mga tao sa mga ginagawa sa Senado, at ang mga batas tulad ng pakikipag-kontrata ng gobyerno. Kung walk-out lang ng walk-out, ba't di na lang kaya sila mag-walk out sa puwesto at ibalik ang pinangsahod sa kanila ng mga Pilipino?
So, di pa ba alam ni Mirriam kung bakit dapat siyang nakaupo din sa hearing? O inggit lang talaga siya sa million dollar kickbacks? Hmmmnnnn....

Monday, September 24, 2007

ZTE Contract: The end does not justify the means

In a report, Donald Dee of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce Inc. (PCCI), was quoted as saying: The discussion now is too concentrated on corruption rather than the merits (of the ZTE contract.)

Reading between the lines, it appears that if the contract is meritorious, it is just proper that the contract with the ZTE be continued. And supporting this, Sergio Ortiz-Luis, PCCI's honorary chair, spread an emotional blackmail arguing that other countries are watching the Philippines and that if the ZTE contract will not push through, there might be some repercussions on the country particularly on the aspect of trade relations. He even added: There are relationships we should be careful about and our credibility in entering into contracts could be viewed negatively by other countries.

While we agree at the repercussions, what the PCCI is saying is hard to swallow. So if the Malacanang people does it again, we just close our eyes and tell ourselves that it is bad for trade? If the Malacanang people enters into another spurious deal, we just try to pretend we saw nothing because other countries are watching us and voicing what we see might create a negative picture of the Philippines? And, if the Malacanang people does it again, we just try to convince ourselves that we are just having a nightmare and tomorrow we'll wake up hoping for a brand new day?

Swallowing PCCI's stand simply means approving what these Malacanang guys are doing. Swallowing PCCI's stand simply means Filipinos can be easily, and would like to be, fooled. And swallowing PCCI's stand simply means, we agree with corruption, lack of transparency, and lack of accountability.

If the PCCI works like that, and if cowardice is their virtue, so be it. For us, we believe in the opposite. And we believe that the end does not justify the means.

Monday, September 17, 2007

People Power No-Show: Naisip Ba Nila?

Sabi sa ABS-CBN Interactive:

Administration lawmakers, however, pointed out the conviction of Estrada was met with positive reaction by the general public.

The fact that Filipinos received the news of the conviction for plunder of Estrada calmly shows that they are now “politically mature,” Isabela Rep. Rodolfo Albano III said.

Dagdag pa ni Albano: It also means that democracy is vibrant and working in the country.

Galing naman nilang analysts. Pero teka, sa sobra nilang galing, naisip ba nilang ang no-show ng supposed People Power 4 ay indikasyon lamang na pagod na ang mga tao sa mga walang nagyayaring mga bagay-bagay? Na kailangan munang i-reserve ang energy, maghanap-buhay at maghanap ng isang malaking isyu na gagatong sa kanilang mga damdamin para muling pumutok ang bulkan?

Naisip din ba ng magagaling na mga taong ito na ang no-show ay indikasyon na keep silent muna sila dahil kasama sila sa mga nagpalayas kay Erap? Na ang mga Pilipino ay matatalino at di sila basta nadadala ng wave of fashion sa mga kalye? Na sila ay may sariling disposisyon din kung kelan lalarga at kelan sisigaw ng "Gloria Resign".... este, "resign" sa kung sino man ang nakaupo sa puwesto na di nila gusto? At naisip din ba ng mga taong ito na si Gloria pala, kung gugustuhin ng mga tao, puwede ring matulad kay Erap?

At naisip din ba ng mga taong ito na ang mga medyo mukhang me diperensiya ang definition nila ng democracy? Na ang democracy ay di lang demokrasya kung di kumikibo ang mga tao kundi kung sumisigaw din at nagpapahayag ng kanilang mga saloobin lalo na ang di pagkagusto sa isang namumuno?

Sabagay, matatalino naman sila.At ang mga bagay na ito ay simple lamang mula sa mga tao na galing sa barberya, sa kanto, sa talipapa, sa mga terminal ng tricycle at padyak, sa mga naglalako ng mga kakanin sa kalsada, kay Mang Pedring na hindi superhero na tulad ni Mang Gusting, kay Aling Tacing na nagtitinda ng tinpa at daing, kay Biboy na kickout sa school, etc., etc.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Where is Erap's Force?

Last night, Tikboy heard the news that the decision for the plunder case against former president Joseph Estrada will be handed down today. Kaya prepare ngayon ang Tikboy. Set ang alarm clock sa 4:00 para iwas traffic, at plinano ang possible routes. Expected kasi ang traffic diyan sa may Sandigan. Ang problema, umulan kagabi at masarap matulog lalo't malamig ang simoy ng hangin. When the alarm rung, di nagising ang Tikboy hanggang nagsawa na lang ang alarm clock sa kasisigaw.

Seven na. Ayon sa teevee may mga umpukan na sa Commonwealth. At nawili na ang Tikboy sa kapapanood hanggang matapos ang promulgation. Larga ang Tikboy hoping to reach his office after lunch taking the traffic as a variable. Yun pala, ang linis ng kalsada. Ala ang show of force ni Erap. The 700 Club lang ata ang dumalo. Ang tanong, where o where is the force? Bakit di nag-Erapt?

Just a while later, there was an interview kay Tikboy bakit ganoon. Sagot:

  1. Expected na ng masa na guilty ang Erap. Why waste additional energy? Mapapalaya ba ang Erap kung mag-rally sila? Baka matulad lang sil sa EDSA III. Yun din ang sabi ni Kiko sa Barberia ni Lupin.
  2. Busy ang mga tao sa paghahanap-buhay. Ba't pa sila magpapakamatay sa rally? Unless me bayad ulit. Eh ala. (Pero teka, me bayad ba ang mga tag-administrasyon para wag ng dumalo sa rally?)
  3. Takot na rin ang ilan sa mga kapulisan at kasundaluhan na kinuha ni GMA. At mantakin mo, from Northern Luzon at Central Luzon pa. (O si GMA ang takot? Hmmnnn. Aminin...)
  4. Noong EDSA 3 daw, sabi ng mga organizer pag si GMA na ang nakaupo, wala ng Housing projects. Kaya napilitan silang mag-rally. Eh tuloy-tuloy ang housing projects at relocation projects ni GMA. Excited ngayon ang mga Urban Poor at sinusuportahan na in a way si GMA kahit palyado at di alam na press release lang pala ang pinalabas na kwento. Si Mang Pamboy nga, na-relocate nga bumalik ulit sa my pusali kasi wala siyang pambayad sa housing project ni Aling Gloria. At marami pang kwento sa mga pabahay ni Gloria sa iba-ibang lugar na sa bandang huli ay palpak dahil di naman talaga natitirhan sa kakulangan ng pambayad.
  5. Naka-freeze na ang assets ni ERap. At wala ng pang-finance. Paano pa ngayon makakapag-mobilize ng tao? Sabi ni Tikboy, mga 2 to 3 million pesos ang kailangan sa pag-mobilize lang ng 15,000.
So, paano ngayon magkakaroon ng show of force si Erap?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

On the verdict for/against Erap

Logic says it all: If Erap will be acquitted, sayang yung pinaghirapan ni Aling Gloria from organizing people in EDSA II to the agony of walking in tight rope baka matanggal siya during EDSA III at baka matalo siya sa eleksiyon ng 2004 (kaya nga siya tumawag kay Garci) at baka mapalayas siya during the bukingan period nung Hello Garci scandal.

Kaya nga defense to the limit si Ermita. For that reason he said:
We have courts and laws. We don’t have a kangaroo court. So let us not think na parang may taong naapi pag lumabas ang verdict… Whatever decision comes out has been properly deliberated upon.

And to add, pinapaghanda pa nila ang mga sundalo at kapulisan para lang sa verdict kuno ni Erap as if handa na nga talaga ang verdict at nasa preparatory stages pa kaya di pa ito naipalalabas.

anyway, review nga tayo. Should Erap be acquitted or not be acquitted? Click here...

Friday, August 24, 2007

War and Lip Service

"Just like America."

This statement bests describe the administration of Aling Gloria as she tries to project that her government is also a power-that-be. Mantakin niyong mag-utos ang ale na: "I have specified a timeline -- three years -- to end armed rebellion in the Philippines.” Galeng di ba? As if ang choppers ng AFP ay di bumabagsak pag inaabutan ng hangin. As if ang ulo ng mga marines ay ulo lang ng teddy bear na kinatay ni Biboy. As if kaya nga talaga. Hanep, di ba?

Dagdag pa: We too will fight back and repel the incursions of insurgency and terrorism. We will not stop until the bandits find no more nook to hide in the land they have blighted and no sanctuary to seek from the people they have terrorized and used as shields.

Galing! Paano na nga ba nakuha ang pari na na-kidnap a few weeks ago? May nakakaalala pa ba?

Sabagay, ever since naman, trying hard copycat ang Pinas at ang ale. At the brink of collapse, Bush declared war against Afghanistan and Iraq kaya natalo si Kerry. Sabi nga sa film ni Jackie Chan na Rush Hour 3, war freak ang mga kano at parang di sila kano kung walang giyera. So Gloria tried to copy that. Ang problema, mukhang di swak ang script sa totoong mga pangyayari. Ano ang ibabala sa mga baril ng mga sundalo, laway? O gagawa na naman kayo ng excuse para dagdagan ang budgetary allotment sa AFP? At budgetary allotment din sa intelligence funds? Hmmmnnnn.....

One time, nahuli si Tikboy ng prof niya na nangongopya during exams. Even then, di ito pinahiya ng prof. Nang i-release ang result ng exams, negative ang resulta ni Tikboy so he asked his prof why. Sagot ng prof: Mangongopya ka na nga lang mali pa? So dahil dalawang beses ka nagpalpak, negative ang binigay ko sa iyo.

Similarly, nangongopya na nga si Aling Gloria, mali pa ang kinokopya. Ba't di na lang tularan ang Switzerland? O kaya ang mga free country sa iba't ibang lupalop ng mundo? Ang Japan? Sila, walang masyadong focus sa giyera. Focus nila, paano pagsilbihan ang mga constituents nila at ma-satisfy ang gusto ng mga ito. Similarly, if Gloria will focus on social welfare and poverty alleviation, nobody will be thinking of fighting for food and joining the terrorist for the sake of income. And nobody will go to the streets and shout their grievances. Di ba malinaw ang kasabihang "Don't talk when your mouth is full"? Ibig sabihin, kung busog ang mga tao, nobody will cry foul and nobody will want her ouster.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Piracy traffic and Jakie's Rush Hour 3

One sad news: Jacky Chan's 'Rush Hour 3' performs poorly in Hongkong
Another sad news: Piracy devoured Chan's movies.

Even in the Philippines, the streets are crowding with clear and not-so-clear copies of Rush Hour 3. Paano naman po, ang mahal ng sine ngayon. Nag-evolve na sana ang mga tao from radio drama and comics to movies pero eto, ang mahal na rin ng sine. Swerte ni Tikboy dahil ang kapitbahay niya ay nagyayabang na pamangkin ng isang miyembro ng VRB (now Optical Media Board) raiding team kaya hayun, laging may supply. At ang buong barangay, happy-happy ang buhay. Libreng DVD (pronounced as "deebeedee" sa may kanto ng Quiapo at sa may Divisoria) disk na pirated, me kasama pang DVD player na pirated din. Galing daw yun Hongkong. Tseng-wawa kasi ang brand.

Pero teka, ba't ganun? From VRB tapos me pirated DVD and VCD disks? Kala ko ba sinisira nila ng lahat ng makumpiska? Tulad nung magagarang sasakyan sa may Subic na sabi winasak ng wala ng makina? Ba't ang magagandang kopya nasasalin sa kamay ng iba? Kasama siyempre ang kay Francine Prieto na pelikula. Kuya Edu, bakit nga ba?

Ewan. Basta ang alam ko, somebody named Kautilya once said: Just as it is impossible not to taste a bit of honey that passes through one's tongue so it is impossible not to taste a bit of money that passes through one's hands. Siyempre kasama na dun ang deebeedee. And this simply means super serious ang gobyerno ni Aling Gloria sa paglansag ng piracy with Edu on the front. Kaso nga lang, to err is human kaya ang ilang duling sa VRB nalalagpasan na sirain ang ilang magagandang kopya.

Pero seryoso, kahit patawa ang Rush Hour 3 ni Jackie, me message dun na patama kay Bush at sa mga kaalyado nito -- ang mensahe ng taxi cab driver (Yvan Attal as George) sa France na sobrang war freak ang mga Kano at ang kaya lang ng mga ito ay ang mga maliliit na bansa tulad ng Iraq, Afghanistan, at iba pa. Kaya nga sabi ng driver ayaw niyang maging Kano. Pero di dun nagtapos, later inambisyon niya na maging American Spy dahil gusto niya ring pumatay ng tao for free.

But who will notice Attal's words? Tumagos kaya ito sa puso at utak ni Aling Gloria? Mukhang Hindi, no? Kasi sabi niya: We won't back down versus the Abu Sayyaf. Galing, di ba? Pero ba't Abu Sayyaf lang? Ang laban against piracy, nag-back down na ba? Kasi ang kapitbahay ni Tikboy nagpapahiram na naman ng The Bourne Ultimatum.

Pagkatapos mo Tikboy, pasa mo sakin ah?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

More responsibilities but lesser resources for LGUs

In its recent decision, the Philippine Supreme Court ruled that the local government units have the primary responsibility over flood control and management in their respective jurisdiction, including areas in private subdivisions.

The decision stemmed from the case filed by a group of homeowners whose subdivision became a catch basin of the water from the Naga River in Paranaque. Now, they are asking the subdivision developer, Filinvest, to address the problem or "upgrade the elevation of the affected areas and repair the units, or transfer them to flood-free housing projects and “sell-back” their affected units."

But while it is true that based on the Local Government Code the LGUs have the responsibility to address such flood-related problems, it is a very big lie to say that they have the capability to do so. Bakit kamo? Kasi hanggang ngayon, di pa rin settled ng isyu sa internal revenue allotments (IRA) ng mga LGUs. Karamihan sa mga LGUs, baon sa utang dahil hindi pa released ang mga IRA nila.

Second, karamihan din sa mga LGUs, ang liit-liit ng IRA dahil sa in-equitable distribution nito. May mga munisipyo na nabubuhay sa 7 million pesos lang na annual budget as opposed sa kung ilang milyong pork barrel ng mga congressman natin as well as sa bilyones na pork barrel ni GMA. How is that, then?

Buti ang Quezon City at Makati City dahil malaki ang tax base. Kahit di n sila umasa sa IRA, puwede silang mabuhay. Ang problema nga lang, mas malaki ang IRA ng QC at Makati (na malaki ang local income) as compared sa halos walang local income na mga munisipyo at mga probinsiya. And now, the Local Government Code is expecting much from these low-or-almost-no-income LGUs?

Baka puwedeng pag-isipan din, Senator Pimentel, lalo na ang IRA-sharing. This will also answer your proposal to delimit the conversion of municipalities into cities. Karamihan kasi gustong maging cities para lumaki ang share ng IRA.

At baka puwedeng pag-isipan din, Gng. Gloria. If you are aware, lubog sa utang ang karamihang LGUs natin dahil sa kakulangan sa resources. And soon, with this decision from the Supreme Court, dadami din sigurado ang lulubog sa baha at iba pang kalamidad.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Total war policy: What's the logic?

According to a story, the Americans bombed its own ship in Cuba in order to participate in the second world war. Similarly, there is also an inkling that the 9-11 attack happened so that there would be a reason for the United States to attack Iraq and Afghanistan. Could this logic be also the reason for Gloria Arroyo's total war policy?

Tikboy happened to read the thesis of now-Senator Trillanes. In the thesis, Trillanes presented accounts of military officials selling arms to MILF and other Mindanao secessionists -- allegations which the government did not dare to peek into. Similarly, there are stories of military officials involved in selling guns to the New People's Army members. Again, nobody dared to lower their brows and look into it. The question is: Why?

Well, taking a frame from conspiracy theorists, it can be argued that the total war policy may be related to the non-investigation of the allegations on military personnel selling guns and ammunitions to enemies. For instance, why can't the few hundred strong Abu Sayyaf and NPA rebels or terrorists be eliminated by several tens (or even hundreds) of thousand strong soldiers of the government? Latest intelligence statistics show that NPAs, for instance, is only less than 10,000. Why is it hard to eliminate them?

Sabagay, kung alang giyera, what would be the use of our PMA graduates? And our soldiers? At paano pa ba makakahirit ng intelligence funds?

At kung alang giyera, how can Gloria Arroyo prove that she is a strong president? And that she is fit for a strong republic? Well, the father and son (Bush) used the wars in the middle east and won the elections. And so did Tony Blair. And all of them saved their fading popularity. Is Gloria also following their footprints? If so, paano na ngayon ang mga civilian casualties? Can somebody tell the bullets: Excuse me po, di po kami kalaban. Civilian lang?

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Arroyo: Minimize civilian casulties

Monday, August 06, 2007

Check and Balance or Retaliation?

According to MalacaƱang has “unceremoniously” sacked the brother of Chief Justice Reynato Puno from the Commission on Higher Education, slashed by about P1 billion the 2008 budget for the judiciary, and disapproved funding for the Manila City Hall of Justice requested by Puno.

Well, as a democratic country, there is a system, of check and balance. Pero bakit mukhang retaliation ata ang nangyari? As Senator Pangilinan asked: Is MalacaƱang punishing the Supreme Court for calling the summit on extrajudicial killings? Is it exacting vengeance after the summit raised the issue of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s possible liability for the unabated killings?

Oo nga. Bakit ganun?

Pero teka, speaking of bakit, let us also ask: Bakit nagtatanong na rin si Kiko? Noted niya na rin ba ang mga nangyayari? Ba't ngayon lang ata siya nakahalata unlike in 2004 canvassing of votes for the presidential elections?

Bakit nga ba?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

SK and Barangay Elections postponed once again?

While the Filipino youth are already busy and excited for the incoming Sangguniang Kabataan elections, Speaker Joe De Venecia phoned in Comelec Chair Abalos "to inform him that a growing number of congressmen want the village and youth elections deferred or altogether scrapped."

Screeecccchhhhhh!!!!! (Tunog ng kotse na biglang nagpreno!)

At eto naman ang mga kalakaran sa House of Representatives ayon sa ating insider (Tadaaannn!):
  • Cong. Boyet Gonzales is pushing for HB 25 postponing the elections to 2010
  • Cong. Al Bichara is pushing for HB 460 postponing the elections to 2008
  • Cong. Pinggoy is pushing HB 722 postponing the elections to 2008
  • Cong. Amante also has Resolutions No. 3 and No. 6 requiring barangay elections to be held simultaneously with the election of the ConCon delegates
Bichara has reasons. There are reports that he owes much from the Punong Barangays in the second district of Albay kaya niya natimbag ang political stalwart na si Carling Imperial. Maybe the same with other congressmen pushing for their respective bills. Pero dahil lang ba sa utang n loob kaya they are trying to make a mockery of democracy?

Elections are a hallmark of democracy. Pero di lang basta election. Me qualifier -- that elections are free, fair, honest and held regularly. Postponing and postponing ad infinitum the barangay and SK elections is not being true to the principles of democracy. Asan na ngayon ang declaration sa Article 2 Section 1 ng Philippine Constitution na "The Philippines is a DEMOCRATIC and republican state"?

Sabagay, Gloria in the Palace started the joke on democracy and elections. Kaya nga di pa rin tapos ang "Hello, Garci!" di ba?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Trillanes's continuing detention, not a voice of the people

Many looking for complicated arguments just to let Senator-Elect Antonio Trillanes go out of his detention cell and perform his functions as a member of the Upper House. Pero simple lang naman ang argumento diyan.

First, the President of the Philippines has a power to grant pardon and amnesty. Pero saan ba galing ang powers na yan? Sabi sa Article 2 ng 1987 Constitution:

Section 1. The Philippines is a democratic and republican State. Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them.

In a sense, the president cannot exercise his/her powers to grant pardon and amnesty without the blessing of the people.

Second, If the President is a delegatee of the powers to grant pardon and amnesty, it therefore follows that the people also has those powers. Sabi nga: One cannot delegate which he/she doesn't have.

Which boils down to the third proposition: The people elected Trillanes. This is despite the fact that there are 37 choices for the position. And this, despite the fact that Trillanes is facing charges for his "criminal acts". The very simple conclusion is that the people simply condones whatever acts Trillanes may have committed. O di ba?

Say ni Fr. Joaquin Bernas na isang constitutionalist? Kahit si Senator Brenda Santiago pa ang tanungin natin.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Omens and Lumens

Who says GMA is copying Tabako Ramos?

More than a decade ago, El Presidente Fidel "Tabako" Ramos proposed NIC-hood. Marami ang umangal at umangil. Erap was said to have copied the vision and renamed it by including the same in the agenda of his Jeep ni Erap. Later, Gloria in the Palace also was said to have copied the NIC-hood only that the name was changed to "Strong Republic" added with the spice of cha-cha, tango, etc.

Pero mali pala. Mas matindi pala ang pangarap ni Gloria. Quoting her 2007 SONA:

Hangarin kong mapabilang ang Pilipinas sa mayayamang bansa sa loob ng
dalawampung taon. By then poverty shall have been marginalized; and
the marginalized raised to a robust middle class.

We will have achieved the hallmarks of a modern society, where
institutions are strong.

By 2010, the Philippines should be well on its way to achieving that vision.

So, will she stay until 2037? Grabe naman yun.

Pero teka, mukhang Kristiyana nga talaga si Gloria. Sabi sa Bible: And the poor shall always be with you. So Gloria said: After 20 years, poverty shall have been marginalized; and the marginalized raised to a robust middle class.

Mukhang lugi tayo dun ah. So she isn't serious in eradicating poverty. Sabagay, if there is no poverty, wala rin silang pera. As there is money in garbage so is there richness in poverty. Asan na ba ang mga international loans ng bansang Pilipinas just to eradicate poverty? At magkano na nga ba ang loans na yun? At asan na rin ang mga batas at polisiya ntumutugon sa kahirapan? Pabahay ni Noli na kung wala ng pambayad ang nakatira palalayasin na? Rice and noodles na ibinebenta sa murang halaga at itsa-puwera ang walang pera? Trabaho na contractualization ang sistema at after six months tanggalan blues na? Palayasin ang mga professionals natin at ipagtabuyan sa ibang bansa para maging DH ang titsers at maging nurse ang doktor? Are these the ways to address poverty? Galing naman no?

Well, these are omens. And these luminates us what our "strong leader" is doing to make us weak.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Some says the state of the nation address of Gloria Arroyo is not really a SONA but a travelogue. Whatever, at least she found her way to Bicol.

Arroyo said that with her seven billion-peso calamity allocation in Region V, the Bicolanos are now getting their rightful share. So, admitted na talaga na hindi binibigyan ang Bicol ng karampatang atensiyon. Bakit, dahil ba sa opposition country ang tingin sa Bicol Region? Pero sabi ni Jay Carizo ng IPD, myths lang daw yun? (Read here or here) That being the case, mali nga talaga ang mga espiritu santong prayle ni Gloria. A case of misreading the political environment? If mali nga ang political reading, then mali then ang mga plano ni Gloria. Hence, paano kaya mangyayari ang pagiging kabilang ng Pilipinas sa mayayamang bansa in a couple of decades? Hmmmmnnnn?

Sabagay, wish list niya lang yun. At alang masama sa pangarap.

Pero ang tanong, kung hindi ba binagyo ang Bicol di ba nila ito bibigyan ng pansin? O props lang para sabihing dahil kay Datu kaya nabigay ang seven billion? Aber nga, aber?

Monday, July 16, 2007

'S' for 'Seven'; 'S' for 'Shut-up'

Joining the "7-7-7" hype is my friend, Albytes, who got wed on that date. He thought seven is a lucky number so after seven years, he is dreaming of having seven children.

But seven is not a lucky number after all. After nearly seven hours of debates, the members of the Supreme Court voted 7 favor and 7 against the petition of Pimentel the Son for the plea for temporary restraining order. The equal number of votes simply meant denying the petition and thereby continuing the proclamation of Team Unity's Juan Miguel Zubiri as the 12th Senator of the Pinoy Republic.

Pimentel the Son felt a great loss but the Filipino people suffered a far greater loss. As Tribune simply put it: The former congressman’s [Zubiri's]proclamation at the expense of his rival [Koko Pimentel]from the opposition camp for the 12th seat has legitimized cheating and any views to the contrary will only “inspire” the politically ambitious into looking for the Bedols around and, presto, the Comelec will raise his hands as victor.

In simple terms it means bastardizing democracy and making the voting public look stupid.


7-7 is to be remembered also for shutting-up dissident voices because of the implementation of the anti-opposition law.... err., anti-terrorism law couched in a beautifully worded term "Human Security Act".

The implementation of the law started July 15 even without the necessary implementing rules and regulations (IRR).According to Toting Bunye, the IRR is not anymore necessary.

Naks naman. If the IRR is not necessary, then anything that “causes widespread and extraordinary fear and panic among the populace” can be considered as acts of terrorism because that is the definition of the law. So if you happened to wear a mask for the maskara festival, or if you are trying to imitate and provide a visual description for the tambaloslos in the Ibalong festival, you must be a terrorist already.

Another "panicky" pothole in the law is the question as to who will give the qualification of a terrorist. That is because, with the general definition, Ducat of the Manila hostage drama can be considered a terrorist. 40 years pa naman iyon sa kulungan.

Similarly, all the rallyists can be tagged as terrorists especially if Gloria in the Palace will be rattled with their "storming presence" as what happened in February last year. Gloria thinks she is the state with the promulgation of PP 1017 and the CPR so the possibility is not remote for her, being the State, to experience “widespread and extraordinary fear and panic". That being the case, goodbye dear rallyists.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Same Old Politics

With the 14th Congress having almost the same members as in the past congresses, it is hard to expect something new. As the election for the House Speakership draws near, the politics of mud-slinging is already dirtying the batasan halls.

Report ng After accusing Speaker Jose de Venecia of lacking the moral ascendancy to keep the speakership, Cebu Representative Pablo Garcia himself came under fire from the speaker’s allies who claimed Garcia himself had been accused of corruption.

Which reminds me of a radio (and TV) ad I heard this morning. The ad tries to rebut the idea that the Philippines is the number one in corruption in Asia. The narrator even cited "authorities" clarifying that the Philippines is not the first and goes on to hit the "opposition" and "de-stabilizers" for spreading false information for their personal interests.

But the fact is, the advertisement didn't directly rebut the idea that the Philippine government and its instrumentalities is corrupt. He misses the point that whether the Philippines is number one man or number two, the country is still corrupt. And instead of lambasting the "opposition" and "de-stabilizers", why not cite the efforts, if any, being done to eliminate corruption? O wala naman talagang ginagawa?

why beat the goose that lays the golden egg? Attack mo na lang kalaban mo para at least me issue. Something like Campbell and No. 10 Downing Street.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

8M Filipinos over-employed?

The vow of Gloria in the Palace during her last SONAs was to solve the problem of un-employment. Pero mukhang sumobra naman. Report ng Department of Labor and Employment: Close to eight million Filipinos or almost 25 percent of those currently employed are considered overemployed.


Of course not! Over-employment is a negative sign and the government must look carefully into the matter. Why? Let us count the ways:

  1. Over-employment simply means the fangs of poverty are still around so all bodies able to work must keep watch and always be on guard. Buti kasi kung fangs lang. Me kasama pang leon at bad breath,no?
  2. Over-employment simply means worker dissatisfaction. The wages are low and the working conditions are bad. Well, it had been quite a time since the last government-mandated wage increase. And to note, many workers are still working below the minimum wage rate.
  3. Over-employment simply means a country has an unhealthy citizenry. Too much work is bad. Work and leisure should be balanced.
  4. Over-employment simply means a government has a bad policy. It does not care for its citizens.
  5. Over-employment simply means an imbalance of work and workers. This is bad economy.
But wait, di ba economist si Gloria in the Palace? Hmmmnnn. Bad economist?

Monday, July 09, 2007

The Trillanes's Mandate

The editorial of Inquirer is quite incisive. To quote:

Should [Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV] accused of leading a coup d'etat be allowed either temporary or conditional liberty, to allow him to discharge his duties as a new member of the Senate? Should he enjoy a change in his custody status, from military detention to perhaps the custody of the Senate? Not least, should his election to the Senate, on the strength of over 11 million votes, be considered as absolving him of his liability?

A friend who is now a Dutch citizen lamented that in the Philippines, anybody who wants to be a senator must first stage a coup d' etat. Just like Honasan and Trillaness. Such a thinking, he continued, makes the Filipinos an "inexplicable political morons".

(Well, my friend isn't Miriam Santiago. Too bad he isn't that we can't rid a country with at least one genius liar.)

Well I may not be proud to be a Filipino. Neither am I proud to be an inexplicable political moron. But if such a moronic state could give sanity to elections, so be it. The way I read the signs, the election of Trillanes simply means a wake up call to those "seated in the most high". If the Filipinos are satisfied, why would they exchange chocolates for "delimon"? Or a castle for a "barong-barong"? Nobody would even want a "tinapa" in exchange for a beefsteak (unless he/she is a Hindi).

At first I also believe that the Filipinos are an irrational voter. It's hard to predict what they want and who will they choose. Add the mud that the Catholic church spread by saying "Ang pera sa bulsa, ang boto sa balota". But th was before. It was only lately that I realized Filipinos are what Samuel Popkins call as a "Reasoning Voter". They vote retrospectively and prospectively. They want to punish their officials for not performing well, and they sometimes have "moronic" choices because they think that someday, somehow, things will still change. And for that reason, they chose Trillanes.

But as to Inquirer's question on the fate of Trillanes, the only possible reply is: Read the signs. The signs are clear and these are written already on the ballot.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

To Acquit, Or Not To Acquit?

To Acquit, Or Not To Acquit?

This remains the question as the axe of the SandiganBayan remains hanging in the air. Will it cut Estrada's head? Or will it cut the rope that will hang Estrada's head?

But while the axe remains raised, advertisements apparently trying to condition the mind of the public are almost everywhere. The advertisements, allegedly from a group who calls itself "Mahal Kita Pilipinas", is asking for the public to respect the court's decision. Teka, wala pa ngang desisyon ba't ganun na ang tema? Hmmmnnn...

But while the Estrada camp is troubled and the public seems "walang paki", let us do some mind games and try to forecast what the verdict will be, IF, indeed, Malacanang has a hand on the Erap case. Of course, we will not dwell into the evidences. That is for the court and the prosecutors to determine. What our game will do is to forecast what the impression will be of Erap's acquittal or non-acquittal.

To Acquit: If Erap will be acquitted, Gloria in the Palace will be limited in her moves. Siyempre, kung dati ang dance niya ay cha-cha, baka sweet na lang ngayon. Erap will always be watching, di ba? Erap is still a political boss and can still command a crowd. Second, if Erap will be acquitted, it will also mean in one way or another that Gloria in the Palace cheated her way to the presidency in 2001. O di ba? The public might say: Di naman pala talaga nagnakaw si Erap ba't pa siya pinalayas sa puwesto at ikinulong? Worse, the acquittal will further re-enforce Erap's innocence. Bakit kamo? Dahil ang korte na mismo ang nagsabi at ang korte na yan ay nasa ilalim pa ng pamumuno ni Gloria in the Palace. Ibig sabihin, wala talaga silang nakuhang ebidensiya when all odds are supposed to be with Erap. Di ba?

Siyempre, the acquittal will also mean the EDSA 2 is wrong. And so with its organizers.

Not To Acquit. If Erap will not be acquitted, magkakaroon ng restlessness lalo na from the camp of Erap. Worse comes to worst, EDSA 4 pero ang model ay EDSA 3 aka "The rise of the masses". Whether it succeeds or not, affected ang economy. Bababa ang halaga ng piso. (Makabili na nga ng dolyar mamya.) Troubled ang Gloria.

But the trouble will be short-lived. Kung maha-hire nga nila ulit yung nagtrabaho na spinmeister during the Garci scandal, baka wala ngang mangyayaring trouble. Hero pa ang ale. Bakit? Kasi puwedeng mag-may-i-proclaim ang Gloria in the Palace na grant niya ng executive clemency si Erap. O di ba? To note, malaki-laki rin ang hatak ni Erap na mga kongresista so baka push to the max na ang Cha-Cha. In 2010 or earlier, prime-minister/queen pa ang lola.

Siyempre, suporta na rin ang Erap. Kesa "Goodbye Tanay, Hello Taning" na siya sa Bilibid. Mahirap dun, no? And he will make sisi na hindi niya binigyan ng atensyon ang mga kulungan sa bansang Pilipinas during his term. Mahirap yun. Magmatigas naman siyang lalo, kulong na nga siya, baka me kaso pa siyang terrorism. 40 years ata sa preso ang parusa dun, no? Unless ok lang sa kanya dahil tulad sa kanyang mga pelikula, gusto niyang maging hero against the evil dwarf .... err, evil giant ...., err... sino na nga yun? Snow white?

So most logical option, "Support Gloria, Support Gloria, Go!" na ang rahrah niya.

Again, the non-acquittal will also mean tama ang EDSA 2. Tama si Gloria, tama ang mga kakutsaba niya, at tama ang civil society na ginamit niya. O di ba, oks na oks?

Conclusion: To acquit or not to acquit? Siyempre not to acquit na.

Anti-Terrorism law is Plain and Simple Terrorism Law

Army Chief Hermogenes Esperon Jr. admitted that they can resort to wiretapping, if needed. He qualified on to say that wiretapping will be done to probable suspects of terrorism.

Now, they are talking.

It is an elemental principle that no person shall be deprived of his rights. But with the passage of the Anti-Terrorism Law (Human Security Act), anyone suspected of being a terrorist can be wiretapped. And at will. (Note Esperon's words: If called for.) Which simply means, no one is secure and that there is really no such thing as privacy of communication under the Human Security Act.

Ganito na ba ka-desperado ang gobyerno? It appears that the term Human Security Act is no security act at all. It is plain and simple terrorism. The law terrorises the people by implying: Hey, take note I am wiretapping you.

Monday, July 02, 2007

A negative is negative

According to the Social Weather Stations, the Presidential Anti-Graft Commission (PAGC)'s satisfaction rating in its drive against corruption is negative 7% in 2005 which fell to negative 17% last year and partially recovered to negative 8% this year.

For this, PAGC Chair Constancia De Guzman retorted: That is something, a positive sign that we are succeeding in the fight against graft and corruption.

Teka, teka, teka! It appears that Ms. De Guzman is misled. A negative rating is still a negative rating. Whatever the figure is, it simply means you are not doing your job well. If you do, then where are the sharks that you were able to catch? Or you have catched only anchovies? And why is the Philippines still on top of the list of corrupt governments in Asia? Hmmnnn?

Friday, June 29, 2007

Hanging Ropes and Elections

While Miguel Zubiri and Koko Pimentel are still busy with the legal battles on the Maguindanao vote, the local politicians are also busy with the cases they have filed against each other. But why this fuss? Let us count the ways:
  1. There are no losers in the Philippine elections -- only the winners and those who have been cheated.
  2. The first teacher of cheating is the Church. They are not transparent as to where the tithes go. As a result, some spiritual leaders and ministers have acquired new cars and houses in the name of the father... err, in the name of their family members.
  3. From this teaching, the State goes onto institutionalize this. Take a look at Arroyo.
  4. Worse, the Church did nothing but keep mum on the Hello Garci. In another case, there is vote-buying. The Church says: Ang pera sa bulsa, ang boto sa balota. This was the slogan since the time of Cardinal Sin which, in a sense, approves the taking of election money. In a sense, the institutionalization of cheating was tacitly approved by Tikboy's spiritual leaders.
  5. And here comes the Comelec. Until now, it was not able to pin down an election cheater. Where is Garci? And Bedol? And big happy family, err... mafia, that manipulates votes since post-Marcos elections?
Worse, while the real winners find their places lost in the labyrinth of uncertainty and shame, the faces of the real losers almost split into two like the "tambaloslos" of the Ibalong epic for wearing that extra (and super) large smile. And while these real losers eat their fill and plunge their hands at the bounty of the government coffers, the voters who did not choose them continue to wallow in poverty and hunger. And this cycle continues again and again.

Of course, there are also politicians who won fair and square. But nobody knows their number. And nobody knows if they can still multiply. Hope they will...

Tikboy is Alive! Zarathustra is dead!

First of all, congratulations to our blogging councilor, Hon. Pete Lavinia for winning another seat in the Davao City Council. Of course, kudos to the rest of the politicians who won by hook or by crook in the recently-held Philippine elections.

It's been a long while since my last log. Many things happened. The Genuine Opposition's senatorial slate grabbed most of the seats in the upper house, more scandals, new laws, etc., etc. Despite my virtual absence, Statcounter was still able to record hundreds of visits hoping that Tikboy will have newer and newer entries. Sorry for failing you, dear visitors. But good news, Tikboy has resurrected and will be busy blogging again.

But while Tikboy is alive, Zarathustra is dead! And the people having different thoughts yet taking steps parallel to Zarathustra's are slowly falling one by one. Courtesy, of course, by the the Arroyo government through its inaction (or blessing?).

Anyway, this is just an introduction to the Second Coming of Snippets. Please bear with me as I watch the moments pass us by...