Friday, July 28, 2006

Bakit nga ba?

Ara Mina is launching another single entitled "To Love Again". Mukha kasing naka-move-on na ang ale. Pero ang Pilipinas, naka-move-on na rin sabi ng Malakanyang ..... sa drawing nga lang.

The single is a revival, actually. I have been hearing that since I was a kid. Ang ipinagtataka ko lang, ba't parang wala atang originality? Ba't parang walang initiative to create new ones?

Sabagay, si Gloria Arroyo nga, revival din -- revival ng economic program ni Tabako Ramos, revival ng Cha-cha, revival ng false hopes na okay na ang ekonomiya, na ayos na ang pulitika. Pero ang uusapin sa mga tunay na pangyayari, ayaw i-revive. Ang kasagutan sa mga tanong ng marami, ayaw buklatin. Ang katotohanan, nakatago pa rin. Tulad nito, headline ng Malaya: Esperon vows to detain former Marines chief.

Sabi naman ng lead paragraph: ARMED Forces chief Lt. Gen. Hermogenes Esperon the other day vowed to detain all Marine officers, including former commandant Maj. Gen. Renato Miranda, who continue to be in the custody of the Navy chief in connection with the alleged failed coup in February.

Pero tanong ng mga marines:

Why am I being investigated?

Why not investigate those officers who have been accused of taking part in the cheating that happened during the last elections?

Why not investigate those officers who are causing demoralization of their troops because they allowed themselves to be misused by those in power?

Why not investigate those officers who remain silent, rather than defend our troops and the Marine Corps itself when we are accused unfairly?

What happened to our values and virtues enshrined in our Marine motto of KARANGALAN, KATUNGKULAN AT KABAYANIHAN?

We have sworn a solemn oath to defend our democracy. What should we do when corrupt politicians undermine the credibility of our electoral system and worse, misuse the military to win at all cost?

Bakit nga ba? Tanungin natin ang Mongols. Baka alam nila ang sagot.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Goodbye, Bichara?

Maribeth's brother, Albay's former governor and current ambassador plenipotentiary to Lebanon, Mr. Al Francis Bichara, is now in hot water. Paano ba naman kasi, amining wala ng pera para sa mga OFWs na niipit sa Lebanon? Di niya ba naiisip na ayaw ni Gloria ng ganun? Di ba siya natuto kay Hidalgo who was shamed for telling the truth?

Sabagay, sabi nga ni Erap, weder-weder lang iyan. When he was still Albay's governor, he also hates bad news. Now, he is having the experience of the employees and mediamen he lambasted when these people told him the the truth. Also, when he was the Albay governor, tulad din siya ni Gloria -- utang dito, utang doon; gastos dito, gastos doon. Now he is working on a very meager budget. At sabi di pa nga daw nagli-liquidate ng gastos?

Kawawa naman. Ba't kasi di lumingon sa pinanggalingan. Ang roots ni Al, sabi from Palestine, knew how to live on a meager budget. Kaya nga umasenso sa Bicol Region. Nagkaroon ng mga sinehan, business establishments, etc. Pero ang Al, mukha atang di natuto sa roots niya.

But worse, Al's career as an ambassador is looking bleak already. Kaya ba nagpa-plano ng bumalik sa Albay as governor? Kapal naman. Dahil ba medyo naaayos na ngayon ang finances ng probinsiya? O dahil nahihirapan siyang maging bossing si Gloria?

Well? Sabagay, sabi ni Erap, weder-weder lang yan.

Pero may puwang pa nga ba siya sa Albay bilang gobernador? Hmmnnn.... Hindi kasi siya marunong mag-alaga ng mga tao. Hayop, oo. Dami nga sa Albay Parks and Wildlife. Ba't kaya di na lang siya sa Albay Parks and Wildlife bilang isang administrator tulad nong isa na tinapon niya sa dun dahil ito'y Salalima baby?

Pero ang masama, tanggapin pa ba siya ng mga Albayano? Medyo kasi napahiya siya ng kanyang "he and his big mouth" for telling na di na tutuloy ang evacuation ng OFWs sa Lebanon. At nabanatan din siya ng OWWA at DFA.

Hmmnnn. Magtago na lang kay siya sa Syria? Maganda kaya dun?

Monday, July 24, 2006

Starstrucked by Gloria

Her smiles, her two fronth teeth, and the dimples she is forcing to come out strucked me as she started her speech. Good news ba? Kasi kung good news, that means bad news. That's the Gloria doubletalk. Remember her words that she's not running? And her pronouncement of the classroom sufficiency?

I waited.

Until sweet words flowered her mouth. Para akong nasa alapaap. Ang saya. May pera na. May economic growth na. Pero teka, Arrovonomics ba? Ba't si Mang Pedring parang lalong naghirap pa rin? At si Aling Conching, lalong naging bugnutin. Ang asawa kasing si Tiyago, wala pa ring trabaho.

Am I dreaming? But the words, those music, di ba maganda na ang ekonomiya? Di ba lagpas nang unos?

Parang soundtrack sa sinehan, biglang dumagundong. Kasama ang kidlat at lakas ng ulan. Bagyo. Glenda ang pangalan. Dati Gloria pero pinalitan. Buti hindi tinamaan ang Batasan.

So I listened. Ala na ngang death penalty. Papogi ba sa Italy? At kay Benedict na walang paki sa paghihirap ng marami? Eh pano ang mga taga media? Goodbye na nga ba talaga? At eto namang si Palparan na upo-tayo sa upuan ng tinawag ang pangalan. Congrats!???

And I listened. Pero ba't parang di nasabi ang mga nangyayari? Asan ang solusyon sa problema ng marami? Pangako? Promise? Hallucination?

Pero sa tototoo lang cute siya sa dress niyang pula. Lalo na siguro kung magpapakatotoo na.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Missing in action

Former Albay governor and now ambassador to Lebanon, Al Francis Bichara, has been missing in action since the war broke out the pst several days. Even the DFA office in Roxas Boulevard, according to reports, is not aware of Bichara's whereabouts.

Kaya pala si Cimatu ang laging nakikita sa teevee. Where AL you?

In a follow-up report by 24 Oras last night, Bichara admitted to be in Syria alleging that he is doing the preparations for the evacuation of the hundreds of OFWs stranded in the war-torn country.

Syria? Si Bichara? Akala ko ambassador siya sa Lebanon? Why is he in Syria? And to note, he went ahead of the Filipinos he is supposed to protect? And to note, he is already staying safe in Syria when in fact Cimatu, the ambassador to East Timor, is trying to get in to Lebanon to help the Filipinos? Ano ba yan.

O baka takot si Bichara? Reports have it that Bichara is of Palestinian descent. His father came to the Bicol Region to own the chain of movie theaters both in Camarines Sur and Albay. Palestinians, by the way, are among the enemies of Israel.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's payback time, dear bishops!

After the lavish dinner and the cash in envelopes, Malacanang is now hitting back at the bishops for “coddling the criminals” involved in the coup plot. Included in the list of Catholic Church personalities to be questioned and later, to be charged, are:

  • Novaliches Bishop Antonio Tobias who admitted allowing four Magdalo officers who escaped detention in January, to stay in his house for three days and three nights;
  • Lingayen-Dagupan Oscar Cruz who is known for his anti-jueteng crusade that sideswiped the first family;
  • Novaliches Bishop Emeritus Teodoro Bacani
  • Infanta Bishop Julio Labayen
  • Caloocan Bishop Deogracias Iniguez
  • Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines president and Jaro Archbishop Angel Lagdameo

Mukhang malakas ang tama ng Malacanang, ah. Dahil ba sa binusog na mga bibig at bulsa nila kaya it's time for payback?

Sabagay, di nga pala kinuha ng ibang bishops ang pera. At di rin ata sumabay sa hapag ang ilan sa kanila.


Bakit nga ba malakas na ang loob ng Malacanang eh datin ngatog-tuhod ang mga ito? Dahil ba sa encyclical ni Benedict? At dahil rin b sa pastoral letter ng CBCP against impeachment?


Pero kawawa naman mga obispo. Ayan kasi, pamora-morality issue pa kayo eh nakabukas naman pala palad ng iba sa inyo. Damay tuloy “(feeling) straight guys” sa team ninyo.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Etta Rosales' Statement on the alleged bribery of bishops

On reported bribery of CBCP
14 July 2006

The reported bribery of bishops, followed by a dinner reward by Malacañang that took place before, during and after the two-day conference of the bishops is not only an embarassment to ourselves as a people but equally so to the international community.

It reflects how far we have deteriorated in our moral values and how we have internalized bribery as a way of ife, a way by which Malacañang and others form government relate tot he people in the exercise of authority. Without a grasp of the essence of public trust as a basic Constitutional tenet for public leadership, a morally bankrupt leader will not hesitate to bribe because she has lost public respect, and therefore moral credentials, to exercise authority over the people. She has lost respect for herself and for the ones she bribes. The only thing that matters is to retain her seat as President until 2010 no matter the means.

In exercising authority by a discredited leader, bribery is used as one method. The use of force is another. The late Mr. Marcos became a master of both and lasted fourteen years.

But both are anathema to democracy. Sadly, Malacañang has not learned the lesson of democracy deprived us those fourteen years under marcos. What it is fast becoming a master of are hte insturments Marcos imposed for self-rule. This is the current state of affairs in our so-called restored democratic system of rule. It explains how the use of force, through extra-judicial killings, complement rampant bribery and election fraud to help Malacañang's leaders keep power.

These are the very same reasons the campaign for impeachment should reach every nook and corner of the 42,000 barangays and hte thousands of parishes all over the country. The people deserve to know the truth. The people deserve to make their decision freely and take collective action without the use of force and money. We did it then to get rid of a dictator. We can do it again.

Rep. Etta P. Rosales

Blood bath for Bolante?

Raul Gonzales strikes again. “We went to great lengths in saving these OFWs who are in trouble. In some instances, the government helped in putting up blood money. So we owe also Joc-Joc Bolante the same kind of treatment without giving political color to that," he said.

Pero bakit kay Michael Ray Aquino, porke nakulayan na taga-oposisyon, eh hindi tinulungan? Bakit si Jocjoc?



For having a canceled visa, Bolante is asked to bail US $100 thousand or PhP 5.2 million ($1 = P52)! Grabe naman. Ganun ba kamahal ang visa?

Pero teka, according to Gonzales we should raise that amount for Bolante? Sino si Bolante? Ano siya? Where was he when we needed him most – that is, when we need light for our dark truth? Di ba nagtatago siya? Ba't ngayon na kailangan niya ng tulong saka siya lumabas? At, po-protektahan pa ng gobyerno ni Gloria?


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Which way to find the truth?

Inquirer's Headline: CBCP shuns impeachment.
Philippine Star: CBCP: No to impeachment
Malaya: Bishops doubt impeach drive is way to truth
Manila Bulletin: CBCP not inclined to favor impeachment

This being the case, which then is the way to find the truth? Aber nga, aber?


With the CBCP's decision, many are starting to think that the bishops are indeed receiving manna from Malacanang. Paano ba naman, karamihan sa mga obispo ay shy magsalita. Is it because their mouths are full?

Monday, July 10, 2006

Why offer the money to the bishops?

Headline from Inquirer: CBCP told to beware of Arroyo gifts.
Sagot naman ng Malacanang: There is nothing wrong with donations to Catholic Bishops.


Explanation ni Mike Defensor:
No bishop was bought or bribed or was given personal favor. Whatever help was offered, was for the people, to alleviate poverty and to solve the problems that they are facing in their respective areas.

Assuming, arguendo, that it is true:

  1. Why offer the money to the bishops? In the very first place, the government is facing budgetary deficits. So why offer money to the bishops?
  2. Why offer the money to the bishops? Poverty alleviation and problem solving at the grassroots is the duty of the government and its extension agencies.
  3. Why offer money to the bishops? Are the bishops the extension of the government?
  4. Why offer money to the bishops? How can the people know huch much is spent to what?
  5. Why offer money to the bishops? Now that the bishops are starting to talk against Arroyo?

The Jamby-NDF talks

After being a crybaby in her feud with Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, Senator Jamby Madrigal now turned into a lady when she made a stand: this time, with Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) leader Jose Maria Sison. In a joint communique with Sison, Jamby said:

  • that the Arroyo administration was responsible for the urgent problems in the country;
  • that there was a need to unite the Filipino people and solve the armed conflicts;
  • that formal talks between the government and the NDF must resume;
  • that the all-out-war policy of the administration was wrong; and,
  • that the issue of the terror tag on Sison and the CPP’s armed wing, the New People’s Army, must be addressed by the communist group and the opposition.
Of course, Gloria's rahrah boys howled. They accused Madrigal of treason,and gross ignorance of the socio-political reality of burgeouis-NDF relations. Toting Bunye also called Madrigal's act as a desperate move to advance personal interests.

With the howls from the yards of Malacanang, iiyak pa kaya si Jamby?


Drilon, though, defended Madrigal and called Raul Gonzales as over-reacting. He said: Legally speaking, Sen. Madrigal cannot commit the crime of treason because the Philippines is presently not at war with another country, which is an essential element of treason under Article 137 of the Revised Penal Code".

Indeed, one of the elements of treason is a 'war levied against the Philippines by another country'. (See Article 114 of the RPC.) And Gonzales seems misled. Bakang iniisip niya ay "war against terrorism" which is nothing but a concept paper considering that the law against terrorism is not yet approved?


Buti pa si Sen. Pong Biazon, nag-iisip. As Biazon said: As legislators, we should be allowed to talk to any of the segments of our society because remember our job is all about legislation and definitely, addressing the root causes of an insurgency is a legitimate function of all in government including the legislators.

Kaya siguro palpak ang mga programa ng bosing Gloria niyo kasi one-sided kayo mag-isip. Praise release lang lagi. Ayan tuloy, baka mag-back fire pa yan sa inyo.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A fall guy named Resurreccion Borra

Many are wondering why elections commissioner Ressureccion Borra was singled out in a Mega Pacific Scandal when in fact what happened was a colegial decision of all the Comelec commissioners. Kailangan bang si Borra lang ang burahin?

Reports have it that there was a resolution submitted to Deputy Ombudsman Victor Fernandez showing that a panel of investigators found probable cause to indict all Comelec officials for graft and corruption and betrayal of public trust. However, Meceditas Gutierrez ignored the findings of its panel and instead submitted a report that only Borra was guilty. This, despite her statement that "when anybody violates the law, it is our (the Ombudsman's) duty to enforce its sanctions".

Asan na ngayon ang statement niya? Nalimutan?

Senator Aquilino Pimentel said, however, that the watered-down report of the Ombudsman was aimed at two things: Borra is expendable, and that he is a peace offering to groups moving to impeach Arroyo.

Borra, it is said, has no big political padrino. Which simply stresses the fact that the career growth in the Arroyo government is dependent on MBA -- that is, May Backer Ako. Second, Borra's lips sometimes slips as what happened during the investigation on the 2004 elections. And slipping lips has no room in the government. Is it primarily because some things need to be hidden?

Kaya ba si Benjamin Abalos di nakasama sa culprits ng Mega-Pacific Scam dahil may big MBA siya plus a sealed lips? If so, then talagang may itinatago nga talaga with regards Gloria's victory.

But Borra, the poor Borra, must he be the fall guy? At this point,medyo pumalpak ata ang mga spinmeisters ni Gloria. Knowing Borra with the slipping lips, baka lalong sumabog ang kanilang mga itinatago especially if Borra is pressed to the wall. Dapat siguro si Abalos na lang kasi magaling din naman palang magtago ng sikreto itong si Chairman, di ba?

Not unless Borra's mouth is full. He might not talk when his mouth is full. Pero ang mga tanong: Magkano ba? Three times the figures involved in the scam? Four times? If so, sino ang magbibigay? And is Borra willing to put his name as a stake? And his family's reputation also?



PCIJ's take on the mega-Pacific Scam: Senate adds voice to clamor for Comelec official's resignation

Football and basketball in the Philippines compared

While the worldis dying with the World Cup fever, parang walang paki naman ang mga Pinoy sa football. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Mas tutok ang mga Pinoy sa basketball. Ang mga basketbll players kasi, either puwedeng mag-artista (Benjie Paras, Joey Marquez, et. al.) o kaya puwedeng magkaroon ng GF na artista (Ethel Booba's Alex) o kaya GF na artistahin (Kyla's BF).
  2. Sa basketball, puwede ka ring maging pulitiko (Jawo).
  3. Feeling kasi ng mga Pinoy, matatangkad sila kaya bagay sa kanila ang basketball.
  4. Sa basketball, matataas ang score di tulad sa football na minsan 1-0 lang ang score. Gusto ng Pinoy matataas na figures kaya nga si Gloria ipinagpilitan na di dapat bumaba sa one million ang lamang kay FPJ last 2004.
  5. Sa basketball, madaling dumami ang populasyon ..... ng mga players. Sa football kasi marami ang kailangan, konti lang ang puwede.
  6. Mas madaling maka-goal sa basketball di tulad sa football. At gusto ng mga Pinoy, goal agad. Kaya nga kahit hindi swak, pinipilit. Tulad ng sufficient number of classrooms ni Gloria Arroyo. Para masabing me accomplishments, pilit binabago ang rules.

Ano pa kaya?.... hmmnnnn