Saturday, September 09, 2006

Kapalmuks o ignoramus?

There is a suggestion that "those lawmakers who showed their faces while the Arroyos held a press conference on their expulsion case against Cayetano should inhibit themselves from the hearing at the ethics committee".

But Leyte representative Macarambon, one of the eight administration congressmen accompanied the Arroyos to show support to the First Gentleman and to their two colleagues and face the press in a conference last Wednesday, said that he is not buying the idea of inhibiting from the ethics committee hearing. His arguments: he was elected by the plenary to become a member of the committee, and "it is wrong for anyone to presume that a member won’t do his or her job fairly".

Pero teka, in the Arroyos-Cayetano controversy, fair ba ang sumuporta publicly sa Arroyo family eh ito naman ang primary involved sa controversy?Asan ang isyu of fairness diyan? Kung naluklok na lang sana itong si Macarambon at ang pito pang iba sa kanilang mga lungga noong presscon ng infamous na pamilya, puwede pa. Whic leads us to ask: Is Macarambon playing naive and ignoramus o talagang kapalmuks at walang sense of decency?

But I heard civilized naman ang mga taga-Leyte at kahit di nakapag-aral ang ilan, mas magagaling pa ang mga ito na kumilatis ng tama at mali as compared sa ibang mga noypi. Is Macarambon really a representative of his people? Or is he thinking of the coming elections?


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