Monday, July 10, 2006

The Jamby-NDF talks

After being a crybaby in her feud with Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, Senator Jamby Madrigal now turned into a lady when she made a stand: this time, with Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) leader Jose Maria Sison. In a joint communique with Sison, Jamby said:

  • that the Arroyo administration was responsible for the urgent problems in the country;
  • that there was a need to unite the Filipino people and solve the armed conflicts;
  • that formal talks between the government and the NDF must resume;
  • that the all-out-war policy of the administration was wrong; and,
  • that the issue of the terror tag on Sison and the CPP’s armed wing, the New People’s Army, must be addressed by the communist group and the opposition.
Of course, Gloria's rahrah boys howled. They accused Madrigal of treason,and gross ignorance of the socio-political reality of burgeouis-NDF relations. Toting Bunye also called Madrigal's act as a desperate move to advance personal interests.

With the howls from the yards of Malacanang, iiyak pa kaya si Jamby?


Drilon, though, defended Madrigal and called Raul Gonzales as over-reacting. He said: Legally speaking, Sen. Madrigal cannot commit the crime of treason because the Philippines is presently not at war with another country, which is an essential element of treason under Article 137 of the Revised Penal Code".

Indeed, one of the elements of treason is a 'war levied against the Philippines by another country'. (See Article 114 of the RPC.) And Gonzales seems misled. Bakang iniisip niya ay "war against terrorism" which is nothing but a concept paper considering that the law against terrorism is not yet approved?


Buti pa si Sen. Pong Biazon, nag-iisip. As Biazon said: As legislators, we should be allowed to talk to any of the segments of our society because remember our job is all about legislation and definitely, addressing the root causes of an insurgency is a legitimate function of all in government including the legislators.

Kaya siguro palpak ang mga programa ng bosing Gloria niyo kasi one-sided kayo mag-isip. Praise release lang lagi. Ayan tuloy, baka mag-back fire pa yan sa inyo.

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