Monday, September 04, 2006

Where's justice in the DOJ?

In the past several months, we have become deaf with the unsolicited statements of Mr. Raul Gonzales of the Department of Justice as he defended his lady-boss Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. But this time, shall we become blind with the mounting unresolved cases in his office?

According to reports, political killings alone from January 2005 to June this year already numbered 423 but until now, none has been heard as to whether or not these were acted upon by Mr. Gonzales and his prosecutors. Hence, opposition senator Aquilino Pimentel was quoted saying: It seems the DOJ and its prosecutors are merely sitting on these cases. They are duty-bound to act expeditiously on these cases and to file the appropriate criminal charges against the perpetrators before the courts.

Or maybe Mr. Gonzales has forgotten that delayed justice is injustice? If he has not forgotten, what then is keeping him from performing his duty? Dead bodies are piling.

Well, we do not question Mr. Gonzales's capability to do the job. But with his machine gun mouth, it appears rather that he is more fit to handle Toting Bunye's post rather than in providing the justice due the victims and their families. The duty of the justice secretary is not to be the spooky person... err, spokesperson of Gloria Arroyo, if this fact escapes his busy mouth...

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