Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Why is Dong Gonzales mum?

The oil spill is now reaching the waters of Luzon. Based on satellite images, it already started kissing the shores of Masbate in Region 5.

To curtail this, Arroyo's questionable government is trying to squeeze the coffers to clean the mess. A drive to shave our prisoners and collect feathers as oil sludge absorvents is also being undertaken.

But, should we shoulder the mess? Should our taxes be used to finance these things when in fact, while the oil companies are enjoying the profit we are also doing our part suffering from sky-high cost of fuel? Now that something is wrong we are being forced to help?

Instead of this happening, why don't we just slap the oil company with a generation suit for damaging the environment and for taking away the opportunity of the next generation to enjoy bathing and diving in clear blue waters? I am sure this is possible. Why don't Raul Gonzales look into this matter? Mr. Gonzales have been too cocky to discuss other things and lambast opposition members but is mum on the oil company that caused the oil spill. Is this because the company, according to rumors, has also contributed to the campaign kitty or Gloria Arroyo during the previous elections? Just asking.

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