Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A blackeye on Gloria's cha-cha

Yesterday, pro-cha-cha rahrah boys and girls (some says paid by Gloria Arroyo's camp) had their hair shaved. Their advocacy: speed-up charter change and institute parliamentary form of government.

But yesterday, a coup hit Thailand. Thailand is governed by a parliamentary system. The effect, a heavy blow on the Filipino advocates of cha-cha particularly for the parliamentary form. To quote Inq7: A "BLACK EYE" to the administration's Charter change initiative was how two pro-opposition lawmakers at the House of Representatives described on Wednesday the military coup in Thailand.

Ibig sabihin, nakalbo na, na-blackeye pa.

I do not oppose charter change though. Neither do i object to parliamentary form. But i think it is better that these things transpire after Gloria step down from office. As Cavite's Remulla said: “Ang argumento ng pro-Cha-cha ay mas stable ang [The argument of pro-Cha-cha advocates is that a] parliamentary form of government [is more stable]. The Thai coup just goes to show it has nothing to do with the form of government but has everything to do with transparency, accountability, and honesty in government”.

If there will be charter change and the search for truth still gropes in the dark, its just but a useless undertaking. Worse, cha-cha might even legitimize the wounds Gloria made in Philippine democracy.

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