Friday, September 01, 2006

Melo Commission: Melong conclusion?

She and her big mouth?

The Melo Commission, a commission suffering from lack of credibility tasked to investigate the killings of journalists and political activists, got an additional burden on its head when Gloria Arroyo fired her words absolving the military and blaming her political foes. Tribune noted, however, that the "presidential absolution of the military and police was given to coincide with the first day of work by the Melo Commission".

Her unsolicited comment simply means three things:

  1. There is actually no use for the Melo Commission considering that there is already a conclusion from the person who initiated the organizing of the said commission. By the term "use" we mean "generating the unbiased results and coming up with impartial recommendations on how to solve the culture of impunity, if ever".

  2. The creation of the commission is just another theatrical device to show that the dubious president is actually working and that she really cares for the people. But she really cares... she cares for her ego and her greed to stay in power.

  3. The creation of the commission is just another waste of people's money.


A question from the professor: What is the difference between a 'conclusion' and an 'opinion'?
An answer from a student: kungklosyun, sarado yun. openyun, bukas yun.

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