Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Palparan's appointment to NSC, for counter-insurgency or for inciting to insurgency?

The general tagged as "the Butcher", Gen. Jovito Palparan, is now being eyed by Malacanang as the deputy for counter-insurgency. This was confirmed by little Mike, one of Gloria Arroyo's barking dogs and presidential chief of staff. But Amnesty International and other groups are howling against the Butcher's appointment saying he has yet to answer questions regarding the murder of left-wing activists and suspected members of the New People's Army.

Whether little Mike is doing another issue ballooneering to get the sentiment of the public, we do not know. The only thing we know is that he is mishandling the job for being so greedy of becoming Arroyo's parrot -- that is, replacing toting Bunye or Ed Ermita.

Some spirits in the palace, however, are in agreement that the Philippine president with questionable legitimacy is serious of taking in Palparan. As a fact, if Bert Gonzales, the National Security Adviser (NSC), will object to the appointment of the Butcher's to the NSC, Arroyo will still take Palparan but as the chair of the Presidential Anti-Insurgency Task Force now being headed by Ermita. This is also the report of Malaya.

This makes us wonder as to the real intention of Ms. Arroyo. If she is serious in eradicating insurgency, the first thing she should do is to eradicate poverty. Studies have repeatedly shown that people rebel because they have nothing to eat. They turn insurgents because they see some individuals eating to the contentment of their greeds while they, the poor, have nothing. Not even dog food. Second, medical evidences also show that grumbling stomachs usually lead to hallucinations which might include the promises of Utopia. Consider Bert Gonzales who has forgotten his ideology because of his position in Gloria's closet, err... cabinet.

True, there may still be true ideologues even in times of plenty. Just like in Europe where communists and conservatives thrive together. But nobody takes up arms because each is contented. If one is keen on doing a battle, he does it in times of elections and during the sessions in the parliament. And fair and clean.Never bloody. Which is unlike the Philippines. Elections are only for those who know how to cheat while the parliament is only for the rich.

This brings us now to the issue of Ms. Arroyo's intent of taking in Palparan. Because of the present system, because of her greed for power, she wanted to use the issue of insurgency to quash her political enemies. And she thinks only Palparan can do this. With Palparan, she can sow the seeds of insurgency. To note, many people will again rally against Palparan's appointment. These she can call as insurgency based on the Arrovo Dictionary. And, having more insurgents, she can now declare the well-planned "emergency measures" in the "protracted crisis situations" and thereby crack the skulls of her critics. And she was able to pilot this with PP 1017 which the Supreme Court haven't really declared unconsitutional.

Otherwise, if she is keen on uprooting insurgency, she would have faced the impeachment to clear the truth. Also, she would have been serious in using the government's money not for her campaign kitty but for the upliftment of the plights of poor so that the latter will not only eat rice and noodles but also steaks and cakes.

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