Wednesday, May 31, 2006

When both are wrong

"Either our original data was wrong or this one is wrong. It cannot be both because the discrepancy is too big."
-- Gloria Arroyo on Hidalgo's presentation

Arroyo claims that there is no classroom shortage. Based on their computation, she said, the ratio of classrooms per students should be 1:100.

Acting DepEd Secretary Fe Hidalgo claims, however, that there is a shortage of 6,832 classrooms. This is based on the computation of 1:45 classroom to students ratio.

This led to Arroyo's anger outburst. Hence, the above-quoted statement.

That being the case, sino ang baliw... este, mali: Arroyo or Hidalgo?

The answer: BOTH!!!

The ideal classroom-student ratio is 1:20. Studies have shown that either too few or too many students in a class can affect their learning. Now, Arroyo is trying to insist on a 1:100 ratio just to paint a beautiful image and claim that there is no classroom shortage? For her information, other countries not only stick on a 1:20 ratio but also compute the space per student ratio. If schools cannot comply with that, they are ordered to close.

Mukhang ala-Garci na naman ang style nitong si Arroyo. Manipulate the figures to show she is winning the war against truth? Kaya pala si Maitet Diokno-Pascual is gaining popularity with her Arrovonomics.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Arroyo's Education Policy

Inq7 reports that claiming president Gloria Arroyo has scolded Acting Education Secretary Fe Hidalgo over classroom shortage report. Hidalgo presented that there is a current shortage of about 6,832 classrooms, at a ratio of 45 students per classroom, this coming school year 2005. But Arroyo interrupted Hidalgo's presentation saying that in 2004, the government had set a student-classroom ratio of 100:1, with classes having two shifts. Hence, the shortage of only 1,000 classrooms.

Failing to hide her disgust, Arroyo said:
This is a very major issue. Can we defer this discussion . . . and identify the specific schools where there are shortages?

And she continued by saying that she was expecting the DepEd to report on its accomplishments and not on the classroom shortages.

Expression ni Doy: HUWATTTTT????

First, the fact that the DepEd was able to generate the figures is already an accomplishment. Why, what are the accomplishments that she want to hear? That several school teachers and students kneeled down to praise her for her contributions to the increasing quality of education? Ridiculous! Where was that, anyway?

Second, 45 students per classroom is already large. And Arroyo to stress a ratio of 100:1? And two shifts per day? Hey, what kind of education is Arroyo espousing?

Crookedly Straight or Straightly Crooked?

Mike Defensor on Llamas's death: Hindi ito kalaban ng gobyerno. Sumama siya sa gobyerno at tumutulong siya sa maraming programa ng gobyerno, kaya wala kaming interest or walang interest ang sino man na – maging sa military – na magkaroon ng kapamahakan sa buhay ni Ka Teroy Llamas. Kaya itong mga spekulasyon na sinasabi na government na naman ang may responsibilidad, nais kong linawin na hindi namin ginagawa iyan.

DOJ and the Arroyo Government: Sotero Llamas is charged with rebellion in connection with the alleged failed coup in February.

Question: If Llamas is not an enemy the government yet he is charged with rebellion, what is his status, then?


AFP Statement 1: We have not arrested any individual known to be connected with Estrada.

AFP Statement 2: We captured here 5 individuals plotting to kill the president and they are known as the Estrada 5.

Question: How possible is it not to arrest a person yet capture him at the same time?


AFP Statement 3: Only one in the Estrada 5 is in the list for plotting to kill the president.

AFP Statement 2: We captured 5 of them because they are plotting to kill the president.

Question: Is it possible to be on the list yet not on the list?


Ang gulo!!!!!

Sabagay, Gloria Arroyo said she won fair and square in the 2004 presidential elections yet she called a Comelec Official at the height of the canvassing about the "yung dagdag, yung dagdag". O di ba?

Monday, May 29, 2006

Sensibilities 101: How to Nip the Arroyo Slay Plot on the Bud

Despite the arrest of the five suspects dubbed as the Estrada 5, AFP information chief Col. Tristan Kison says that the Arroyo assasination plots are still on the map.

As Kison stressed in an interview: This kind of threat is continuing. Its revelation, the arrest of these conspirators (five suspects) is a big blow to them ... We believe that while this is a continuing threat, there is a big obstacle in its execution.

But while the AFP and the PNP are busy arresting suspects who happen to be innocent individuals, and are deeply engaged in committing human rights violations, their imaginations are always lightyears away from reality. It is as if their senses and sensibilities have left them. They are "too logical" to realize that Arroyo and her ways is the problem. These are the stimuli that triggers responses some of which are death threats and assasination plots.

The AFP and the PNP wanted to nip the Arroyo slay plots on the bud? Let Arroyo change by humbling herself and admitting, with pure sincerity and honesty, the wrongs she had committed and surely, the plots will disappear. Just think simply, Mr. Kison. A simple problem doesn't need a complicted solution.

Who Moved My Faith?

Because of the Church's and the Malacanang's aggressive advertising, my friend was intrigued that he bought a pirated DVD copy of the movie Da Vinci Code. When asked whether or not his faith changed, he laughed and said: Watch it for yourselves.

Because the theaters in Manila were closed, my friend lent me his copy of the movie which I watched with my significant other. Her initial reaction was: The movie was boring. Which was also the reaction of local and foreign movie reviewers of the Da Vinci Code. Ron Howard, fearing perhaps that the movie will create a chaos of faith within the Catholic ranks, tried his best to soften the story and had it revolved only on the murder inside the Louvre. Which was a poor decision because the story became like any ordinary murder story.

An ordinary murder story? And this is what the loud-mouthed Church and Malacanang people have been gunning for days and weeks? And this is the reason why the publicity-hungry congressman from Manila is asking the MTRCB Chairman to resign?


What I, and probably most of those who've seen the movie, am looking for are the evidences that might stir discussion on the Catholic faith, evidences that might strengthen my belief to the doctrines of Catholism or Christianity. The mere mention of the Opus Dei is not enough. So what if somebody from the organization is evil? Whose infallible and holy, anyway? Not even the theory that Christ married Mary Magdalene. It's just like hearing Zeus as an un-married god or a gay. In the very first place, the basis of the theory is just the painting of a person who haven't even seen his "models" -- Christ and his disciples. And the Malacanang boys are taking a ride for this just to gain the support of the Catholic Church?

Well, if there is a change that happened to me after watching the movie, that is the increasing disbelief in the Catholic Church. And if there is someone to be blamed, that is the Church herself. Centuries ago, Galileo tried to prove that the earth revolves around the sun and not otherwise. The Church declared him heretic without conducting sufficient proof against Galileo's claim. Now the Church is lambasting the Da Vinci Code, a boring and ordinary murder story, without first viewing and assessing it. And the Malacanang boys are taking a ride for this just to gain the support of the Catholic Church?

If the Church believes that its doctrines has strong bases, it can stand like a rock. And it will not be shaken even if a thousand ordinary murder stories come along. As the Catholic and Judaist prophet Isaiah had said: It will not be shaken even by a strong wind because the Lord is there.

Sad to note, with these, the Church is only carving her own ruin....... And along with her demise are the Malacanang boys who are just trying to gain the support of the Catholic Church for their lady-boss Gloria Arroyo.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Philippine Government encourages piracy

Yesterday I passed by a busy and noisy crowd. A cockfight? A kara y cruz? Or somebody just met an accident?

Well, the answer was none of the above. When I tried to make usyoso , I found out that the members of the crowd were bargaining with Aling Tonya, the seller, regarding the price of PIRATED CDs and DVDs of the DA VINCI CODE MOVIE!!!

The pirated copies especially of the Da Vinci Code movie and documentaries are selling like hotcakes, Aling Tonya said in Tagalog with Bisaya accent. And this started immediately after Press Secretary Ed Ermita issued his code... err, statements which are pa-cute to the Catholic Church. The number of customers looking for the pirated copies increased when Manila City issued a resolution banning the showing of the movie in city theaters. And this will further increase when a Manila City district representative made a "publicity show" today when he make sugod to the MTRCB office and asked its chairman to resign.

Worse, Aling Tonya said, the source of her pirated CDs are some of her customers who, seeing the insufficient supply, duplicated what they bought from her. In simple terms, almost everyone with CD and DVD writer is making pirated copies of the movie and its corresponding documentary. And the cause: The statements of the Philippine Government through the Press Secretary, the chief executive of the country's capital and a publicity-hungry congressman of the AUGUST BODY of the House of Representatives which further aroused the curiosity of the viewers.

Pero sa totoo lang, courtesy of the pirated copy from Aling Tonya, I saw the movie boring. The documentary was mentally stimulating, though.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Manila Resolution: The Code to Stop Showing The Da Vinci Code?

Yesterday, the city government of Manila stopped the showing of the 'Da Vinci Code' movie. The reason: The movie is undoubtedly offensive and contrary to established religious beliefs which cannot take precedence over the right of the persons involved in the film to freedom of expression.

First question: Who decides what's best for whom?

It appears that Manila Mayor Lito Atienza is following the footsteps of her lady boss, Gloria Arroyo. This is democracy, so why dictate what's best for whom? Freedom may not be absolute but I don't remember giving the city government my right to choose what's best for me. And I don't remember surrendering to the city government my freedom of religion.

Second question: What is freedom of religion?

Freedom of religion is the right to believe or not to believe. Tolits, that is written in the law textbooks. And freedom of religion goes with freedom of expression. What use is freedom of religion without having the right to express it?

Third question: Which religion?

Again, Tolits, don't ever think that you are still in the medieval times! This is the computer age already! Come out of the cave, please? And try to realize that Catholicism is not the only religion in your city. If the Da Vinci Code is contrary to established religious beliefs, I suggest that you also ban Gloria Arroyo in the city. Her lying and cheating, or at least, the bold and aggressive suppression of truth is contrary to religious beliefs. Hypocrite!

Last: Resolution to exact penalties?

I don't think the city's legal adviser is that "bobo". How can you penalize theater owners with a resolution? Tolits, only an ordinance can exact fines and penalties and that ordinance should have undergone public hearing and must have been posted in a newspaper of general circulation. That's LAW 101!

Pa-cute lang ata ang city government mo. Why, are you also trying to court the blessings of the Catholic Church with the coming 2007 elections? Aminin!!!!

PCGG got zero budget for 2006

Buried within news stories, it appears final that PCGG has no allocated budget for 2006. This is courtesy of the Senate.


Well, if a government agency is not doing its job, why still maintain it? It's just a burden to finance its existence and further fatten the thick wallets of the people working in it. Look at how it bungled the issue of the Marcos wealth!


But wait! Malacanang is appealling to the Senate. And spooky-person Mike Defensor is proposing a "quiet settlement and the mending of understanding between the Senate and the PCGG".

Eto na naman si Bright Boy! Lumalabas tuloy ang kulay mo. How much is the price then para sa quiet settlement? Puwede rin bang humingi ng share?

Pero teka, me hirit din si Ignacio Bunye. Bunye is proposing that maybe it's high time to compromise with the Marcoses. He said: A compromise may allow us to close this chapter in our history and enable us to learn from and rise above the mistakes of the past.

Additional hirit: Said compromise settlement may also provide the closure the country needs to eventually move forward.

Well, who hates to move forward? Pero ganito at ganito na lang ba ang istorya: gagawa ng mali, then compromise. Gawa ulit ng mali then compromise and ad infinitum?

Kakatawa naman kayo. Sabagay, consistent din, di ba? Gloria Arroyo does a mistake, says "I'm sorry", tapos gusto niyo kalimutan. The next time, gawa ulit si Arroyo ng mistake, I'm sorry ulit, then gusto niyo kalimutan. Para kayong sirang plaka. Pa-ulit-ulit.

Let PCGG be dissolved kung yun ang kailangan. And let this be a warning to NPAs (Non-Performing Assets) of the government. And let this also be the warning to administrations na human rights violators din: Na walang compromises.

Sabi nga ni Mike Enriquez: Hindi namin kayo tatantanan!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Policy of Killing Journalists

I had appealed to his relatives to convince him to hire bodyguards because he has many enemies.
-- Puerto Princesa Mayor Edward Hagedorn on the death of journalist, Fernando Baul

So, another head rolled. Fernando Baul is the 42nd journalist killed since Gloria Arroyo took oath as president of the Philippines in 2001. And Gloria's administration is still, and continue to be, the number one in terms of journalists killed. Worse, her administration has pulled the Philippines into the number two spot as the most murderous country for journalists all over the world.


Which is not surprising. As Arroyo had it: I am tired of choosing the bully in the schoolyard.

But should heads be the price? Is the Arroyo administration thinking that this is still the time of King Herod when heads are served in silver platter?


Of course, Malacanang will always wash hands on the murder of journalists. Pilate did that. Earlier, Ignacio Bunye even tried to fool the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) by claiming that the murder of Filipino journalists were already solved!!!


Un-masking the administration policy, nothing is left but the simple truth that Malacanang will do nothing to fulfill its job -- that is, to ensure peace and order and protect every Filipinos particularly those who practice press freedom. Consider the words of Hagedorn, one of Arroyo's closest ally: I had appealed to his relatives to convince him to hire bodyguards because he has many enemies.

Look at the sense of irresponsibility! What, then, is the use of government if it cannot even protect its citizens?


Hagedorn's tune is similar to what Vidal Querol advised to television viewers last Holy Week: Kung hinoholdap ka, ibigay mo na lang ang cellphone mo para di ka masaktan.


With the death of Baul, the next question is: Who will die next?

And Gloria is not insulted at what is happening?

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Implications of the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006

Last Tuesday, May 16, Gloria in the Palace signed into law Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006. The law, authored by Sen. Francis Pangilinan, aims at keeping youth offenders below 15 years old out of jails and exempts offenders aged 15 to 18 from criminal charges, except if they committed a criminal act with discernment.

While the civil society is waiving its hands in praise for Pangilinan and Gloria Arroyo, and the Catholic Church is reconsidering its ties with the Philippine President with questionable legitimacy, the dark side of the newly signed law is lurking behind -- that is, the increase of wrongful acts (earlier considered as crimes) committed by minors, the increase of crimes that go unpunished, and the twisting of the scales of justice. Why? Let us count the ways:

  1. The new law does not capacitate the law enforcers to strictly implement all criminal laws. That means .... DATING GAWI. This time, however, with a twist. If the suspect is a minor, automatically, the suspect is freed. And this will be the case even if the minor was only acting on based on the directions of an adult. Consider, for example, the number of drug-related cases in the country. How many minors are involved? Consider also the number of cellphone snatchings happening daily? How many are minors?
  2. The colatilla, "except in cases that the child acted in discernment" is very limiting. Here in the Philippines, the burden of proof always lie on the complainant (prosecution). If a child is involved in a criminal act, the prosecution is always burdened by the following: That there is a criminal act committed, That the act was committed by the accused (who is a minor) , and that the accused (the minor) acted in discernment. Under the old Revised Penal Code, discernment is required from accused aging 12-15. Raising to 15-18 years old simply means redefining discernment. Aren't the children nowadays more intelligent than the children of long ago? And to consider that the age of minority was even lowered to 18 from 21 years old!?? Why, are there new guidelines on how to distinguish acts committed with discernment and those which are not?
  3. The law does not punish law enforcers sleeping on the job. Consider how many crimes remain unsolved. With the stricter laws under the old RPC police officers and other law enforcers are already having more bonding time with their pillows, ngayon pa kaya? Makita lang nila na bata pa ng accused, palalayain na, di ba?
  4. The law also does not impose stiffer penalties on parents. Well, I do not disagree with the law pero dapat me parusa din sa pagiging pabaya ng mga magulang. Or, much better, ang magulang ang parusahan sa krimen na nagawa ng anak. Consider the wipe-the-shoe children racing with cars and jeepneys in highways. Because hunger, parang silang putakti na basta na lang mananalakay ng jeep posing danger both to them and to the drivers. And, because of hunger, some of them are already turning to pickpockets and cellphone snatchers. Asan ang magulang nila? Nagpapasarap sa malamig na gabi? If they can't be responsible parents, they should have not given birth to these children. So they should be punished if their children committed crimes.
  5. Lastly, the law does not give opportunities to children to grow properly. Does the implementing rules and regulations include: (a) the eradication of poverty and generation of new jobs for the parents para di na maakit ang mga bata na gumala sa kalye at gumawa ng mga bagay na magiging panawid-gutom, (b) strictly enforce the constitutional right of every children to free and quality education para di na maakit ang mga bata na gumala sa kalye dahil walang ginagawa, and, (c) strictly inculcate and enforce among parents the value of responsible parenthood. Kung meron ng mga ito, there is even no need to enact laws like this one passed by Pangilinan.
True, though the criminal liability is absolved, the civil liability still remains. But the question is: Paano mo maibabalik ang buhay ni Yaya Turing na nabaril ng 12 years old na anak ni Sir Jorge dahil akala ng bata ay laruan lang ang kakalat-kalat na baril ng ama?Kaya na ba ang P20,000? O kaya P50,000?

Cheap naman, Mr. Pangilinan and Ms. Gloria in the Palace!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Palace junking the PIG?

Senate Franklin Drilon has a story to tell: Palace is junking Cha-Cha people's initiative train. Why? Because it was clearly an exercise of futility. There is no enabling law.

Kaya pala pa-pogi ngayon ang Malacanang. Trying to bury the hatchet to its grave?

Pero back-track daw si Miriam Santiago sa posisyon niya earlier with regards Con-Ass. Favor na siya ngayon to abolish the Senate. Girl, nakabawi ka na ba sa ginasta mo noong eleksiyon? Who paid for whom daw?


Pero ang malala, problematic ngayon ang mga LGU officials for paying for the barangay assemblies to discuss the people's initiative which, in reality, is the Malacanang and DILG initiative. Sabi kasi ng Municipal Accountant, paano ba ili-liquidate ang perang nagastos?

Well, paano nga ba? Sabagay, the DBM is close to Malacanang. So no problem na. At may blessing pa ng DILG.

Makapasa kaya ito sa COA?

The Senate according to Santiago

“If Senate elections do not truly reflect the people’s will, let us abolish the Senate and move up in our political evolution.”
-- Miriam Santiago

Ganun ba? Ba't ang kapal p ng mukha mo na kumuha ng sweldo na galing sa dugo at pawis ng mga Pilipino?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Solved, or not solved?

From PCIJ: Despite government claims, murders go unsolved -- CPJ

Portion of the report runs as follows:

THE New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists today sent a strongly worded letter to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, expressing concern about the government’s “misleading statements” on the killings of journalists in the Philippines.

In its letter, the CPJ said it is “deeply troubled by recent statements made by presidential spokesman Ignacio Bunye and the Philippine National Police (PNP) that many of the cases of journalists killed in the country have been solved and that the cases are unrelated to the issue of press freedom.”

On May 5, Bunye, in response to inquiries by US Sen. Richard Lugar about the killings of journalists in the country, said that “15 of the 30 cases (2000-2005) cited by the senator have been solved and cases have been filed in the courts.”

According to CPJ research, there has been only one conviction among the cases of 23 journalists killed in the line of duty since 2000.

“Such misleading statements mask the alarming reality,” the CPJ said, “While the government has made efforts to solve the killings of journalists, none of the powerful figures behind some of these murders have been convicted.”

Well, I think Bunye deserves to given dictionaries. Para naman may reference siya sa mga tamang words na gagamitin niya. Is he losing his sharpness as a lawyer or is he blinded by the skirt of Gloria in the Palace?

And he also seems to forget that the issue is PREVENTION not SOLUTION. So, ok lang pala na pagpapatayin ang mga media practitioners and then file lang ng case and report to the people na solved na? Ganun lang ba?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Truth Hurts, err... Farts

Word of the week: FART

The freedictionary defines fart as:

1. An often audible discharge of intestinal gas.
2. An annoying or foolish person.

Gloria in the Palace claims time and again that she won fair and square. But anyone who starts digging the truth behind this claim is called as a person inciting to sedition, an enemy of growth, an opposition, a person wanting to tear down the government, etc., etc.

Well, the truth stinks, sometimes. Consider this news from Tribune with regards another attempt to cover up the truth: DoJ confirms Gloria’s ‘kill impeach’ rap order to allies

Some parts of the story read:

Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez yesterday confirmed to reporters that the administration congressmen have a standing order from President Arroyo to “kill” at the earliest possible opportunity any impeachment case to be filed against her this July, when the constitutional one-year ban on filing will have been lifted.

“We will kill it at the first possible instance,” Gonzalez, a former lawmaker, disclosed, saying the termination of the impeachment complaint will start as soon as the appropriate House committee starts deliberating on the complaint’s sufficiency in form and substance.

This presents two things:

First, That the truth hurts, err.... farts, sometimes. Its only sad that the machine gun mouth of Gonzalez happened to be the anum that expels the stinky story.

But worst, our DOJ Chief is himself a fart. Instead of doing his job, why mess with politics? He should just simply perform his job and work for the speedy resolution of cases. If he is really for justice, let the truth come out of the Impeachment Trial. Only with truth that justice can prevail.

Kakahiya naman!

But can this also be a ground for Gonzalez's disbarment?

Saturday, May 13, 2006

AFP generals also on the go!

While PCGG is on the loot... err, on the go, the AFP, particularly the generals, are also trying to secure invites abroad to be scarce on the coming Congressional sessions next week.

Bakit? Para di sila mapilitang ilabas ang katotohanan sa wiretapping and poll-rigging issues as well as submit the controversial Mayuga report.

According to Tribune, this was the strong message President Arroyo reportedly conveyed to her military generals. The President was said to have directed her generals to make themselves scarce and to make use of any and all means to avoid being present for the hearings.

Kala ko ba di takot si Gloria in the Palace? Kala ko ba naubos na ang takot niya sa mga bullies in the schoolyard? Bakit ganun? Orwellian double talk na naman?

Pero sabi niya she was installed by God. Could her words be also an act of God? Hmmmnnnn..... Ano kaya ang masasabi ng ating mga bishops ukol dito? Can they let her go on blaspheming the name of God? Ba't busy ata ang simbahan sa Da Vinci Code na di pa nakikita compared sa ginagawa ni Gloria which is happening right under their noses?

PCGG on the loot, err... on the go!

After trying best efforts to convince everybody na makipag-settlement na lang sa mga Marcos with regards the latter's ill-gotten wealth, eto na naman ang PCGG: involved sa plunder ng Philcomsat.

To quote Malaya:

THE "looting" of the assets of Philcomsat Holdings Corp. (PHC) took place right under the noses of Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) representatives in the management of the company.

"Yes, that’s plunder. And it happened right under their noses. Their signatures are even here," Sen. Richard Gordon, chair of the Senate committee on government corporations and public enterprises, said after a hearing conducted by his committee yesterday.

Among the "raids" on the company’s coffers was P390 million in loans extended to a first cousin of a former company chairman elected on the strength of the shares held by PCGG. The loan remains unpaid.

Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, whose family is among PHC’s major stockholder, said the PCGG, instead of protecting the interest of the government, has even aided the dissipation of PHC assets by direct participation.


Sabagay, kung ano ang puno, siya rin ang bunga. This is the kind of administration that Gloria in the Palace had sown so why expect a miracle?

Friday, May 12, 2006

"Super" Judge inhibits herself

Judge Jenny Lind Delorino of the Makati regional trial court Branch 137, the Makati Judge who has dismissed the move of the justice department to charge five party-list congressmen with rebellion, inhibited herself from the case.

Her reason: the fear that her decisions, no matter how correct or objective, will always be subject to questions and suspicion on the part of the prosecution.

Which brings leads us to think: WAS SHE PRESSURED?

Mukha nga. Well, a fighter of truth does not recoil at a sight of a gun. Sabagay, judge nga pala siya.

Now, is Raul Gonzalez happy? To be fair how about Gonzalez inhibiting himself also from the case? At least his machine gun mouth be sealed. Ano tingin mo, Dong?

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Wrong Impression and the Da Vinci Code

Yesterday, Press Secretary Eduardo Ermita urged the MTRCB to take a look at its rules and ban the showing of the controversial movie, the Da Vinci Code. His reason: it is blasphemous and might imprint wrong ideas on Catholics.

Is Ermita joking?

It is very clear in Article III of the 1987 Constitution that freedom of religion is respected. And the freedom of religion, according to a textbook, is defined as the freedom to believe or not to believe. In simple terms, Manong Ed, bahala ang mga manonood kung maniniwala sila sa movie o hindi. Tsaka very clear naman na fiction lang ang movie, di ba?

Teka, mukhang concerned itong si Ermita sa sensibilities ng iba with regards religion. But is he on the right track?

When Gloria in the Palace admitted she called a Comelec official during the period that it is morally unsound to do so, di ba nag-imprint din iyon ng wrong ideas sa Catholic, sa Pilipinas at sa mga Pilipino? Has he ever heard the remark that the Philippine president is a cheater and a liar?

Second, when Gloria in the Palace invoked the name of God as the one who installed her in the office, yet she admitted she called Comelec official during the period that it is morally unsound to do so, di ba nag-imprint din iyon ng wrong ideas sa Catholic, sa Pilipinas at sa mga Pilipino?

Third, when Gloria in the Palace claimed that she won fair and square, yet she admitted she called Comelec official during the period that it is morally unsound to do so, di ba nag-imprint din iyon ng wrong ideas sa Catholic, sa Pilipinas at sa mga Pilipino?

Kaya nga minsan naiisip ko, ba't di pa kaya ideklarang excomulgado itong si Gloria in the Palace? Dahil ba meron din ang Catholic Church na share sa leglized gambling? So paano pa masasabing maganda ang image ng mga katoliko?

Also, when the mouth of the Catholic Church remained shut during the times that the Filipinos need moral guidance expecially during the turbulent Hello Garci Days, di kaya medyo negative na ang image ng mga katoliko?

Next, look at Raul Gonzalez. Isn't he a shame for the Philippines and the Filipinos? His job is to give justice and not to open his mouth like a machine gun. Bakit di siya tinatanggal?

And look at you Mr. Ermita. Why make pakialam sa showing ng mga movies? Are you the MTRCB? Do your job as press secretary not an MTRCB buddy. Encroaching on others' job might create a negative impression on the Catholics, the Philippines and the Filipinos.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Gloria in the Palace: Happy to be insulted or just simply kapalmuks?

The chipmunk smile of Gloria in the Palace flashed again when the Saudi government announced that it is releasing more than 200 Filipinos detained as an act of clemency.

Hirit pa ni Gloria, very successful daw ang pagpunta niya kasi akala niya fifty lang ang ire-release. Naging 100 na nga, dinoble pa. Which is a very generous act of the Saudi government.

But along with the generousity is a slap which Gloria in the Palace failed to notice. Kala niya siguro, pat on the back na nag-miss lang tumama dahil sa kanyang height kaya nahagip ang kanyang mukha. Ang hindi niya alam, indirect assault yun sa kanyang credibility.

1. Sabi ng DFA at Malacanang, there are only 137 Filipinos detained in Saudi Arabia. Migrante contradicts this saying there are more than 500. IF there are only 137, ba't more than 200 ang binigyan pa ng clemency? Sino ngayon ang more than 60 individuals na binigyan pa ng clemency? At sino rin ang sinasabi ng Saudi government na iba pang Pinoy na hindi naisama sa bibigyan ng clemency dahil sa death penalty ang hatol sa kanila?

2. At bakit clemency? Ba't di na lang ipaglaban sa korte at patunayan na walang sala ang mga ito? Masyaso ba'ng matalino si Gloria in the Palace to understand that a grant of clemency is a clear and un-erasable record na ang akusado ay talagang nagkasala?

3. Sabi ni Gloria in the Palace sa mga taga-Saudi, magagaling daw na workers ang Pinoy at kanya itong pinagmamalaki. Ba't nakakulong ngayon ang mga ito? Ba't hindi inaasikaso ng gobyerno? Me magaling bang iniiwan? Me asset ba'ng itinatapon sa ibang bansa? Ba't hindi niya pinapangalagaan?

Well, a grant of clemency is not a grant of justice. The record of the crime still remains and this stains the dignity of an accused especially if he is not really guilty of the crime imputed to him. And Gloria to shout with joy and boast of this mass clemency granted to Filipinos is simply accepting the insult especially that she's boasting of the workmanship of Filipinos. Tanga ba siya o makapal lang ang mukha?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

To release or not to release

Not so long ago that this deserves to be forgotten, Gloria in the Palace instructed the AFP to release the Mayuga Report. But yesterday, Malcanang made clear its stand that the report will not be released (Again!) following the Supreme Court's decision on the constitutionality of the EO 464. According to Avelino Cruz, the release of the Mayuga Report is dependent on the high court's decision on the finality of the EO 464.

Trying to outwit the Senate once again?

  1. For the information of Cruz and the legal minds of Malacanang, the decision is deemed final and executory when nobody is contesting it. Have you contested it? Was your contention already filed? O baka sa media niyo lang kino-contest?

  2. Earlier you said that the report contains confidential information that may affect the interest of the public. With your statements saying that the release of the report is dependent on the high court's decision on the finality of EO 464, you are simply contradicting your earlier pronouncements – that is, the report cannot be released for reasons of confidentiality affecting public interest. Otherwise, your statement would be like this: The release of the Mayuga report is dependent on the court's determination of the “public interest” behind the report's confidentiality. O di ba?

  3. Pero teka, why use EO 464 as an excuse not to release the Mayuga Report? Baka puwedeng paki-review ng desisyon ng Korte Suprema especially sa portion na nagsasabi kung sino (at di ano) ang covered ng order.

Nabubuking tuloy kayo. Release niyo na kasi!!!

But while the release of the Mayuga Report is still pending for reason's of the court's decision on the finality of EO 464, wala namang rason ang Rapu-Rapu Fact Finding Commission (RRFFC), created through Executive Order (EO) 145, para i-delay pa ang release ng RRFFC Report. Sabi kasi, the commission was given enough time already. O baka nang-ko-komisyon lang ang mga miyembro ng komisyon, ang first family, at ang mga alila, aso, tupa, linta, atbp.? Sabi kasi ng ilang sources natin, ginagawa daw kasing gatasan ang Rapu-rapu polymetallic project ng ilang pulitko at alalay ng mga Arroyo. Kaya mas dine-delay ang release ng report. Pag nadesisyunan daw kasi agad, goodbye milking cow na. Totoo kaya ito?

Ewan. Ang balita ng Tribune, the delay of the re-starting of the project has creted a lot of uncertainty and that investment loses may amount already to $259 million including bank loans of $43.40 million; shareholders advances totalling to $39.50 million; and $176.10 million in bank hedging exposures; plus monthly overhead cost in maintaining the project during the shutdown period of approximately $2.7 million per month, with foregone revenues of $13 million.

Galing naman. Puwedeng mag-miyembro sa RRFFC?

But hours ago, Gloria in the Palace, who is now in the Middle East applying for a DH.... err, visiting Flipino DHs, was so happy announcing that the government of Saudi Arabia has released not only 50 but 100 Filipinos who were jailed for various crimes.

Kakatuwa nga, di ba? Kasi sa halip na maging preventive ang Philippine Government, mas nagiging beggar pa ito ng 'awa' ng foreign governments. Kung pagtataboy sa mga Pilipino lang naman pala talaga ang thrust ng gobyerno, ba't di na lang mag-institute ng mekanismo para i-orient ang mga Pinoy sa mga batas sa ibang bansa bgo palayasin? At bakit di rin mag-institute ng mekanismo para palakasin ang mga abugado ng mga nahuhuling Pinoy sa ibang bansa at ng sa gayon ay maipagtanggol din kahit papano ang kanilang mga karapatan?

Sabagay, mas magastos nga ang proposals ni Tikboy kaysa sa humingi ng awa sa ibang bansa, di ba? Smile again with two front teeth, Gloria!!!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

What's taking long, duck?

The SC reminded, again, the Office of the Ombudsman to submit its final report on the issue of the automated counting machines (ACM) contract entered into by the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

But what's keeping the Office of the Ombudsman from submitting the report?

a: Walang marunong magsulat ng report?
b. Walang irereport?
c. Walang Office of the Ombudsman?
d. none of the above?

Pero sabi ng Ombudsman, independent constitutional body daw sila. No question about that. Pero if that lame excuse will be used again and again, nagagasgas din. To whom, then, is the Office of the Ombudsman accountable para mg-set ng guidelines at dun i-submit ang report? Kay Gloria in the Palace? Pero di ba independent body nga sila? E sino ngayon ang proper authority na mag-uutos sa kanila? Ang United Nations?

What's up, then, duck?

Hunger and Economic Growth

Gloria in the Palace claims that the economy grew under her odd-ministration, err... administration. And they even cited figures for the purpose with her student, Joey Salceda, defending the figures to the period.

Lately, however, SWS released reports that the number of people who experienced hunger by having nothingto eat at least once in the last three months reached 2.8 million.

Teka, asan na ang economic growth? What kind of economic growth is there if hunger exists?

Hmmnnnn! Seems like Garci manipulated the figures again. Hello, Garci?

Sabagay, kapitbahay namin mayaman daw pero tuyo ang ulam. Minsan asin pa nga eh. Kaya ang tawag sa kanya, mayaman sa hangin.

Pero sabi ng Gloria rah-rah boys, di naman daw totoo ang survey ng SWS. Ang totoo lang daw na survey ay iyong pinalabas ng SWS through Philippine Information Agency a few Sundays ago. Iyong survey na hinimas ni Junie Laylo, Gloria in the Palace's pollster.


Thursday, May 04, 2006

PP 1017 is constitutional

Playing safe again, the Supreme Court declared Presidential Proclamation 1017 as constitutional but described some of the acts for its implementation as illegal.

Which reminds us of its rulings on CPR and EO 464. (See also Strike 2: CPR is Unconstitutional.)

But of course, we cannot blame the high court. It is the court. And Supreme, at that. As my law professor once told us:

When a trial court judge commits an error in his ruling, it is considered as ignorance of the law.
When an appelate court judge commits an error in his ruling, it is considered as abuse of authority.
When a Supreme Court justice commits an error in his ruling, it is considered as the law.

Well, anyway, let us, for the last time, wait for the high court's decision on the impeachment issue.