Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sore throat

It's hard having a sore throat. Add canker sores and what have you...

But sore throat is now the problem of the Sigaw ng Bayan ni Gloria. Their cry to amend the charter the Gloria way is now going to be a whisper after the Comelec en banc said that it cannot "turn a blind eye to the pronouncement of the high court that in the absence of a valid enabling law, this right of the people remains nothing but an 'empty right'" Whether the change of heart of Abalos and cohorts... err, commissioners is a part of the pangigisa of the senate yesterday, nobody knows. But there is a hirit from the Commisioners when they said that the Sigaw ng Bayan "seemed to have met the required signatures" despite claims that not all the signatures were validly generated.

The Sigaw ng Bayan ni Gloria, however, is trying to pull theirselves to bring the matter to the high court. Whether Panganiban will become apologetic once again by claiming this time that the rulings in Santiago versus Comelec is wrong, nobody knows. But the point is, there is a questionable delay which could lead the cha-cha opposition a time to relax and see a movie and wake on may 2007 to find the plebiscite included in the ballot for local and national elections.

But at least there is a time to sit back. And there is a time for relaxation. Hopefully, the cha-cha oppositors will not lean on their comfortable chairs and find themselves in cool slumber.

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